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Brandi and nick's power point


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Published in: Education, Spiritual, Business
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Brandi and nick's power point

  1. 1. ContemplatingWakes up thinking about what he hasdone. Suffocating Mary until she dies.
  2. 2. Questions about jobBigger gets questioned about his job byhis mother. Not out of suspicion strictlyquestions!
  3. 3. Meeting at the pool roomBigger is meeting his friends at the poolroom. Giving them money for cigarettes.
  4. 4. Dalton houseHe went back to the house. They all findout that she is not in the bed room.
  5. 5. Peggy and the furnaceBigger was so cautious about thefurnace around Peggy. He thought thatshe was suspicious about Mary beingdead in there.
  6. 6. Marys disappearanceEveryone is still waiting for Mary toappear. While bigger is lying about hertelling him to leave the car out all night.
  7. 7. Seeing BessieBigger goes to see Bessie about thesituation. He tells her about thekidnapping.
  8. 8. Bessie Agrees To Kidnap Note● Bessie succumbs to Biggers asking and eventually agrees to do the kidnap note.
  9. 9. MeetingBigger goes to the Dalton residence andmeets Mr. Britian. He gets interrogated
  10. 10. Jan is the Suspect● Bigger tells Mr. Britten that Mary was last with Jan. Blaming Jan because he is part of the discriminated “Reds”
  11. 11. Bigger Creates Note● Bigger writes the kidnap note and rents out a house owned by Dalton for the $10,000 transaction.
  12. 12. Evidence of Bigger Killing Mary● Bones and earrings fall on the floor in the basement when the coal is taken out. Bigger leaves through the upstairs window.
  13. 13. Runs to Bessies House● Bigger goes to Bessies house to prevent her from going to the hide-out house. Bessie wants out.
  14. 14. Bigger Rapes and Kills Bessie● Bessie doesnt want to go with it. Bigger rapes her and kills her while she sleeps. Bigger runs and finds a vacant house.
  15. 15. Bigger hides out, Gets Caught● Bigger hides in a vacant house. Then gets caught by the police, taken in handcuffs.