The Environmental Research Institute at Univeristy College Cork by Bucholz McEvoy Architects


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The Environmental Research Institute at Univeristy College Cork by Bucholz McEvoy Architects

  1. 1. environmental research institute cork portfolio
  2. 2. environmental research institute cork Client University College Cork Size 3,000 m2 Construction period Jan 2004 - April 2005
  3. 3. eri corkThe building has won the following awards1. 2007 Irish Concrete Society - Winner of Sustainability Award 2 3
  4. 4. 45
  5. 5. 67
  6. 6. 89
  7. 7. This building is University College Cork’s (UCC) inter-disciplinary Environment Research Institute(ERI) whose focus is on translation of fundamental knowledge in Environment, Engineering andManagement into practical solutions for the protection and sustainability of natural resources.The ERI is the first naturally ventilated laboratory building in Ireland. Funding by the HEAwas supported by Sustainable Energy Ireland. The low energy building optimises solar power,cross ventilation, daylight and draws heat from a local aquifer. The building is the subject of anongoing environmental performance study and achieved a very excellent BREEAM rating.The ERI is a bespoke building bringing together different faculties of research in UCC. Thebuilding is designed for minimal impact on the environment; the floor slabs have embedded 10pipework for cooling in the summer months, and heating in the winter, using groundwater at 11constant temperature of 15 degrees Celsius. This is heated in winter using solar cells on the roofcombined with a heat recovery system from the laboratory equipment, avoiding the need for aboiler. The building is fully naturally ventilated through it’s alignment to the prevailing wind,and the fabric of the building has embodies sensor technology to provide research data on thebuilding’s performance.The building embodies the fragility of its location, the flood plain of the River Lee. It iscomposed of robust parts which anchor themselves to this specific place, absorbing the floodwaters within the concrete structure, and fragile elements of timber and glass that respond to thehuman occupation of the building, breathing in rhythm with the external environment, and thechanging laboratory experiments which are conducted within it.
  8. 8. offfices east 12 13entrance hall
  9. 9. reception 14 15floorlevel 1
  10. 10. 1 reception 16 17 32 3 day ventilation 4 natural ventilation 4 1 westfacade 2 ground floor plan
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