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Business English Workshop - BM Seminar Series


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Business English Workshop Highlights:
• Enhance Small Business Talk phrases.
• Enrich your diction with business phrases and words.
• Boost up your Receptive and Expressive language communication.
• Explicit effective professional writing expressions.

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Business English Workshop - BM Seminar Series

  1. 1. November 1, 2014 BM Consultants India
  2. 2. Introduction Listening Skills Business English Phrases Role Plays Email Drafting BM Consultants India
  3. 3. BM Consultants India
  4. 4. Scenery and Landscape are Nostalgic BM Consultants India
  5. 5. Hustle and Bustle of a Big City BM Consultants India
  6. 6. Speed Away BM Consultants India
  7. 7. Onlookers /Passers-by BM Consultants India
  8. 8. Piercing Siren and Flashing - Dizzying Strobe Lights BM Consultants India
  9. 9. Pull Over BM Consultants India
  10. 10. BM Consultants India
  11. 11. BM Consultants India
  12. 12. BM Consultants India
  13. 13. Own the Frame! Win the Frame! BM Consultants India
  14. 14. Stages of Life BM Consultants India
  15. 15. Toddler Stage BM Consultants India
  16. 16. Teenager Stage BM Consultants India
  17. 17. Boss and Employee Stage BM Consultants India
  18. 18. BM Consultants India
  19. 19. BM Consultants India
  20. 20. What do you think is the most important aspect of business English? BM Consultants India
  21. 21. Introduction Listening Skills Business English Phrases Role Plays Email Drafting BM Consultants India
  22. 22. Business English Social skills, 9.6 Speaking skills, 34.9 Business Vocabulary, 15.7 Listening skills, 25.5 Writin-letters, emails, 14.2 BM Consultants India
  23. 23. Small talk Small talk is used to start a conversation before getting into details. It is particularly beneficial in Business English as it helps to form relationship. It is important to know what to say and wha Text missing BM Consultants India
  24. 24. How to excuse yourself and come out of embarrassing situations like Burp, Yawn, Hiccup or Sneeze? Bless You! Excuse Me! Some one sneezes. What do you say? BM Consultants India
  25. 25. How to ask someone to repeat something? I am sorry I didn’t quite catch that. Could you say that again? How to greet someone you haven't seen for a long time Haven’t seen you since ages BM Consultants India
  26. 26. Someone thanks you for something. What do you say? • You’re welcome! • It was a pleasure! • A pleasure! • My pleasure! I’d love to come, but I’m afraid, I have to…. How to refuse an invitation politely? BM Consultants India
  27. 27. Introducing Someone Else • I like to introduce you to .. • I would like you to meet .. BM Consultants India
  28. 28. Your friend is ill. What do you say? • I hope you feel better soon. • I hope you get better BM Consultants India
  29. 29. You’re late for a meeting. What do you say? I am very sorry, but I am running late. I hope to be there in about 5 minutes. Express preferences in English are as follows: “I tend to prefer -ing… to -ing… ” or “I tend to prefer X to Y” e.g. I tend to prefer learning English to learning Spanish. BM Consultants India
  30. 30.  Would you like to … ?  Would you mind going to…?  What do you think about going to the swimming pool ? Suggestions Acceptance: Decline:  Yes, it’s a great idea. I agree.  It sounds great.  Yes, let’s do that/it.  I’m sorry, but I have to learn.  Sorry, but I cannot make it today.  I’m afraid I don’t like that idea.  Hmm, I don’t think… BM Consultants India
  31. 31. While interacting with somebody, you’ve seen someone you want to talk to: Listen, I’ve just seen (Name) over there. Excuse me a moment, I really need to catch him. Expressions for making complaints I’d like to complain about … BM Consultants India
  32. 32. Someone has passed away, what do you say to the family? My condolences to you and your family. I'm really sorry to hear about your loss, I send my condolences to you and your family, if you need anything you can ask me. BM Consultants India
  33. 33. Moving from small talk to business Well, I suppose we should make a start. So, shall we get down to business? Put forward plans and proposals decide on I would like to put forward a proposal that … BM Consultants India
  34. 34. Face to Face, Telephone, and Written Which Is the Best Communication? BM Consultants India
  35. 35. Face-to-Face Communication BM Consultants India
  36. 36. BM Consultants India
  37. 37. BM Consultants India
