Bump vs. Poken Clash of the e-Business Cards SquareJawMedia.com
Do you have a card?
Multiple Personalities
Where do the cards end up?
Print to Digital
Business Card Graveyard
Bump Smartphone App
Just Bump It!
Ease of Use
Social Sites & Networks
Sharing Information
Another Device to Carry
Web Interface
What Do You Prefer? SquareJawMedia.com
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Fizzled Durham Presentation on Bump vs. Poken

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  • Do you have a card? Cleanest and most efficient way to share info offline Has proven to work for many years
  • Right now I have 3 business cards If I create a personal card I would have four It’s complicated
  • My cards end up on my desk Can be messy and not structured data
  • I do use a Cardscanner Still need to correct info as OCR is not always accurate
  • Rolodex was the old way to store cards. I used to have 2 1,000 card rolodexes on my desk Now after Scanning they end up as a bundled pile in my desk drawer
  • So now we have the ability to exchange info in a digital format Bump application is available for iPhones and Droids and other Smartphones
  • Data is transferred via fist bump LinkedIn has even adopted this to share LinkedIn profiles, could be the game changer
  • User has to confirm and there is verification of information exchange Recent updates include Facebook Integration Also can exchange files, photos, not limited to contact information
  • In this corner we have Poken Many different styles and new Pulse model have a memory stick included to share more than contact info
  • Ability to include many social network profile links
  • RFID device requires users to place devices next to one another to exchange information Design flaw in that the light is hard to see when the two devices are on top of one another RFID also can be pirated from a distance by RFID sniffing devices
  • Downside: another device to carry and keep up with At SMBF I forgot to bring my Poken but only one person would not share info
  • Web interface allows users to download data Users are grouped by when information was exchanged
  • I choose bump for 2 reasons: Easily integrates with my address book, no need to download from web site Poken requires you to remember to take device with you. Poken also requires battery replacement and USB cover can get lost Both devices require another user with compatible HW and application So which one do you prefer?
  • Bump vs.ppt fizzled durham

    1. 1. Bump vs. Poken Clash of the e-Business Cards SquareJawMedia.com
    2. 2. Do you have a card?
    3. 3. Multiple Personalities
    4. 4. Where do the cards end up?
    5. 5. Print to Digital
    6. 6. Business Card Graveyard
    7. 7. Bump Smartphone App
    8. 8. Just Bump It!
    9. 9. Ease of Use
    10. 10. Poken
    11. 11. Social Sites & Networks
    12. 12. Sharing Information
    13. 13. Another Device to Carry
    14. 14. Web Interface
    15. 15. What Do You Prefer? SquareJawMedia.com