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Take a Look Under the Hood of BMC Remedy with Smart IT: An Architectural Review

Technical tour of the architectural components of how Smart IT fits into Remedy. Learn about the different layers of Smart IT and their connection points to the Remedy ITSM applications. See where ITSM apps are extended to include Smart IT functionality, how the data flow and model maps between Smart IT, ITSM, and social features, and even learn about the touch points between BMC MyIT and Smart IT.

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Take a Look Under the Hood of BMC Remedy with Smart IT: An Architectural Review

  1. 1. © Copyright 2/12/2015 BMC Software, Inc1 Tom Adrian Product Architect October 15, 2014 Take a Look Under the Hood of BMC Remedy with Smart IT: An Architectural Review
  2. 2. © Copyright 2/12/2015 BMC Software, Inc2 Agenda 1. What is Smart IT? 2. Design Philosophy 3. High Level Architecture 4. Deployment Model 5. Data Architecture 6. My IT Touch points 7. Configuration Model 8. Permissions/Tenancy 9. Changes in the application interaction model 10. On-Boarding 11. UX Patch Details
  3. 3. © Copyright 2/12/2015 BMC Software, Inc3 What is Smart IT? Not THIS! Remedy Template 1.0 (1995)
  4. 4. © Copyright 2/12/2015 BMC Software, Inc4 What is Smart IT? Not THIS! Remedy 2.0 (1997)
  5. 5. © Copyright 2/12/2015 BMC Software, Inc5 What is Smart IT? Not THIS! Remedy Help Desk 4.0 (1999)
  6. 6. © Copyright 2/12/2015 BMC Software, Inc6 What is Smart IT? Not THIS! Remedy ITSM 7.0 (2006)
  7. 7. © Copyright 2/12/2015 BMC Software, Inc7 What is Smart IT? Not THIS! Remedy ITSM 7.604 (2010)
  8. 8. © Copyright 2/12/2015 BMC Software, Inc8 What is Smart IT? THIS IS Smart IT! This is NOW!
  9. 9. © Copyright 2/12/2015 BMC Software, Inc9 Architectural Goals • Multi-platform/deployment Strategy – Multi-backend - Remedy ITSM(7.6.04 SP2+) – Multi-client – Web, IOS, Android – Multi-deployment options - SaaS & On-Premise(SaaS first design philosophy) • Leverage My IT 2.1 platform – Use same technology stack as My IT – Smart IT server supports Smart IT and My IT clients • Minimize changes to back-end components in 1.0 – Must not require any significant changes to back end application
  10. 10. © Copyright 2/12/2015 BMC Software, Inc10 Smart IT/My IT Server Knowledge Communications Saved Chats Back to AR Internet or Corp. N/W ITSM Outage Apple Notification Service (APNS), Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) ITSM Incident, Task, Work Orders, Service Requests RKM Social Engine Local Data Store (RDBMS) SAML Service Provider Social Data Store (Mongo) Service Health Asset Push Notifications, Email Notifications Atrium SSO Identity Provider ITSM, ADFS, Okta Smart IT 1.0 Architecture CMDB, Asset Inventory Broadcasts ITSM Broadcasts, My IT Broadcasts Chat Server Firewall/LB
  11. 11. © Copyright 2/12/2015 BMC Software, Inc11 Deployment Architecture Universal Client Web Application AR Server ITSM 7.6.04+ L o a d B a l a n c e r L B Clients Smart IT Server Cluster Data Stores and External Systems Firewall Native Mobile – Android, iOS Gold = Shipped with Smart IT; Gray = already exists if ITSM is deployed *Shared Between My IT and Smart IT, includes social services. RDBMS MongoDB (Primary) Smart IT Server*HTTP Chat Server HTTP/BOSH (Chat) LB XMPP CMDB MongoDB (Secondary1) MongoDB (Secondary2)
  12. 12. © Copyright 2/12/2015 BMC Software, Inc12 Data Architecture – Social Functions • Following – Tickets, Assets and Services – Explicit Follow and Implicit Follow • New System Events – Status Changes, SLA Breach, Assignment Changes • Update Feed – Common area to view work events on any ticket being followed – Place to view Broadcasts • @ Mentioning a Person or Asset in a post • Social images across Smart IT and My IT • Chat
  13. 13. © Copyright 2/12/2015 BMC Software, Inc13 Data Architecture – Social Data Flow • Existing ITSM is still the source of truth for: – Transaction Data – Foundational Data (People, Support Groups, Company Etc.) • Data Flow Smart IT Client 1. REST call from Smart IT Client to Smart IT Server 2. Smart IT Service call to create in social and read RBAC from ITSM Server 3. Smart IT Provider call to create data in ITSM Work Info Forms • Data Flow ITSM Mid-Tier Client 1. CAI Filter Plugin Call to Smart IT Server 2. Smart IT Service call to create in Social • Data Flow Model Smart IT Server Smart IT Client AR Server Social Server CAI Filter Plugin Call
  14. 14. © Copyright 2/12/2015 BMC Software, Inc14 Data Architecture • Local Smart IT Database – Data shared with My IT • Points of interest for Work Orders – Smart IT Specific Data • Preferences • Chat • Message Catalog • Custom Fields Meta-data
