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The Role Social Media Plays in Business


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Social media efforts can play a big role in your company, including:
- Branding
- Marketing
- Leadership

Having a solid grasp on what you need to be aware of when using social will go a long way toward helping your company to be noticed.

This deck covers
- Personal & Corporate Branding
- Social Media
- Putting Social Media to Good Use
– The Big 5
-Best Brand Social Media Examples
- How Social Media Impacts SEO
- Leadership’s Role in Social Media Marketing/Communications
- Crisis Communication for Social Media

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The Role Social Media Plays in Business

  1. 1. #SMBrandCanisius Social Media’s Role in Business Becky Livingston President Royal Apple Marketing
  2. 2. Becky Livingston—President,Royal Apple Marketing!  20+ years of marketing, technology, and communications experience!  Trainer 6+ years!  Author, blogger, and avid Twitter fan!!  Big-Picture Thinker & Strategist!  Client list includes non-profits, small companies, and CPA firms Twitter: @RoyalAppleMktg or @bmliving
  3. 3. Agenda!  Personal & Corporate Branding via Social Media!  Putting Social Media to Good Use – The Big 5!  Best Brand Social Media Examples!  How Social Media Impacts SEO!  Leadership’s Role in Social Media Marketing/ Communications!  Crisis Communication for Social Media
  4. 4. Personal and CorporateBranding via Social Media
  5. 5. What is a brand?!  The emotional and psychological relationship you have with your customers, eliciting thoughts, emotions, and sometimes physiological responses from customers.!  The cornerstone of your product!  Blueprint for your customer experience!  Determines all conversations with your clients, customers, etc.!  Determinesthe position & strength of your marketing framework!  Truth
  6. 6. How to pick your brand…!  Brand personality is more important than ever !  Brand value to the marketplace !  Company point of view !  Publishing platform (socially) !  Content strategy!  Developing your brand !  Brainstorm brand identity with other depts. !  Leverage the brand in all inbound and outbound marketing
  7. 7. Branding Questions to Ask!  What are your company strengths?!  What is the proof of those strengths?!  What specific needs does your company or product fulfill in the marketplace?!  What is the #1 reason that a customer would contact your company for help?!  What is your company value compared to others?
  8. 8. Branding Questions to Ask, cont.!  What differentiates you from similar companies?!  Whatmakes your company approach different than others?!  What is your core promise?!  Whatare your company beliefs and values (mission/vision statements)?!  If your brand were a person, what type of person would it be?
  9. 9. How does Social impact brand?
  10. 10. How does Social impact brand?,cont.
  11. 11. Example of ZMOT
  12. 12. Preferred Source Among those who share their brand experiences through social media, at least 41% say they do so to receive discounts.
  13. 13. Let’s Talk Stats!  58%of social media users say they write product reviews to protect others from bad experiences!  Nearly 1 in 4 say they share their negative experiences to “punish companies”!  42%of 18- to 34-year-olds acknowledging that they expect customer support within 12 hours of a complaint.!  53% of active social networkers follow brands Source: the Social Media Report recently published by Nielsen and NM Incite, a Nielsen/McKinsey company
  14. 14. Community Building!  Identify goals !  It’s not always about the # of followers as it is about the connections you have with your followers and influencers !  Do you respond? !  If not, there could be a price to pay. !  Social media is SOCIAL, when responding in < a social manner…you are saying something about your brand
  15. 15. Community Building, cont.!  Context NOT Content is king!!  Content lead generation!  Strategy !  Building networks !  Adding value !  Creating your brand in the social space!  Brand evangelism
  16. 16. Putting Social media to GoodUse – The Big 5
  17. 17. The Big 5!  Facebook!  P!nterest!  Twitter!  Blogging What’s missing?!  LinkedIn
  18. 18. By the #sSocial # of Users Gender Split M/FPlatformFacebook 800 million 45/55Twitter 250 million 45/55 Tweets/DayP!nterest 10 million 30/70Blogging 70 millionLinkedIn 100 million 41/59Other rising stars – Instagram, Sound Cloud,Foursquare
  19. 19. Making Sense of it All!  Askyourself these questions: !  Where is my audience? !  How old is my target customer? !  Where should I be spending my time? !  How much of my budget is dedicated to social media? !  Do I need to hire this out? !  Do I need education to use social media?
