Parque La Bateria In Torremolinos Malaga


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A brief guide to the lovely Parque La Bateria park in Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol. The park has lots to do for the little ones and is a great option for an excursion for the whole family when on holiday in Spain.

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Parque La Bateria In Torremolinos Malaga

  1. 1. b-m e t .co m m/blo g/parque-la-bateria-to rremo lino s-co sta-del-so l/#.USeo 6x2eNcwParque La Bateria Torremolinos Costa del SoladminParque La Bateria is another one of the Costa del Sol’s hidden gems. T his beautif ul open space sits tothe west of Torremolinos town centre and was originally a gun emplacement and military base in the1940’s. It’s position on a hill over looking the Bay of Malaga made it the perf ect place f or MilitaryBarracks. During the 1950’s the army lef t and the grounds became neglected and overgrown.Many years later the whole area was renovated and developed and in 2007 it was opened to the public asa beautif ul park and recreation area.T he end result is 74,000 sq meters of landscape gardens containing over 40 dif f erent species of treesand a 9,000 sq meter lake complete with row boats available f or hire at a mere 1 euro f or half an hour.T here is also a f antastic children’s play area with plenty of seating f or those to old to join in.T he past has def initely not been f orgotten and just walking around the park you can still see the gunsthat were used and the underground passages of the barracks that are now open to the public.T he mostspectacular f eature is the 15 metre tall tower that symbolises the towers of its era. T here is a spiralstaircase that takes you to the top of the tower, where you can look out across the bay but if you arenot f eeling so energetic a lif t has also been installed.A f avourite sight f or many is the children’s ‘Dummy Tree’. When they come of age their dummies areplaced in a ball and tied to the tree.
  2. 2. Parque La Bateria is a lovely place to take a picnic to, with many benches and picnic spots f or you to sitand enjoy a leisurely lunch in the sun. T here are also vending machines f or you to get cold drinks andsnacks f rom.Parque La Bateria is an open space of peace in the otherwise busy town of Torremolinos. It is open allyear and is f ree.If you are planning a day out and need a transportation to Parque La Bateria, then we at B-MET canaccommodate you with one of our f ully licensed and air conditioned minibuses. Please visit our main sitef or an online quote or give us a call.Images courtesy of http://www.f http://www.f on Flickr.