  38. 38. Types of Face to Face Communication Interviews Meetings Conferences Seminars Workshops Class-room lectures Stage-acting Public lectures BM Consultants India
  39. 39. Introduction Listening Skills Business English Phrases Role Plays Email Drafting BM Consultants India
  40. 40. Role Play BM Consultants India
  41. 41. Tell your employees that because of the economic crisis, they will be taking a 20% pay cut. This pay cut actually started last month. BM Consultants India
  42. 42. Business English vs General English? What Distinguishes Business English? BM Consultants India
  43. 43. Before Peter went on the stage for the show, John told him to break a leg. BM Consultants India
  44. 44. Before Peter went on the stage for the show, John told him to break a leg. I am telling you to break a bone in your leg. Do your best and good luck . Literal meaning: Idiomatic meaning: BM Consultants India
  45. 45. Instruction. Match the language in column B with their function in column A Meeting Language Starting Disagreeing Agreeing Asking for opinion Introducing the subject Partially conceding Making an opinion Suggesting an alternative Asking for participation Bringing back the focus of the discussion Ending Many thanks for your participation. It has been a productive meeting Many thanks for coming, shall we start We need to discuss What do you think about? I agree. I totally agree I don’t agree Yes, You are right there Why don’t we instead I think we should.. In my opinion Would you mind giving us your views in this? We can either .. or.. We are drifting from the main subject. Can we concentrate on the main points BM Consultants India
  46. 46. You have to chart your own course. You have to make your own plans You will be walking into a minefield You will encounter a lot of difficulties Don’t be snappy Don’t get angry/irritated We will have to cut corners We will have to cut down the expenses We will first test the waters We will have to judge the situation This is one way to get out of the muck This is one way to overcome this situation Send the instructions in black and white Send the instructions in writing BM Consultants India
  47. 47. He does not have head on his shoulders He keeps abreast of his time He is a total greenhorn. He is just a glib talker. He learned by rote. He does not know what he is doing. He is an inexperienced person. He follows the latest trends. He just makes empty promises. He learned by mugging things up. The book claims to be a guide to the ABC of cooking. Give me a run down of events. This book contains primary knowlege guide. Give a detailed account of happening . Stop and ponder the issue Stop and think about it. Please shell out some money Please contribute. BM Consultants India
  48. 48. Have all the pieces in place before the manager arrives. India is a software superpower Organize everything before the manager comes on the scene India is biggest power in computer software He has fire in his belly He is a passionate and ambitious Small industries sprang up everywhere person They have opened everywhere The management has to work in unison with the workers The management and workers have to work together Politics and war go hand in hand Politics and war are interlinked I was appalled at the state of affairs here I was shocked at the bad state of affairs. I have toying with a couple of ideas. I have been considering two ideas BM Consultants India
  49. 49. So that settles the issue. So that solves the problem It goes over my head I don’t understand this. We have bigger fish to fry We have important things to do. He goofed up He committed a blunder BM Consultants India
  51. 51. Professional Telephone Etiquettes  Introductions  Asking for someone / Making a request  Holding and transferring  Leaving a message  Asking the speaker to slow down  Write it down  Remember your manners BM Consultants India
  52. 52. Telephone Etiquette Tone of Voice 86% Words 14% BM Consultants India
  53. 53. Customer forms a mental PICTURE of you.  P – PITCH  I – INFLECTION C – COURTESY T – TONE U - UNDERSTANDING R – RATE E - ENUNCIATION BM Consultants India
  54. 54. Introducing yourself Asking who is on the telephone May I know whom I am speaking with? May I ask who is calling, please? Connecting Someone This is Fiona. Fiona speaking I'll put you through. Can you hold the line? Can you hold on a moment? BM Consultants India
  55. 55. Answering Calls BM English. This is Ms. Fernandes. How may I help you? Accounting department, this is Binieka. How may I help you?” Acknowledgements-Suggested responses to questions or comments Thank you, I'll check." or "I'll see. One moment please, I'll find out. BM Consultants India
