Jordan and nick power point


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Jordan and nick power point

  1. 1. Bigger Thomas 2 By: Jordan Horner & Nick Kagel
  2. 2. Bessie Suspects Bigger ● Bessie thinks Bigger hurt Mary in some way
  3. 3. Mr. Dalton hires Britten● Mr. Dalton hires a private investigator
  4. 4. Britten investigates Bigger● Britten is very racist when he investigates Bigger alone.
  5. 5. Mr. Dalton Dislikes Jan becausehe is a Red● Not a lot people of were sympathetic to the communist party because of the cold war with Russia
  6. 6. Bigger and Jan are put in thesame room● After Bigger is interogated he is put in the same room as Jan.
  7. 7. Even though their stories don’t match Jan offers Bigger help.
  8. 8. Bigger leaves the Dalton’s andwrites a ransom noteBigger writes a fake kidnap note and sends it to the Daltons.
  9. 9. The Daltons call the PoliceThe Daltons get the note and contact the police. The police arrive at their house and begin the investigation
  10. 10. Mary’s bones and earrings arefound in the furnaceBigger takes the ashes out of the furnace and the journalists find Mary’s bones and earrings.
  11. 11. Bigger FleesBigger gets scared and flees because he thinks he is caught
  12. 12. Bigger goes to BessieAfter Bigger flees he goes to Bessie and confesses everything to her.
  13. 13. Bigger Rapes BessieBigger and Bessie flee and while Bessie is sleeping Bigger rapes her
  14. 14. Bigger Kills BessieBigger sneaks up on Bessie while she is sleeping and bashes her head in with a brick
  15. 15. Bigger gets CaughtAfter a chase through the city Bigger is finally apprehended by the police