  20. 20. Putting it to Good Use!  Don’t try to do it all at the same time!  Usea staggered approach to launching on each platform!  Learn about the tools and resources to effectively leverage social!  Measure….measure…measure!!  Establish a success metric timeline!  Leverage your network for help
  21. 21. Why?!  Increase website traffic!  Lead generation!  Expandingbrand awareness !  Brand advocates!  Search Engine Optimization!  Networking!  Customer Engagement!  Reduce marketing expense
  22. 22. Where’s the Spend? Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blog YouTube/Video Google+Photo Sharing Sites ForumsBookmarking/News Geo-location Daily Deals 0 20 40 60 80 100 Source: Social Media Examiner 2012
  23. 23. What marketing efforts will stop? Percentage8070605040302010 0 TV ads Radio Webinars Print Direct PPC Event SEO Email ads Mail Source: Social Media Examiner 2012
  24. 24. Time Suck… 40+36 to 4031 to 3526 to 3021 to 2516 to 2011 to 15 6 to 10 1 to 50 Hours 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40
  25. 25. Best Brand Social MediaExamples
  26. 26. Examples!  Ford!  Best Buy!  Old Spice
  27. 27. Ford
  28. 28. Best Buy 43,079 followers
  29. 29. Old Spice > Top-viewed YouTubeBrand Ever! > 22 million views 1.7 million views Sales increase 107%
  30. 30. How Social Impacts SEO
  31. 31. What is SEO?Search EngineOptimization (SEO)is the organic wayyour web siteappears on searchengine resultspages. ORGANICIt is based on several factors, including the # of searches foryour site, the content on your site, web site code, keywords, andso much more!
  32. 32. Google’s View!  How has this site gotten here?!  Whatsocial proof is there that this site is providing value?!  How many comments are on the site?!  How many Facebook likes can be tracked back?!  How many reTweets are there about what this site is doing?
  33. 33. Key Benefits of SEO!  Increased, targeted traffic to the website!  Greater brand name awareness/recognition!  Lead generation through inbound marketing!  Effective ROI!  Supplements and may reduce the need for traditional marketing efforts
  34. 34. How?!  Write great content that encourages debate.!  Produce shareable content.!  Make content easy to be shared.!  Be active on Social Media.!  Engage your audience.!  Share content that you find valuable.!  Give others the “thumbs up”.
  35. 35. Leadership’s Role in Social MediaMarketing/Communications
  36. 36. What’s Needed!  Engagement !  Embrace!  Encouragement !  Enthusiasm!  Excitement !  Empowerment!  Emotion !  Execution!  Education !  Energy
  37. 37. Social Media Crisis Communication
  38. 38. Examples"I find it ironic that that Detroit is known asthe #motorcity and yet no one here knowshow to f---ing drive." And its a four-alarm meltdown if, as happened last year, that employee accidentally tweets it from the official @ChryslerMotors account. (Yes, he was fired).
  39. 39. 2011 Worst Blunders!  Weinergate!  Kenneth Cole Puts Foot in Mouth!  Quantas Grounds Dreams!  Kutcher Has Paternos Back!  #McDstories hijacked!  Entenmann’s piggybacks #notguilty
  40. 40. Really???!  52% companies do not have a social media crisis communications plan.!  41% said that they were insured against a possible social media crisis.!  Awhopping 88% felt that it was important to have a strategic social media communications plan in place.
  41. 41. How to Deal…!  Admit fault, attack it head on & turn a (-) into a (+)!  Build your community before you need it!  Incorporate face-to-face or take it offline!  Include a trained customer service person in your social media team!  Learn about the customer before responding!  I’m sorry goes a long way
  42. 42. How to Deal…, cont.!  Knowyour key players w/in your organization who will be involved!  Consistent messaging across all channels!  It’s okay to say you don’t know, but find out!  Have a plan! !  How, where, when, and who!  Social media policy!  Listen
  43. 43. The Plan – Who. Where. When.How.1.  Choose and set up monitoring tools (e.g., Radian6)2.  Determine your monitoring schedule3.  Have local-language support teams4.  Determine “what is a crisis”5.  Identify what you “will/will not” respond to6.  Form your digital crisis team7.  Define your escalation ladder8.  Who responds on the company’s behalf9.  What to report on and how often10.  Build support beams
  44. 44. Legally speaking…!  Employer crack-down on employee’s negative comments !  IBMs policy goes so far as to tell employees not to "pick fights" on social sites and that they must "speak in the first-person."!  Inthe United States, the federal government may be having a say as to when those policies infringe too much on freedom of speech.
  45. 45. Questions
  46. 46. Presentation resources