Joel and gunner power point


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Joel and gunner power point

  1. 1. Bigger Important Scenes Part 2 By: Gunner Wilson-Gore and Joel de Verteuil
  2. 2. Home Sweet Homen Gus eats with the family
  3. 3. Goes Back To Workn Bigger goes back to his job a chauffeur
  4. 4. Mrs. Dalton Sends Bigger To Stationn Mrs. Dalton sends Bigger to the train station, so he can get the trunk in which he took to the station because no one there to take it when it arrived in Detroit.
  5. 5. Family Notices Missing Daughtern The Daltons discover that Mary is missing. Mr. Dalton finds out that Mary never arrived in Detroit and that trunk was never claimed.
  6. 6. Britten Questions Biggern Britten questions Bigger and Jan. Jan asks Bigger why he is lying. Bigger decides to stay instead of leaving because no one suspects him they only think Jan killed Mary.
  7. 7. Jan & Biggern Jan confronts Bigger again about why he is lying. Bigger then threatens to kill Jan with a gun.
  8. 8. Arrest & Question Jann Jan is arrested and questioned because everyones suspicion is directed towards him. Everyone thinks Jan killed Mary since he is thought to be the last person with her.
  9. 9. Meets With Bessien Bigger goes to Bessies in the afternoon. They make love then Bigger feels better. He tells her about the missing Dalton girl, Mary.
  10. 10. Asks Bessie If She Wants Inn Bigger asks Bessie to run away with him, take all the money left in Marys purse, and sleep in an abandoned building somewhere.
  11. 11. Ransom Noten Bigger writes a ransom note to get money from the Daltons. Bigger slides it under the door. Mr. Dalton sees it and calls the police. The press and police arrive.
  12. 12. Bessie Wants Outn Bessie thinks there is more that Bigger isnt telling her about Mary than just wanting the ransom money. She doesnt want to run away with him.
  13. 13. Press Finds Bonesn Peggy tells Bigger that he needs to sift the ashes to keep the fire going. He does it for a while until a member of the press takes over and discovers Marys bones and an earring
  14. 14. Kills Bessien Bigger forces Bessie to have sex with him. He realizes that Bessie is nervous and scared and doesnt want to go with him. He thinks he cant leave her because he suspects she will tell the police everything. Bigger decides to kill ,Bessie by smashing her chest in with a brick. After shes dead he stuffs her in an air shaft but forgets the money was in her pocket.
  15. 15. Hides Outn Bigger is running from the police. He moves from place to place to avoid getting caught. The last place he hides at is on a roof.
  16. 16. Bigger Is Caught & Arrestedn Bigger is finally caught on the roof. The police arrest him and he is put in jail. In jail Bigger doesnt eat, drink, or talk. During the inquest Bigger faints