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Trusted Cloud Management


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Effective cloud management is more than just orchestration and provisioning VMs. ITSM processes drive control, performance, governance & integrity in the cloud.

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Trusted Cloud Management

  1. 1. Trusted Cloud Management © Copyright 1 12/2/2014 BMC Software, Inc • Alan Chhabra, VP Sales – Cloud & Data Center Automation, BMC • George Chen, Director of Cloud Center of Excellence - BMC
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Challenges & Lessons Learned 2. The BMC Solution: Trusted Cloud Management 3. Customer Case Study 4. Next Steps © Copyright 2 12/2/2014 BMC Software, Inc
  3. 3. Cloud Lessons Learned *Thinking about your private, hybrid or public cloud services deployed so far, what lessons do you wish you had learned earlier in your planning or deployment efforts? Systems Integration 60% 43% 41% © Copyright 3 12/2/2014 BMC Software, Inc Cost/ Chargeback Operational Requirements We underestimated the effort to integrate cloud into existing management systems We should have done a more thorough cost assessment and/or built better chargeback systems We didn’t adequately plan for operational requirements, such as capacity and performance management *Forrester Consulting, April 2013.
  4. 4. Can you afford a Cloud False Start? Cloud silos Failed audits Compliance drift Server sprawl Missed SLAs © Copyright 4 12/2/2014 BMC Software, Inc
  5. 5. The Cloud Silo Nightmare © Copyright 5 12/2/2014 BMC Software, Inc Double investment in ITSM solutions Increased admin & IT mgmt task No accurate change records across IT Performance issues CMDB Service Catalog Change Management Employees CMDB Service Catalog Change Management Employees
  6. 6. Can you deliver a trusted cloud? © Copyright 6 12/2/2014 BMC Software, Inc Effective cloud management is more than just orchestration & provisioning VMs ITIL & ITSM management processes drive control & performance, governance & integrity in the cloud
  7. 7. The BMC Solution Trusted Cloud Management © Copyright 7 12/2/2014 BMC Software, Inc
  8. 8. Selected Vendor and 2012 ITOM Market Share from Gartner’s “ITOM Vendor Evolution Drives New Approaches to Vendor Selection and New Vendor Possibilities” Report, January 16, 2014 Figure 1 from the Gartner report, “ITOM Vendor Evolution Drives New Approaches to Vendor Selection and New Vendor Possibilities” published on January 16, 2014 by Ronni Colville © Copyright 8 12/2/2014 BMC Software, Inc
  9. 9. Trusted Cloud Requires A Common Service Catalog © Copyright 9 12/2/2014 BMC Software, Inc One standard service catalog for traditional IT & cloud Advanced service offerings using CLM Blueprint designer and ready-to-deploy service blueprints
  10. 10. Cloud ITSM process governance BMC Remedy Remedyforce Remedy OnDemand Incident & Problem Management Change Management CMDB Service Catalog Asset Management © Copyright 10 12/2/2014 BMC Software, Inc Unified Enterprise IT & Cloud Management
  11. 11. Trusted Cloud Requires Change Management & © Copyright 11 12/2/2014 BMC Software, Inc CMDB Change Management Automated change configuration in the service catalog No impact on speed and agility of cloud Change management spanning entire IT infrastructure CMDB Understand & track the movement of resources, services & infrastructure in the cloud Maintain a single source of truth as the cloud evolves
  12. 12. How important is cloud compliance? HeartBleed © Copyright 12 12/2/2014 BMC Software, Inc
  13. 13. Automated Configuration Compliance & Patching Automated compliance for regulatory & operational policies Automated remediation of any configuration drift & cross platform patching © Copyright 13 12/2/2014 BMC Software, Inc DISCOVER REMEDIATE DEFINE GOVERN AUDIT
  14. 14. Trusted Cloud Must Broker Multi-Platforms © Copyright 14 12/2/2014 BMC Software, Inc • Public Clouds • Converged Fabrics • Heterogeneous Data Center
  15. 15. Customer Case Study Trusted Cloud Success © Copyright 15 12/2/2014 BMC Software, Inc
  16. 16. Major global oil & gas producer Cloud powered by BMC © Copyright 16 12/2/2014 BMC Software, Inc
  17. 17. Major global oil & gas producer Cloud powered by BMC • Global data center consolidation • Use existing ITSM processes to govern cloud • Reduce provisioning time Goals © Copyright 17 12/2/2014 BMC Software, Inc • Entire Cloud IS managed from a single point of control • Reduced server deployment from 47 days to 1 week • Run 80% of apps in the cloud Results
  18. 18. Next Steps How you can leverage your existing ITSM processes in Cloud Computing. © Copyright 18 12/2/2014 BMC Software, Inc
  19. 19. Value Acceleration Workshop For Remedy, Remedyforce & Remedy OnDemand customers © Copyright 19 12/2/2014 BMC Software, Inc 2-day complimentary service offering: Assess Remedy implementation Analyze cloud strategy & goals Identify core requirements & next steps to build a trusted cloud Ask Your Account Manager
  20. 20. Thank You. © Copyright 20 12/2/2014 BMC Software, Inc