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Parque de La Paloma Dove Park Benalmadena


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Guide to the Parque de La Paloma in Benalmadena, Malaga Spain.

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Parque de La Paloma Dove Park Benalmadena

  1. 1. b-m e t .co m m/blo g/parque-de-la-palo ma-benalmadena-do ve-park-in-malaga/#.USelVh2eNcwParque del la Paloma Benalmadena – Dove Park In MalagaadminIf you are visiting Malaga and the Costa del Sol this Summer and are seeking a change f rom the beach orgolf course, why not pop along to the lovely Parque Paloma (Dove Park) in Benalmadena?Considered by many to be the best on the Costa del Sol, the park covers over 200,000 sqm of landwhich has been developed into rolling hills, walkways and green areas.At thebottom ofthe park youwill f ind alarge man-made lakewhich ishome tomanyvarieties ofbirds andamphibiansincludingswans,ducks,turtles,seagullsand carp.T here arealso manyotheranimalsroaming theparkincluding Parq ue Palo ma Lakebeautif ulpeacocks,hens, pigeons and rabbits.Near to the top of the park you will f ind a couple of enclosures which also house Emu’s and mountaingoats. It is at this level that you will also f ind one of two great play areas that the park has to of f er, plusa Cactus area which is home to around 400 dif f erent specimens.If you are
  2. 2. If you aref eelingpeckish orthirsty, youmay want tohead to oneof the threebars andrestaurantswithin thepark servingeverythingf romcof f ee, icecreams andlunch timesnacks.What isT here toDo? Feed the Parq ue Palo ma Cac tus G ard e n f ish, Parq ue Palo ma turtles, seagulls and ducks. See Peacocks, swans, hens, chickens and even Emu’s and mountain goats in their enclosures. Take a leisurely walk and take in the beautif ul views. Hire a quad bicycle and cycle around the park with the kids.
  3. 3. Have a picnic. Eat and drink at one of the three restaurants. Watch a concert at the municipal auditorium at the top of the park. View one of 400 dif f erent varieties of Cacti that you will f ind in the Cactus garden.Is T here Anywhere to Eat and Drink?Yes, there are three bar/restaurants within the park serving ref reshments, ice creams and hot snacks.Are T here Toilets at the Park?Yes, there are toilets and baby changing f acilities.How Much Does it Cost?Parque Paloma is completely f ree.When is it Open?From 9am to 10pmIs T here Disabled Access?T he park is suitable f or wheelchair users but there are a number of steeper areas where wheelchair usemay not be appropriate. Most of the lower areas though are just f ine.Where is it?Parque Paloma is around 100 yards inland f rom the Benalmadena beach and the windmill roundabout.See our map below.Avda. Federico García Lorca s/nArroyo de la Miel29631Ver mapa más grandeYou may also want to consider Parque la Bateria in Torremolinos.Images courtesy of Terry Wha , Antonio Ortiz and Z ahori on Flickr.