  15. 15. © Copyright 2/12/2015 BMC Software, Inc15 My IT Connect Points – Points of Interest • Crowd Sourced Data from My IT • Used in Smart IT for location details on Work Orders – Used to display building location on the Work Order. – Will be able to navigate to the building map from the location link in the Smart IT UI. • Data Flow Smart IT Server Smart IT Work Order UI SHR:PointOfInterestAssociation (AR Server) POI Database (Local DB)
  16. 16. © Copyright 2/12/2015 BMC Software, Inc16 My IT Connect Points – Broadcasts • Current Smart IT Broadcasts functionality is being extended to include broadcasts from Classic ITSM. • Broadcasts from Smart IT will be sent to ITSM and vice versa. • Will be displayed in the Update Feeds – Supporting targeting to Company and Site • Data Flow Smart IT Clients Smart IT Server (Broadcast Service) Social Server (Update Feed) ITSM Broadcast
  17. 17. © Copyright 2/12/2015 BMC Software, Inc17 Configuration Model • What it does – Provide a way to bring custom fields and fields not included out of the box into the Smart IT UI – Fields will go into predetermined areas of the screen • What it is not – No Business Rule Design – No Custom Forms – All fields must be added via Developer Studio to appropriate forms – No support for trim fields, table fields, display only fields, Currency Fields, Fields with Dynamic Menus • Things that can affect Smart IT – Active Link with Business logic in them – Dependency on Active Link navigation to custom forms • Configuration Approach – Read available fields from AR System – Provide way to configure where fields appear in Galileo UI – Smart IT server layer will manage how to display in the Galileo UI
  18. 18. © Copyright 2/12/2015 BMC Software, Inc18 Permissions and Tenancy • Permissions – Business Logic • All ITSM Application permissions and business logic are enforced – Application Access • Minimal Set of Permissions to access Smart IT – Incident User, Asset Viewer, Work Order User, SR User, Task User, Contact User – Contextual Permissions • Calculated based on ITSM Rules and control the UI Access Smart IT Client Smart IT Server AR Server Authentication Check Call to check for minimal permissions If not met, reject access. If not Admin, disable configuration tab Context Permissions Smart IT Server 1. Provider gets data from AR Server. 2. Provider checks ticket context and permission context. 3. Meta-data is sent to client to disable functions based on context Smart IT Client
  19. 19. © Copyright 2/12/2015 BMC Software, Inc19 Permissions and Tenancy • Tenancy – ITSM Row Level Security • Protected via AR API • Social Update Feeds protected as well via ITSM Row Level Security Groups • Rules around lookup of data protected by Customer and Service Provider Companies
  20. 20. © Copyright 2/12/2015 BMC Software, Inc20 Application Interaction Model Changes • Smart Recorder – Provides a way to create tickets in a formless interface – Uses @ as a way to search for people and assets – Leverages FTS/MFS to find proposed templates • Application templates driven by company not support group • Reduced Set of Asset Uis – Hardware, Software, Service, Network, Generic – Mapping of ITSM classes into these 4 types – Common denominator set of fields, full functionality when Asset Management is implemented • Categorization Model Change – Service CI drives product categorization on the ITSM backend – Affected CI drives resolution product categorization in ITSM but it is renamed product categorization in Smart IT UI • Aligned with Intelligent Ticketing approach
  21. 21. © Copyright 2/12/2015 BMC Software, Inc21 Onboarding • Social Data Synchronization – Open Tickets and Related Work Info – Assets related to Open Tickets – People
  22. 22. © Copyright 2/12/2015 BMC Software, Inc22 UX Patch Details • Additive Functionality – Join forms for master ticket console – New association form for Work Order POI Integration – Integration workflow for notifications – Integration workflow for social – New joins for SRM integration – Email Templates for Smart IT Notifications • Updates to existing forms – New FTS Indexes on the template forms – Additional Indexes on the Incident form. – New fields on KPI:DataCollector for support new Galileo metrics – Simplify Ticket IDs
  23. 23. © Copyright 2/12/2015 BMC Software, Inc23 Conclusion • Smart IT provides a new User Experience to existing ITSM 7.604 SP2 and higher • Leverages the same technology stack as My IT • Provides key new functionality around social and chat • This is just the beginning!
  24. 24. © Copyright 2/12/2015 BMC Software, Inc24 Questions? Tom Adrian
  25. 25. © Copyright 2/12/2015 BMC Software, Inc25 Thank You.