  56. 56. Leaving a Voice/Phone Message  Phone Message should always include:  Your name and company name  Time and Date of call  What the call is regarding (brief )  If a follow up or return call is needed  Phone number (office or home) speak SLOWLY even repeat the phone number – include area code BM Consultants India
  57. 57. Taking Phone Messages  Phone Message should always include:  Caller’s name and company name (if applicable)  Time and Date of call  What the call is regarding (if possible)  If a follow up or return call is needed  Phone number (office or home) BM Consultants India
  58. 58.  Can I have extension 321? (extensions are internal numbers at a company) May/ Could I speak to...? Is Nikhil in? Obtaining the correct information “Will you spell the name, please?" "Will you repeat the number, please?" "The correct number is 9-6-3-(pause)-5-8-7-1?" "The corret spelling is S-H-A-Y-N-A?" BM Consultants India
  59. 59. Getting Information • Can I ask you a question? • Can I just ask you a quick question? Expressing support for an opinion by invoking outside help • The data clearly show… (using objective facts) • The reality is… (appealing to rational thought) • Most people I’ve talked to… (referring to others’ opinions) • The experts have said … / most doctors would disagree … (appealing to scientific experts) BM Consultants India
  60. 60.  How to reply when someone is not available I'm afraid ... is not available at the moment The line is busy... (when the extension requested is being used) Mr Jackson isn't in... Mr Jackson is out at the moment...  Taking a Message Could (Can, May) I take a message? Could (Can, May) I tell him who is calling? Would you like to leave a message? BM Consultants India
  61. 61.  Reports to caller  "Mrs"I'msorry, Mrs. Hann is out of the office, may someone else help you."  "Ms. Shultz is in the Trust Department, one moment please, I'll transfer your call."  Obtaining the caller's name  "May I tell Mr. Snyder who is calling, please?"  "May I say who is calling, please?" BM Consultants India
  62. 62. When You Want Another Person's Number Do you mind if I have Henry's number?“ "Do you mind asking Henry if I could have his number?" Do you mind if you ask Henry to give me a call?" BM Consultants India
  63. 63. Activity BM Consultants India
  64. 64. Introduction Listening Skills Business English Phrases Role Plays Email Drafting BM Consultants India
  65. 65. First, What is Business Writing?  Business writing is workplace writing, which is a form of technical writing. BM Consultants India
  66. 66. Some Types of Workplace Writings  Business Letters (most common – formal letter to an external recipient)  E-mail Transmissions (A more informal business message than a business letter that is sent electronically to one or more recipients, within or external to the business).  Memoranda /memorandum (A more informal style of a business letter that is usually sent to one or more business colleagues employed within the same business unit or company)  Reports (financial, audit, or statistical report that identifies the specific problem and presents collected data, research, or recommendations for the change process (re-engineering process.)  Contracts (binding agreements or proposals between two or more parties that can become legal documents if they include an offer that is accepted.)  Manuals (a written set of instructions, procedures or policies)  PowerPoint (a soft-ware generated, visual slide show, with animation options, that hosts a set of notes or bulleted points, an agenda, or other information that supports a discussion). BM Consultants India
  67. 67. What kind of letters would a business person need to write as to communicate successfully in the business world? BM Consultants India
  68. 68. In-company letters:  reports, memos BM Consultants India
  69. 69. COMPANY TO COMPANY LETTERS  the advertisement letter  the inquiry letter  the offer letter  the order letter  the complaint letter  the letter of credit  miscellaneous - thank-you letter  invitation to a reception  recommendation letter  e-mail and fax facilities  letter of introduction BM Consultants India
  70. 70. Writing Clear Simple Concise BM Consultants India
  71. 71. How are you going to write it? BM Consultants India
  72. 72. Here are six tips to help you improve your writing skills BM Consultants India
  73. 73. 1. Put important information at the beginning  In view of the fact that we have been delayed we will start the partner meeting tomorrow  We will start the meeting tomorrow as we have been delayed...... BM Consultants India
