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Film posters for the genre Sci-Fi


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Film posters for the genre Sci-Fi

  1. 1. The colour scheme for this poster are relevant to theimages on it. There is an collision between themeteorite and the earth, which would probably causechaos.There are at least seven layers that I can count. Usingmore layers is better, but not too many.The characters are in one of the bottom layers, youcan see that the collision, city, and text is in front ofthem, however you can also see the start over them soit is probably slightly transparent. The position of thecharacters is in the top left hand side of the poster,making them not the main part of the poster. You cansee from the fact that their hugging that they’re close,saying goodbye?The text of Deep Impact in in upper case, the‘IMPACT’ is in bold making it stand out.You can see form the city that it is based on Earth,America. But the collision suggests that things aregoing to get bad, turn into a dystopia.Think its based in the present day, when it wasfilmed.
  2. 2. The colour scheme for this poster link in with thetheme, it’s very grey, and dull, and miserable.There are at least five layers in this poster. Therearen’t as much as the previous poster, making itmore empty, this makes link is with the theme,because everything is being destroyed, there’snot much left.The text ‘2012’ is the same kind of colour as thebackground. This shows that it’s slightly hidden.‘we were warned’ but we didn’t see it comingbecause it was hidden, we were ignorant to thefact that it was coming because we didn’t look forit.You can see form the city that it is based onEarth, America. But the massive great trench thatthe city is falling into suggests that is turninginto a dystopia, and the end of the world.Its based in 2012.
  3. 3. The colour scheme for this poster is blue andwhite this link in with the film, and thateverything in freezing .There are at least five layers in this poster. Youcan see from the poster that it is an apocalypticfilm at the statue of liberty is under ice. As thestatue of liberty represents freedom, this posterinsinuates that everything has gone wrong in theworld and people are fighting for their livesYou can see form the city that it is based onEarth, America. But the fact that it is covered inice suggests that is turning into a dystopia, andthe end of the world.
  4. 4. The colour scheme for this poster is browns,blacks, and grey’s it has quite a sombre mood toit.There are at least ten layers in this poster. Thismakes it quite a bit more busier than the otherposter. The fact that there coming our of thesmoke indicates that they’re trying to keep out ofsite, that they’re kept separate from othersThe text ‘District 9’ has a sort of metallic lookabout it, making it look technologically advancedand futuristic. However this differs from thebackground where it looks run down andderelict. ‘You are not welcome here’ makes itpersonal to the reader it shows that people aren’tallowed in District 9.Apart from the robotic aliens and space ship itlooks like present day Earth
  5. 5. The colour scheme for this poster is browns, red’sand oranges, giving it a warmer feel than theother posters. However form just looking at theposter you wouldn’t think that it was a sciencefiction. Probably more of a Action Film.There are at least five layers in this poster. Thecharacters face takes up half of the picture. Thefact that we can’t see anything around her orwhat she is aiming at creates some mystery.Just from the poster you wouldn’t know what eraor location it is set in.The text that says ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘Theworld will be watching’ suggests that it is a bigthing in their world/time, that it’s a very populargame.
  6. 6. The colour scheme in this poster is blues,grey’s and blacks. They represent a darkelement that is present in this film.The tag line: “One man saw it coming”this suggests that he tried to warn peoplebut everyone else was ignorant to the factthat it was approaching.The title is in a metallic grey, that links inwith the robots, and implies that it isfuturistic and they are technologicallyadvanced. The ‘I’ in ‘I, Robot’ is associatedwith ipads, ipods, iphones etc.You cannot tell from the poster where thefilm is set. Although you can see over WillSmith’s shoulder, the robots look likethey’re watching him. Waiting to takeover completely.
  7. 7. The colour scheme in this poster is blackand greys, which relates to the film, withthe all the high-tech alien technology.The tag line ‘Back in Time’ gives a hintabout what the film is about.The position of the characters show whothe main character is, and it shows that heis in charge, however the fact that the menstood behind them still look like they arequite professional, it could show that theyare looking over him. The hash tag at thebottom of the poster relates to twitter, thisgets people talking the film, and boostsawareness.There are only about four layers in thisposter, making it quite empty, howeverbecause ‘Men in Black’ is such a wellknown sci-fi film, it doesn’t need to befilled with sci-fi related concepts.Because the film is well known they don’thave to write the name, just the MIB willtell people what film it is.
  8. 8. The colour scheme in this poster isbrowns, yellows and greys, this conveys adesert-like theme, where everything is dryand dying out, creating a dystopianworld. The fact that the Brooklyn bridgebehind his has been destroyed, and theplant life is practically non-existent, andthe plants that are there seem to be deador dying.The fact that Will Smith is carrying a gunshows that earth has turned into quite adangerous place, it’s survival of the fittest,and you have to fight to survive. The onlyother life signs is the dog by his side,suggesting that, he’s alone.The tag line: ‘The last man on earth is notalone’ makes it quite daunting, as thissuggests that there is something else outthere that isn’t human.‘I am Legend’ has been written so theemphasis is on the ‘legend’ this impliesthat he is a prodigy, everyone else hasdied out or mutated, yet he is still human,creating the impression that he issomewhat of a myth.
  9. 9. The colour scheme in this poster is bluesand blacks, this relates to the storyline ofthe film, suggesting that there are darkelements in it.The tag line of “You’re mind is the sceneof the crime” this denotes the theme ofsci-fi as it has supernatural features,logistically your mind cannot be a sceneof a crime.The background layer of this poster play’stricks with your mind. As the road goesup at a vertical angle, this relates to thefilm, as it abnormal and eccentric.The positioning of the characters showsthat they are working together as a team,also, a few of the characters are holdingguns, this indicates that what they aredoing is dangerous, and that the film isaction packed.As the whole poster is in blues, grey’s andblack’s, this makes the title of the film:‘Inception’ stand out to the audience.
  10. 10. There are two lots of colour schemes in thisposter, relating to the two different genres: Sci-fi, and Western. The blues, greys and blacks inthe top half of the poster link in with thefuturistic, technologically advanced theme ofSci-fi. While the brown-red colour of thebottom half of the poster links in with thesandy, desert-like scape of the Westernthemes. The iconography of westerns arenormally guns, horses etc. the wrist gun andspaceship suggest that it has a double genre.the womans position and the fact that she ishandling a gun, gives the impressions that sheis ready to fight, this breaks away form thestereotypical western female of alwaysneeding to be saved.The tagline “First contact. Last stand” suggeststhat what they are facing dangerous
  11. 11. Conclusions:Looking at all of the posters I have seen that most of them have some sort oficonography that relates to this genre. For example spaceships, weapons,destruction, supernatural happenings, dystopian worlds.In most of the posters there are dark colour schemes, using, dark clues, blacks,grey’s, and browns, the colours connate that there are dark elements in the film. Theonly poster that has bright colours in it, is the poster for ‘The Day After Tomorrow’For the posters that have characters in them, they are mostly standing in actionposes and mostly men.Archetype – HeroesMost of the posters are quite metallic and futuristic, apart from a few where they aredesolate and destroyedIn all the posters there is a light spot behind the main point in the image, illuminatingthem. This draws the audiences attention to the main character or main theme in theposter.The posters all have a shot from the film, and you can relate it to the film.