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BMC Software Cloud Survey Results Infographic


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Illustrates the results of Forrester and BMC Software's survey of 300 IT and cloud decision makers.

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BMC Software Cloud Survey Results Infographic

  1. 1. CLOUD Cloud Or Bust! SURVEY RESULTS Find out more what BMC can do for you. Contact us today, or hop online Business People ( not just IT ) are your users this way Hybrid Cloud Survey Respondents Cloud spending is on the rise Cost Assessment 43% The top lessons we’ve learned Integration with my IT Systems 78% Planning for Ongoing Operations Cloud Admin Training Cloud Implementation Services We asked what other cloud leaders learned so far in their cloud implementation experience – so you can learn from them $$ $ Increasing cloud investment 63% Confident IT can deliver Branch Offices 31% Sales & Marketing 28% R&D 15% A A B C B C 300 IT Infrastructure Leaders: 59% IT Architecture Leaders: 22% IT Operations Leaders: 19% ROLE BREAKDOWNUS: 35% EU: 34% APAC: 30% IT Decision makers 81% THE SAME or Less IT Dependent Your users have things to get done – and fast. They see the cloud as the way to move forward – so it's time for you to guide their way towards the hybrid cloud. We usually envision cloud users to be like us – the IT guys or app developers down the hall. But it's clear the business users are even MORE eager to get their hands on the power of the cloud. So plan with them in mind. Demand for cloud is going up, so it's no surprise that IT departments around the world continue to invest heavily to bring cloud to their companies. Because the question isn't whether to move forward – but how fast. But You, IT, Are Confident! You're ready to rise to the challenge and deliver the cloud to your users with your own hybrid cloud platform. And BMC Cloud Management solutions are here to help. 5 should have done a more thorough cost assessment and/or built better chargeback systems 72% believe implementation services are critical to building a successful cloud 76% needed cloud admin training which they did not adequately plan for 60% underestimated the effort to integrate cloud into existing management systems 41% didn't plan adequately for operational requirements (i.e. capacity and performance mgmt)