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Flyer Business Model Navigator


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Check out the Business Model Navigator, written by Prof. Dr. Gassmann and Prof. Dr. Frankenberger from the University of St. Gallen.

Learn how to systematically innovate your business model with the methodology provided by the book.

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Flyer Business Model Navigator

  1. 1. The  Business  Model  Navigator   90%  of  the  world’s  strongest   business  innova7ons  spring  from   just  55  different  business  models–   here  they  are  in  one  book.   ‘An  excellent  toolkit  for  developing   your  business  model.’     Dr  Heinz  Derenbach,  CEO,  Bosch   SoNware  Innova7ons   Gassmann/  Frankenberger/  Csik,  The  Business  Model  Navigator   €  31,62  ·∙  ISBN  978-­‐1-­‐292-­‐06581-­‐6  ·∙  eBook  ISBN  9781292065847   55  Models  That  Will  Revolu7onise  Your  Business   Each  business  model  is  covered  in  a  concise  and  prac7cal  way   over  3  pages,  covering  the  following  topics:     What  is  it?  Where  did  it  come  from?  Who  uses  it?     What  does  this  mean  for  me?   For  more  informa7on  and  access  to  tools,  free  download  of  the   BMI  map  and  working  sheets  for  BMI,  please  visit:     www.bmi-­‐