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Professional collaboration tie2012


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Published in: Technology, Design
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Professional collaboration tie2012

  1. 1. Professional Collaboration Made Chris Sabino (Math) & Gitte Maronde (ELL)
  2. 2. Doodle Wallwisher DropboxGoogle DocsGoogle CalendarGoogle Forms
  3. 3. Who is doing what?1. Click on Doodle on the menu (left side)2. Click on the link3. Click on “Read all Choices”4. Read all choices.5. Choose which task you wish to do during our workshop
  4. 4.  Think about the word “Collaboration”. What is ONE word that comes to mind when you think about collaborating with your colleagues? Click on the word “Wallwisher” on the menu (left side) Click “add sticky note”; type your word.Wallwisher
  5. 5. Dropbox
  6. 6. Let’s Create a Wishlist President Obama wants topromote his Community College to be reinventedas Vocational Training Centers program.Write ONE word or short phrase of whatyou would put on a wish list for the futureof our college.Google Docs
  7. 7. When is your birthday?Log in with your gmail.Add your birthday to our calendar.Google Calendar
  8. 8. Create your own survey:1. Log in to google.2. Click on Documents.3. Click CREATE- choose FORM.4. Name your form.5. Write the first question.6. Choose question type.7. Make another question or discard question 2.Google Forms/Survey
  9. 9. Professional CollaborationMadePlease complete the workshop survey!Wrap Up
  10. 10. Thank you!Enjoy the rest of TiE