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Social Media in Public Relations


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Social media is playing a much larger role in public relations than ever before. In this deck, we discuss:
- How Social Media has Shaped Public Relations
- Leveraging Social Media in Your PR Pitch
- How to Pitch Journalists in Your PR Efforts
- Best Practices of Social Media Usage in PR Efforts

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Social Media in Public Relations

  1. 1. Social Media in PRBecky LivingstonPresidentRoyal Apple Marketing
  2. 2. Becky Livingston—President,Royal Apple Marketing!  20+ years of marketing, technology, and communications experience!  Trainer 6+ years!  Author, blogger, and avid Twitter fan!!  Big-Picture Thinker & Strategist!  Client list includes non-profits, small companies, and CPA firms Twitter: @RoyalAppleMktg or @bmliving
  3. 3. Agenda!  How Social Media has Shaped Public Relations!  Leveraging Social Media in Your PR Pitch!  How to Pitch Journalists in Your PR Efforts!  Best Practices of Social Media Usage in PR Efforts
  4. 4. How Social Media Has Shaped PR
  5. 5. PR Importance!  Managing communication between an organization and its publics !  Prospects !  Customers !  Media !  Investors !  The Government !  Employees
  6. 6. Social Media’s Impact on PR!  Conversation versus a Speech !  Facebook alone grew from 67% for time spent online over 1 year ago !  2-way communication is key!  InformationGathering !  Keyword-based search !  Changed the journalist/PR relationship!  Personal Service !  Consumer expectation
  7. 7. Leveraging Social Media in YourPR Pitch
  8. 8. Blogger Relations!  Connect and Develop Relationships !  Technorati !  Twitter – follower bloggers in your industry !  Twitter Grader (location & authority) !  Muck Rack (source/pub beat) !  JournalistTweets!  Facebook & LinkedIn !  Once relationship is established, use these tools
  9. 9. Define Goals!  Generating traffic to the website!  Getting journalists/bloggers to write about your company/story!  Publishing “ceremonial announcements”!  SERP-related !  Inbound links !  Increasing SEO
  10. 10. How to Pitch Journalists
  11. 11. Source:
  12. 12. Pitching!  Stay targeted !  Don’t spam (Bad Pitch Blog) !  Paid Services: Vocus & Cision!  Don’t pitch the same people over and over!  Brevity is key!!  Offer something interesting!  Personalize the pitch!  Consider tools !  HARO (Help A Reporter Out)
  13. 13. Social Participation is Critical!  Exponential growth in exposure – good and bad!  Audience size increased $20,000 scholarship based on a single Tweet Generated > 1,000 media placements & 9 million social media impressions
  14. 14. Best Practices in PR
  15. 15. Content and Format!  Direct/Concise!  Have something newsworthy!  Write using a newsworthy angle!  Keywords…keywords…keywords!  Descriptive headline <= 80 chars!  No more than 300-500 words
  16. 16. Content & Format, cont.!  No jargon!!  Don’t use formatted bullets (rarely get syndicated)!  Include logo!  Don’t embed multimedia!  Put the most important link at the beginning!  Always use anchor text !  Use full URLs to anchor important links
  17. 17. Content & Format, cont.!  Avoid repeating links/anchor text!  Refrain from littering releases with links!  When appropriate, link to inside site pages!  Whenpossible, make the anchor text the same as the Website page title (SEO)
  18. 18. Additional Resources!  Recommended Wire Services !  Marketwire !  BusinessWire !  PR Newswire !  PRWeb!  Other Resources !  Press Release Grader (grade the effectiveness of your press releases) !  Gobbledygook Grader (check your content for gobbledygook) !  PitchEngine (build social media news releases) !  Social Media News Release template from SHIFT Communications !  Press Release Marketing Kit
  19. 19. Your Project – Fake IDs
  20. 20. Your Approach!  Determine goals!  Define the schedule & platforms!  Identify Champions/Audience !  Identify those who support the effort to help spread the word !  Know your audience demographic!  Measure…measure…measure!  Share results!  Modify the plan
  21. 21. Social Media Effort!  Twitter !  Designated Hashtags !  Targeted/Impactful and scheduled messaging!  YouTube!  Text Messaging Campaign (SMS)!  Facebook - App!  Pitching Journalists (on/off Campus)!  Blogs !  Informational, educational, emotional, situational !  Backlink to successful bloggers
  22. 22. Tips from Successful Campaigns!  Know the laws!  Coordinate strategy across campus (social & traditional)!  Invest in education/training!  Get students involved!  Ads on Facebook
  23. 23. Examples!  University of Arizona!  Boston College!  Michigan State!  University of Colorado-BoulderGoes to the SafeCats Deanof Students page ratherthan an ID reseller.
  24. 24. Questions?
  25. 25. Resources!!  HubSpot “How to Leverage Social Media for PR”!! Infographic_How_to_engage_journalists_on_social_me_11206.aspx? format=2!!!! town-revitalization! shellproject.asp!! drinking-1.2756135#.T4rrK45kj0A!