3rd Period Story


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3rd Period Story

  1. 1. Go there! We paid money! Jamestown was England’s first permanent colony in America. Planned to be a trading settlement to make money for 650 investors who bought stock from the Virginia Company
  2. 2. Let’s venture our £££, so we can make £££ from gold and furs, and stuff like that. That’s why it’s called adventuring. Maybe now I’ll have some friends. Adventurers The investors invested (or ventured) their money, so that they could make money from lumber, gold, and furs, to fill their lonely, oh so lonely lives. Poor suckers.
  3. 3. The boundaries were the 34th and 41st parallels from sea King to sea, but they had no idea how big this was! James I granted a charter for the Virginia's Virginia indefinite Company western . boarder would cause problems later on! Virginia’s boundaries were more than half the United States!
  4. 4. Woo-hoo! 1607- The Virginia company’s recruits (105 men) sailed to Virginia on three ships.
  5. 5. The men settled 30 miles up the James River on a marshy peninsula. Then they would be governed by a council designated by the Virginia Company.
  6. 6. We will name this Jamestown for King Who are James! they?
  7. 7. Even though I’m in America, I have the same rights as if I I wish I were in the were in England! New World, since they have the same rights as us in England. Virginia and England had the same rights. In the Virginia Company’s charter King James 1 granted Virginians “the same liberties… as if they had been abiding and born with in this our ream of England.”
  8. 8. The Virginians built a fort, dug for gold, and searched For a passage to China. However, they failed to plant Enough crops for food; by winter, famine and disease Killed all but 38 men.
  9. 9. He that will not work , shall not eat! 1608- Captain John Smith, 27-year-old swashbuckling soldier-of-fortune took charge and saved the colony by imposing a WORK ETHIC. (Half the settlers were gentlemen unaccustomed to work.)
  10. 10. The hard work made the men's hands blister causing them to swear. Smith stopped the swearing by pouring water down the mans sleeve. “*^%*@!)0”:? $%^&*$#2$:>,
  11. 11. Meanwhile, the Supreme Chieftain of the Powhatan Confederacy(about 9,000) was discussing the Englishmen at Werowocomocotook, his village that was fourteen miles away from Jamestown. No, let’s wait and see. We should kill Maybe we can trade with them now them. before they take our land!
  12. 12. 12. The 13 year old Indian Princess, Pocahontas, befriended the English- after saving Captain John Smith’s life when the Powhatan Indians captured him. This friendship began the period of good relations called the Peace of Pocahontas. Thank you so much, we couldn’t do it without you, all this food and stuff!
  13. 13. In 1612 John Rolfe discovered a new way to cure tobacco. This quickly became a hit in England. Your new tobacco is bringin in the dough! Yes? John Rolfe come here !
  14. 14. London Virginia Later in 1617 Pocahontas died and the Peace of Pocahontas came to an end. 1614- Jon Rolfe wedded Pocahontas, who then became Christian and began to wears English clothing. Later in 1617 she was brought to London, England by The Virginia Company to promote Virginia Lottery, and to be introduced with 1614-1617 King James I.
  15. 15. The House of Burgesses started meeting in July 1619 in Jamestown. About 157 years later, in 1776, the leaders from the Virginia assembly grew accustomed to political freedom, and would lead the other colonies to independence from England. Lets create freedom!!!!!
  16. 16. I have 100 acres plus Everyone 100 more because gets 100 for every person you acres of broght from England land… that’s you get 50 acres I moved what I have more. and got 50 acres free. I have lots of land… I brought over lots of people and was rewarded. You were aloud to have private ownership of land. Each pre-1616 settler got 100 acres of land free. For every person you brought in from England you got 50 acres of land and that person gets 50 acres of land too.
  17. 17. In 1696, 90 woman came to Jamestown to be wives of the settlers. Each man paid 120 pounds of tobacco to have a bride sent.
  18. 18. Twenty Africans were kidnapped and sold to Jamestown by a Dutch ship. They were agreed as servants until a prank was played by the servants and they were asked to leave. Unfortunately in the 1600’s Black servants turned into Black slaves.
  19. 19. Powhatan Indians attacked Jamestown on Good Friday slaughtering ¼ of the colony. Along with disease, the settlers fought back killing 8/9 of the tribe by 1700.
  20. 20. The Virginia company is failing! Because of them I will assign them a government and a Jolly oh sir! council! 1624- King James 1 didn’t like the representative government. So he used the Virginia companies problems as an excuse to take away the companies charter so he could make it a royal colony. Then he got rid of the house of Burgesses, even though the members of the house met anyways. Then in 1639 his son King Charles 1 remade the house of Burgesses. The Virginia area was doing very well with the royal rule , but did not their be a legislative self government.
  21. 21. Sir William Berkeley served as one of the first royally appointed governors of Virginia. Although an able ruler, he had no use for liberty. I thank god there are no free schools, nor printing……for learning has brought disobedience, and heresy, and sects into the world, and printing has divulged them, and libels Liberty? against the best government. God That’s keep us from both. ridiculous! Or in modern day I am the first!!! terms: Ha ha ha ha…… Omg!!!!!! I m like way happy that like there isnt ny like free schools, or printing. Learning like makses peple like not listen..printing hs like made da world split.. And I like hope that god like prevents these from happening for evr.
  22. 22. Governor Berkeley levied taxes, while denying frontiersmen a voice in the government and protection against invading Indians in 1670. Also in the 1670s frontier settlers in western Virginia rebelled against the rule of Governor Berkeley. HELP!! No I’m too special
  23. 23. Oh no! im sick!...im dying… (crashes to ground) Well I guess Grrrr! HUH! the rebellion is over… 1676 – Bacon’s Rebellion Nathaniel Bacon led frontiersman in a rebellion against Gov. Berkeley. Bacon’s wins but dies of a sudden illness and the rebellion ends. However, the damage is done. Within in 20 years the capital of Virginia is moved from Jamestown to Williamsburg and Jamestown is abandoned.