What will our new unit planners look like?


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What will our new unit planners look like?

  1. 1. New and Improved UbD Curriculum Unit Template MISD Grade Level/Course Social Studies Pacing GuideDepartment of History andSocial Sciences Unit # _ Developed 2011 Revision Date Timeframe: Step I The Big PictureHook- This is your universal generalization. Examples: Where people live effects how they live. Groups of people can achieve great things whenpursuing goals they think are important. Do we bring our culture with us as we move about thecountry, continent, world? • Can be written as a statement or a question • Will be used by students before, during and at the conclusion of a lesson • Can be used by all grade levels • You may have more than one statement or question • Refer to Alief ISD for ideas, here is the link- Alief ISD Pacing GuideTopics/ Content: This is a summary of the unit or unit topic. It can be written as a statement of summary. Example- Spain established colonies in the Southwest in search of wealth, to spread Christianity, and to compete for power with France and England. Or you may want to list out the major concepts presented in the unit. Example- • European Colonization of the Americas, • Religion, • Search for Wealth, • Competition between France, England and Spain Step II Desired ResultsEnduring Understandings: Essential Questions… Students will understand that… Spain was motivated by gold, God and glory Example: to colonize the new world. Why did European countries begin exploring the new world? (7.2B) Early Spanish colonization influenced the architecture, food, clothing and other cultural To what extent were the French aspects of life in Texas. responsible for renewing Spain’s interest in Texas? (7.2B) You may want to refer to your hook statement or questions to help you get What impact did geography have on started. the settlement patterns of European colonies? Created on 6/27/2011 1:57:00 PM
  2. 2. New and Improved UbD Curriculum Unit Template Step III Student UnderstandingStudent will be able to: This is where you are going to write out the most important student actions or skills a student needs to accomplish in order to demonstrate understanding of the “desired results” for a unit. While most of your statements will be directly from the TEKS, some will be based on your professional judgment. For those statements that are from the TEKS, insert the TEKS number at the end of the statement. Using a map, locate the areas claimed by European countries in Texas.(7.2B) Explain why Spain designed communities that included missions, presidios and townships. This is a concept that I think is an important part of student understanding that is not covered by the TEKS. Explain the significance of 1519 and 1718. (7.2B) Created on 6/27/2011 1:57:00 PM
  3. 3. New and Improved UbD Curriculum Unit Template Step III Student UnderstandingThe student will know: Unit Dates/Places Historical Figures Documents Significant Vocabulary Events/Ideas Look over the TEKS and pull out the important vocabulary, dates, places, people, documents and events. List the information in the appropriate column. Using your own professional knowledge, you may want to add information that is not included in the TEKS. Please feel free to change the headings of any of these columns to match the needs of your content.Additional Vocabulary for ELL Students List words your feel may be difficult for English language learners. