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Social Search: A Little Help From My Friends


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These are the slides from the SxSW'10 panel on social search with Max Ventilla (@ventilla), Ash Rust (@ashrust), Scott Prindle (@prindlescott), Marc Vermut (@mvermut), and me!

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Social Search: A Little Help From My Friends

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  2. Hi, I’m @brynn • digital anthropologist • social interaction designer • • starting at Bolt | Peters tomorrow!
  3. how do you interpret a 1110 on the gre?
  4. how do you interpret a 1110 on the gre?
  5. Search happens over time... Early Middle Late
  6. Search happens over time... my friend s me Early Middle Late
  7. Three flavors of social search collective friend-filtered collaborative Bedtime reading: PHOTOS BY CLAUDIA LIM, BREWBROOKS,
  8. Two main social strategies: Ask the network Embark alone PHOTO BY BENSPARK PHOTO BY US NATIONAL ARCHIVES
  9. March 2010 Max Ventilla, @ventilla,
  10. Web Search is great for objective questions, but subjective questions generate the majority of search revenues. Queries Search quality X00B/yr RPMs Examples What is Einstein’s birthday? ~45% Great Low Objective How much is the cheapest iPhone? What’s a decent housekeeping service in SF? How much should it cost for a ~30% small two bedroom place? Research What’s a good book to read about ~25% Romantic Poets? Ok High Opinion
  11. Friends can answer subjective questions but… • Unreliable — small number of friends available to you in the moment • Hard to keep up with what your extended network knows about • Social cost of asking for a favor
  12. Aardvark is a new type of social search.
  13. Aardvark is a communication tool… ..on IM …on mobile …on Twitter …and on the web ..on email
  14. Why social search? • Users want personalized responses to questions • Most content is still locked in peoples' heads • Each individual’s network is growing exponentially • Social intimacy makes information actionable • Questions about how to spend your time and money are subjective and highly lucrative
  15. The Picture so Far • Came out of stealth at SxSW 2009 • ~85% of questions answered (most in <5 mins) • ~70% of answers rated 'good' (vs 'OK' or 'bad') • ~45% of answers lead to cross-talk among users • >50% of users have answered a question • Average query length is 19 words (<3 on Google) • ~65% of queries have a subjective element is a great resource. Also, check out
  16. Some Things We’ve Learned • ​Intimacy (more than authority) facilitates trust. • Social context is different than social graph, and is frequently sufficient. • Speakers want to know who they are addressing. • People do not need artificial incentives to be helpful if there's no friction involved. • People do not like receiving random questions but they don’t actually know what’s in their profiles.
  17. OneRiot hi. ash rust // director of search relevance @ashrust
  18. OneRiot OneRiot is a realtime search engine. We help people find what’s happening, right now. Realtime Search: RiotWise: API: Results ranked Monetizing the Over 100 for social web with partners relevance using realtime syndicating our our PulseRank advertising for search results algorithm web & mobile and advertising
  19. OneRiot Realtime Search
  20. OneRiot In addition to helping other search engines serve realtime results, OneRiot delivers realtime information to over 100 apps and services RiotFeeds The Guardian Scour . PopURLs . Digsby . Taptu . Sobees . Reed . Fastest Fox . UberTwitter . VideoSurf
  21. Scott Prindle // Crispin Porter @prindlescott
  22. Social search in the digital marketing space
  23. Give customers something good to talk about in social media, and they will talk. And that conversation becomes content for social search, helping to drive additional traffic and conversation.
  24. Enable customers to find the experts within your organization.
  25. #socialsearch #littlehelpfromfriends @brynn @ventilla @ashrust @prindlescott with @mvermut