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Power point presentation


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Published in: Career, Business
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Power point presentation

  1. 1.  Insulators put insulation in all of the exterior walls to keep heat in during winter and out during summer. So if someone is building a house and they don’t want the outside air to come in they would call an insulator.The reason I picked insulator was it pays decent, you get to work with machines and your hands, and your outside to me. Those things are all important to me because I like to be active
  2. 2.  Insulators prepare, apply, and repair different kinds of insulation to control the movement of heat and sound through walls and other structures. By installing insulation, insulators help people save money and conserve energy.
  3. 3.  Most insulators work in the construction industry for building finishing contractors. Insulators often work in cramped indoor spaces, or sometimes in exposed outdoor ones. Insulators often work on their feet all day and sometimes on ladders and scaffolding so you cant be afraid of heights. In some situations insulators can face harmful of toxic materials which may shorten their life by a couple years.
  4. 4.  There are no formal education requirements for this job, but a high school education is recommended Most insulators learn from hands-on, on the job training. Formal apprenticeships are available and recommended by most employers.
  5. 5.  Employment of insulation workers is expected to grow 28 percent from 2010 to 2020. This is faster than the average for all occupations. Mechanical insulators will have excellent job opportunities.
  6. 6.  The annual starting wage for this job is $26,630 If you stick with it for a long time and work your way up you could earn $63,440
  7. 7. As an insulator you will use technology in a few ways. You will use computers to schedule appointments, email your co-workers, and finding the right way to get the job done. You will also use cell phones a lot to stay in touch with your boss, the person who your doing the job for, and an easy ways to communicate with others.
  8. 8. After learning more about this job is still is appealing tome. I think this would be a good job for me because itgives me the opportunity to met new people and learnnew skills. Also, if I stay with the same company for along time I could make a lot of money. This job alsogives you the choice of creating your own business. Soin conclusion I would like to be an insulator but I stillwould like to explore my other choices since I’m stillyoung.
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