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Sean buckly power point

  1. 1. 15 Details Book 2
  2. 2. #1● Bigger wakes up in his house and then he eats breakfast with his family. He is fine and it does not even bother him that he killed Mary a couple hours ago. After he is done he leaves, but his brother follows him with a huge wade of cash. It was Biggers and his brother was worried.
  3. 3. #2● Bigger goes to the Daltons cause he is supposed to take Mary to the station. Peggy asks why the car is outside. Realizes that she is not there so he just takes the trunk.
  4. 4. #3● Bigger takes the trunk to the station and Peggy tells him that it is really light. When he gets back to the house he has breakfast again.
  5. 5. #4● Bigger goes to Bessies and tells her about the plan. He wants to write a ransom note telling the Daltons to pay a large amount of money if they ever want to see there daughter again. He tries to throw them off him trail by signing it as Red.
  6. 6. #5● After Bigger returns to the Daltons he is confronted by a man in the basement. His name is Britain. He is a private investigator for the Daltons to help find Mary.
  7. 7. #6● After questioning Bigger for a while Britain brings Jan over for questioning. He and Biggers story do not match up and this creates Jan to be a suspect.
  8. 8. #7● When the questioning was over Bigger decided to leave the Daltons and head over to a store to pick up the paper he was going to use to write the note. While he was there he saw Jan and he confronted Bigger. This caused Bigger to pull out his gun making Jan run.
  9. 9. #8● When Bigger reaches Bessies house the start to write the note. Bessie does not really want to do this, but Bigger makes her. So after the note was written Bigger went back to the Daltons and dropped it off.
  10. 10. #9● While Bigger is eating his dinner the Daltons come down stairs looking distraught. They have just read the note and they call Britain over right away.
  11. 11. # 10● During the commotion at the Daltons the reporters come and start asking questions on what happened. Then Mr. Dalton comes down stairs and gives a statement about his daughter. This has many of the reporters asking Bigger questions.
  12. 12. # 11● While the reporters are still there Bigger is asked by Peggy to empty out the furnace. During this the reporters help Bigger out cause he is have some trouble emptying out the ashes. Then a reporter sees some thing in the ashes. It is Marys bones and a piece of her earring.
  13. 13. # 12● Bigger then runs to Bessies telling her that they found the bones and how they had to go on the run. They didnt leave the city though. They slept in an old house and hid there.
  14. 14. # 13● While they are hiding Bigger realizes that he cant take or leave Bessie with him so he decides to kill her. With a brick he smashes her head with it many times until she is dead. He later hides the body and moves on.
  15. 15. # 14● While Bigger is in another house hiding he hears a conversation of 2 men taking place. One is saying that he rather die before he would turn Bigger in to the cops. The other one is saying how he would do it in a heart beat.
  16. 16. # 15● Bigger is finally caught at the end. It was not easy getting him, but they got him and they threw him on the ground and stood on his wrists so he could not get up. They also said kill the black ape.