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7 Signs You're a Digital Thriver


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Businesses that isolate IT are not able to create integrated solutions that enhance their users’ experience and accelerate their services. Here's how to be digital "Thriver."

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7 Signs You're a Digital Thriver

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  2. 2. Whether your business is an established and trusted old friend or a scrappy and nimble start-up, your relationship to IT could make the difference of future growth or stagnation. Businesses that seamlessly integrate IT into everything they do are able to quickly & consistently adapt to the ever-changing IT landscape and are better poised to succeed in the future. B bmc
  3. 3. We call them digital “Thrivers. ” Businesses that isolate IT are not able to create integrated solutions that enhance their users’ experience and accelerate their services. They are the digital “Survivors. ” The disconnect between businesses and their IT organization results in ‘‘IT friction. ” IDC recently conducted a survey of digital Thrivers and Survivors to see which IT practices set them apart. Based on what they discovered, here are 7 signs your business is thriving and avoiding IT friction. B bmc
  4. 4. Your IT and business teams communicate openly and collaborate regularly Harmony between business and IT is a sure sign your business is moving beyond IT friction. 56% of digital Thrivers say IT provides dedicated executive-level individuals to each line of business.
  5. 5. 0 I p You're saving so much ~ ‘I; a money on IT, you are able B A as , c-ff. " ' to focus more time and V . resources to actually - , i . . . .,»2>" growing your business I it Ameritas tackled | Tfriction through smarter, ( _ M more structured ITSM and unleashed an annual ROI of 96%!
  6. 6. % V Yp_ui3-_. :|T guys seek holistic gfsglutions to make the , 1 I U»: I e nstead of fixing issues ad L I : hoc) 7usin_ss, ,run more efficiently .70 users to handle their own common IT issues frees your IT department to focus on bigger IT solutions. Automation and self-service tools that allow end-
  7. 7. 4. Your business’ IT services can go toe-to'- toe with companies that have much larger IT budgets 70% of digital Thrivers surveyed say their | '[services "‘ are better than Amazon and iTunes.
  8. 8. 0 g A 5 g . o W ‘ our line of 1% fico leagues are . o py with the rvice your IT teams provide I I K 4 - L . ' Gompani hat effe 've y manage | Tfriction find that they are much more S w by sed wit eir IT services. In fact, a whopping 82% of digital Thrivers say g the . r very satisfied with their IT desk support. on
  9. 9. You are focused on time-to-market, competitiveness, and customer satisfaction While others are focused on operational costs and employee productivity.
  10. 10. B bmc Yquiateams work with P third platform technologies like mobile devices, the cloud, and big data Third party platforms unchain your business teams from their desks, and IT support for these platforms allows IT to fix issues that arise anywhere and everywhere.
  11. 11. So, is your business a digital Thriver? B bmc If you're a Survivor, learn what to do to move beyond and start thriving. Please visit: http: [[bmc. co[| TFriction Source: IDC lnfoBrief, sponsored by BMC, IT Friction, September 2014 “7 Signs You’re a Digital Thriver, ” blog post by Chris Rixon, October 2014