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  • Students reflect on ONE image at a time – What does the first image tell you about Steve Waugh?What does the second image tell you about Steve Waugh?What does the third image tell you about Steve Waugh?What influence has Steve Waugh had on other people in his lifetime? Positive/negative
  • Students reflect on the images of MarcellinChampagnatWhat does the first image say to about Champagnat?What does the second image say about Champagnat?What does the third image say about Champagnat?What influence has Marcellin had on the world in which he lived?Students are to read out loud MarcellanChampagnat’s story (provide different copies for varying literacy levels)
  • Teacher directed understanding of the influence Marcellin has had in his lifetime. Discuss how one man had a vision to provide education to the less fortunate not only in his small country but he had a vision to make it world wide. One mans influence has provide education, love and support for nearly ½ a million people world wide. Champagnat is the reason that Mount Carmel exists!
  • Champagnat not only provided academic education but he was determined to provide spiritual education. Marist schools are built on the values that Marcellin displayed and ignited in his brothers.How can we ignite that same spirit in our classroom?Activity  students complete a reflection on how we can put into action ‘the influence of MarcellinChampagnat’ in our own classroom.Quiet reflective music plays as students respond to this question
  • Marcellin has had such a large influence on so many people but who influenced this man? – discussion with classRead the letter written by Marcellinchampagnat to his brothers when he was dying
  • What does this tell us about who MarcellinChampagnat was influenced by?
  • Introduction of the new topic – The Influence of Jesus
  • Student activity – find an image of Jesus that speaks to themStudents complete reflection on why the image appeals to them and what the image says about JesusStudents publish photo and reflection in a word processed document.
  • Influence of jesus

    1. 1. “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Images are powerful & they are able to tell us a lot about a person
    2. 2. Role Models
    3. 3. Role Models
    4. 4. Marcellin’s Influence• Worldwide, there are more than 4,500 brothers working in 77 countries on 6 continents.• They directly share their mission and spirituality with more than 40,000 laypeople, and together educate close to 500,000 children and young people in schools, and minister to the material wellbeing of countless individuals.
    5. 5. Sharing our Marist Influence
    6. 6. But who was Marcellin’s hero? Where did his strength come from?Where did his vision & belief come from? Who influenced Marcellin?
    7. 7. • STUDENT INVESTIGATION ACTIVITY:-Find an image of Jesus thatappeals to you-- write a reflection undertheir image of Jesus1. Why did the image appealto you?2. What does the image sayabout Jesus?