  74. 74. 2. Use verbs that carry meaning instead of grammar verb phrases  Next week, we will have to have a meeting to solve the issues.  Next week we should meet to solve the problem.  Please do an invoice and send it to our lead partner.  Please invoice our lead partner. BM Consultants India
  75. 75. Use active sentences instead of the passive voice Your order is being processed We are processing your order. The delivery notes are written (by Mr Smith) Mr Smith writes the delivery notes. BM Consultants India
  76. 76. Put important information at the beginning  In view of the fact that we have been delayed we will start the partner meeting tomorrow  We will start the meeting tomorrow as we have been delayed...... BM Consultants India
  77. 77. Use verbs that carry meaning instead of grammar verb phrases  Next week, we will have to have a meeting to solve the issues.  Next week we should meet to solve the issues.  Please do an invoice and send it to our lead partner.  Please invoice our lead partner. BM Consultants India
  78. 78. BM Consultants India
  79. 79. BM Consultants India
  80. 80. BM Consultants India
  81. 81. Avoid redundant words or phrases There is hotel accommodation for 400 people. It was an unexpected surprise when a pair of baby twins was born at 12 midnight“. BM Consultants India
  82. 82. List of 20 redundant phrases you should strive to eliminate from your writing. Advance notice Advance preview At the present time. Close proximity. Collaborate together Completely unanimous End result Extra bonus Final outcome Free gift BM Consultants India
  83. 83. Major breakthrough. New beginning New innovation Past history Positive improvement Repeat again Serious crisis Totally unique. Unexpected surprise. Unintended mistake BM Consultants India
  84. 84. Use idioms or Phrases I completed the presentation at the last moment I finished the presentation in the nick of time BM Consultants India
  85. 85. Beware of jargon, acronyms and institutional language This is a capitalisation project. The aim is to mainstream these ideas into regional policy initiatives. The project priorities have been agreed by regional actors. BM Consultants India
  86. 86. Six important principles 1. Use shorter simple words. 2. Put important information at the beginning. 3. Use verbs that carry meaning. 4. Use active verbs and sentences. 5. Avoid redundant words and phrases. 6. Avoid jargon and institutional language. BM Consultants India
  87. 87. BM Consultants India
  88. 88. Salutation Formal Semi- Formal Informal •Dear Sir or Madam: •Dear Madam •Dear Sir, •Dear All •To Whom It May Concern •Dear Mr. Bhatia, •Dear Ms Mane •Dear Mrs. Shah, •Dear Frederick Hanson: •Dear Editor-in-Chief: •Dear Valued Customer Dear Shano, Dear + Relation Dear + Relation + name BM Consultants India
  89. 89. First Paragraph I'm writing to enquire/inform/ask/remind/ about... I'm interested in the job opening posted on your company website. We'd like to invite you to a members only luncheon on April 5th. BM Consultants India
  90. 90. Second Paragraph The main body Description of your matter BM Consultants India
  91. 91. Final Paragraph I look forward to... Please respond at your earliest convenience. Enclosed you will find... Feel free to contact me by phone or email. BM Consultants India
  92. 92. Closing  Yours truly,  Yours sincerely,  Best of luck  Warm regards, BM Consultants India
  93. 93. Memo… Meaning Of Memos  A Memo is a communication, which can be used to issue instruction or announce policy changes or to certain important points or decision. BM Consultants India
  94. 94. Memo… Purpose Of Memos  Write to your subordinates, supervisor  To Inform of decision, action.  To request decision, action.  To provide information of any kind.  To remind someone of action which is required. BM Consultants India
  95. 95. Memo… Memos Can BE Presented in Two-way Format. 1.Fully Block Format. 2.Semi Block Format. BM Consultants India
  96. 96. Difference between semi block & fully block memo NAME OF THE COMPANY INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUM Date: Reference: To: From: Subject: ……………………………………………….. …………………………………………………………………… ……………………………………………………………… ………………………….. NAME Signature Enclose: NAME OF COMPANY INTER OFFICE MEMORANDUM TO: REFERENCE: FROM: DATE: SUBJECT:………..…… ………………………………………………………………… ….…………………………………………………………… ………… NAME SIGNATURE BM Consultants India
  97. 97. Memo… There Are Three most Important Components 1. Heading 2. Reference, Date and Subject 3. Message (Body) 4. E-Memo BM Consultants India
  98. 98. Memo… E-Memos BM Consultants India
  99. 99. Thank you BM Consultants India