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1up! Games for Change


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This is my panel from SxSWi 2011 – 1UP! Games for Change, with panelists Zao Yang and Jude Ower.

Published in: Design
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1up! Games for Change

  1. 1. 1up! games for change Brynn Evans Sizhao Yang Jude Ower @brynn @zamland @playinthecloud
  2. 2. Brynn Evans @brynn user experience design gamestorming SketchCampthe betacup gamestorming ux for good paper-cup
  3. 3. tweet a how to 1. Tweet about the panel 2. Use hashtags #1up and #sxsw play: 2. Biggest tweeter gets to plant 100 trees
  4. 4. Sizhao YangBetterWorks @zamland FarmVille MyMiniLife Zynga social games
  5. 5. Jude Owerthe Play Mob @theplaymob @playinthecloud WeForest serious games education training
  6. 6. Please text REDCROSS to 90999 to support the Earthquake and Tsunami Relief effort in Japan!tweet a #1up #sxsw@brynn @zamland @playinthecloud
  7. 7. Best practicesAspiration: Identify the aspirational status and desired activity (mafia,mayor, platinum) Symbols of achievements: Progressive measures ofachievement (badges, points, progress bar) Map actions to symbols: Mapping application actions to symbols Notification: Being able to disseminate your audience (FB newsfeed,email, Twitter) Feedback: Ways to provide social/positive feedback to the contentcreators (like/comment/love) 
  8. 8. Psychological PrinciplesReciprocity: People tend to return favors (gifts) Commitment and Consistency: Commitment leads to peoplemore likely to honor the commitment (using virtual coins to create crops) Social Proof: People will do things that they see other people aredoing (friend bar) Liking: People are easily persuaded by other people that they like(lonely cow, gifts, friend bar) Scarcity: Perceived scarcity will generate demand (exclusive gifts)