Nine CRO Mantras of The Conversion Scientist


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When working to optimize your website, it is easy to give in to impatience and an eagerness to find a winning change. This presentation offers nine "mantras" that we use at Conversion Sciences that keeps us on the straight and narrow. These should be <a>on your wall</a>.

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Nine CRO Mantras of The Conversion Scientist

  1. 1. The Nine Mantras of The Conversion Scientist™ Brian Massey The Conversion Scientist™
  2. 2. Conversion Sciences Mantra #1
  3. 3. “Our Opinion does not matter.” We’re really pretty good at picking changes that will increase conversion rates, but we are surprised too often to claim our opinion matters. Don’t count on your gut. We do this all day and we don’t.
  4. 4. Conversion Sciences Mantra #2
  5. 5. “Don’t think. Know.” This is our motto, combining the principles of the Scientific Method with time-tested marketing techniques. This attitude offers a reliable, repeatable way to “find the hidden money” on your site. • You will be making decisions based on data and reinforced by rigorous testing. • Measure the changes to your site and that you don’t make changes blindly. • When you apply what you learn from us to other marketing efforts, they are more likely to succeed. • This is the core believe of our Conversion Catalyst ™ Process.
  6. 6. Conversion Sciences Mantra #3
  7. 7. “Every change is an experiment.” Even if you aren’t split testing, you can learn something from every change you make to your website. Take the time to look at your results. Have the discipline to change things slowly. Test whenever you can.
  8. 8. Conversion Sciences Mantra #4
  9. 9. “The best judge of our success is the accountants.” Visitors vote with their dollars. The person to impress really is the person that adds up the sales every month.
  10. 10. Conversion Sciences Mantra #5
  11. 11. “Every click is a promise that we must keep.” The first job of a landing page is to keep the promise made by a link on your site, in an email or in an ad. Your home page has a hard time keeping promises. If you make a promise, send the visitor to a page that can deliver on that promise.
  12. 12. Conversion Sciences Mantra #6
  13. 13. “Conversion is about more than buttons, forms, and shopping carts.” Conversion is about understanding “Why.” Why do visitors behave the way they do? Why are visitors leaving a page? Why are visitors abandoning our shopping cart? Why does one headline work better than another? Why did the ugly page perform better than the pretty one?
  14. 14. Conversion Sciences Mantra #7
  15. 15. “You don’t have to be humble to optimize, but you can’t optimize without being humbled.” No matter how well you know your customers, visitors to your website will behave in ways you never predicted. You will be humbled by what you learn when optimizing your website. If you can get past that, you will also be more successful.
  16. 16. Conversion Sciences Mantra #8
  17. 17. “The visitors will tell us exactly what to do.” There are so many ways to watch how your visitors are using your site, there is little reason to guess. Analytics Click tracking Visit recording Split testing
  18. 18. Conversion Sciences Mantra #9
  19. 19. “Market research is a collection of hypotheses, not answers.” Don’t take the results of your surveys, marketing studies, live chat logs, reviews, suggestions, and anecdotal stories as answers to your burning questions. Your visitors are notorious liars when asked what they like and why the do what they do.
  20. 20. We’d like to humbly offer to optimize your website. Let us make your accountant smile. You can get a free strategy session with a Conversion Scientist.