How to Get Promoted - Historical Advice on Social Media


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Zack Sandor-Kerr, an intern at Burson-Marsteller Australia, reinterpreted a 1963 memo from B-M co-founder Bill Marsteller and applied it to social media. This presentation is based on his work.

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How to Get Promoted - Historical Advice on Social Media

  1. How to Get Promoted<br />Advice from the past on using social media<br />
  2. Where it all began…<br />In 1963, Bill Marsteller wrote a memo to his employees<br />Just another memo.<br />Until…<br />
  3. Where it all began…<br />In 2010 an intern at Burson-Marsteller in Australia found the memo.<br />And read it.<br />And saw something more.<br />And gave us this interpretation…<br />
  4. Be loyal<br />Don’t just be loyal to me or to the company as a name, but to the people who make up the company.<br />Trust is one of the most important currencies on the social web. By being loyal to our communities – both on and offline – we are able to build trust and exercise greater influence. We are able to make more meaningful connections with consumers, clients and colleagues. These can open doors.<br />Z<br />
  5. Reserve your opinion of people<br />good or bad, until you’ve observed them and lived with them long enough to be sure you’re right.<br />Jumping into social media without first listening to and understanding the conversations already taking place can harm your personal brand or your company’s. Listen to the conversation, understand the context and then add value by voicing an opinion.<br />Z<br />
  6. Many companies and brands feel the pressure to do social media because everyone else is doing it. It shouldn’t matter what the other guy is doing. By finding your brand’s own voice online on your own terms, you will be more successful than if you just try to play catch-up.<br />Z<br />Quit worryingabout your competition.<br />The only real competitor you will ever have is yourself. Remember, I don’t pick our leaders; the followers do.<br />
  7. Internet forums, discussion boards, comment pages are packed with negativity. There is no discussion around improvement. Empathy languishes.<br />The challenge for social media users is to resist the temptation for blanket criticism without providing useful feedback. Social media is much more powerful when it’s being used to help people, spread ideas, and connect people. Criticising is easy. Innovating is less so.<br />Z<br />Look for the bestin others and remember all of us have more weaknesses than we see in ourselves.<br />
  8. Build connections. Leverage relationships. Share ideas. Help others.<br />When we cultivate relationships with the people around us by listening, taking an interest, sharing ideas and seeking advice, we are enriched. <br />In the digital space, we can do this by sharing ideas and spreading content; by re-tweeting the work of others to expand its reach throughout our networks; by soliciting the help and advice of other thought leaders in the field. What’s more, social media enables us to keep track of weak connections and leverage them into valuable relationships.<br />Z<br />Be interestedin the other person’s job. <br />Make suggestions humbly. Ask advice. Build up your associates – to each other, to media reps and editors, to friends, neighbours, your family and visitors from our other offices.<br />
  9. Don’t waste your ability<br />Creating quality content and using our abilities and skills is perhaps more important now than it was when this memo was written. There is a lot of digital “noise” on the internet. Everyone can publish, and multitudes do.<br />The trick is to be exceptional. Stand out or be buried.<br />Z<br />Write articles, make speeches. Stand out from the crowd or be lost in the crowd.<br />
  10. If you have problems, doubts or suggestions about the management of this business,go to the managementwith your comments, not the guy at the next desk. He can’t do anything about it.<br />Social media allows us to reach out to, and connect with, key decision makers and influencers. The dynamics between consumers and corporations are changing and giving the public greater opportunities to reach out to ‘the people who can do something about it.’<br />Those people are listening and responding.<br />Z<br />
  11. Never quit creating. <br />The world is run by creative people.<br />A hunger to keep producing, contributing and innovating is the cornerstone to success.<br />The most successful people do not stop being creative. They continue to build.<br />In the social media space, we control our digital destinies.<br />Z<br />
  12. Other people like a compliment<br />as much as you do.<br />Sharing, building other people up, helping spread ideas, complimenting others. It’s social capital. The social web presents tremendous opportunities for reciprocity. It doesn’t take much – be nice. Offer compliments generously and seek ways to make other people look good. <br />Z<br />
  13. Building social capital doesn’t happen overnight. Your Twitter following may not be as big as the next guy’s. Your web traffic may not be as impressive. Don’t become discouraged. You can engage and grow your audience by constantly giving people a reason to come back. It is a process. Be creative. Have fun with it.<br />Z<br />Don’t get discouraged<br />Look back at your progress, account by account, job by job, person by person. Thousands of good novels were never written because the author got bored or discouraged after the first chapter.<br />
  14. Put a “Pride” file in your desk<br />At some point, go back and sift through your blog archives. When you do, ask yourself if your work has improved; if your ideas have matured; and if your readership has grown.<br />Is there content that still shines? Dust it off and come back to it. Rework it. Tweak it. Add new learning and insights.<br />Z<br />This is a file of the jobs you have done that you’re really, really proud of. See how fast you can make it grow. Review it from time to time and to see if the oldest entries look ordinary to you. Great performers grow.<br />
  15. I find that I’m drawn to funny people. So is the internet. The internet can be a funny place. Stodgy social media users take note – find joy around you. It’s okay to laugh.<br />Z<br />Never lose your sense of humour<br />
  16. There are a lot of opinions on how to do social media the “right” way. Do you follow back when followed? Do you Tweet your thanks for a re-tweet or mention? Should you reply to each and every comment, and if so how soon should you reply?<br />Conversations about authenticity abound by people who are taking it all far too seriously and consequently forgetting to be authentic themselves.<br />I may sound like a heretic, but it’s just social media, isn’t it?<br />Z<br />Don’t take yourself too seriously<br />
  17. Hang on to your humility<br />Perhaps you work for an incredible brand with a fabulous social media presence. You’ve got lots of followers. Your Facebook page is well “Like”-ed. Don’t assume that you’ve mastered social media. You’re only halfway there. Smart social media users recognise that the only metric that matters is engagement. Measuring the number of people that looked at your press release or clicked through to your product page or liked your website is all well and good, but how does it translate into action?<br />Page views are great. Sales are better.<br />Z<br />
  18. Remember, almost no one holds a confidence<br />It’s human nature to pass along stories. Be sure when you tell tales about someone else that you’re willing to have the subject get the story second-hand, credited to you.<br />The online environment can be ruthless to careless brands and sloppy community managers. Don’t give them a reason to go after you. If you operate with integrity, you’ll be fine.<br />Z<br />
  19. then you’re promotable<br />You think you are able. <br />I think you are able. When other people around you begin saying so, unsolicited...<br />Ermm...’nuff said<br />Z<br />
  20. How to Get Promoted<br />Advice from the past on using social media<br />Click the logo to read the article online at mUmBRELLA<br />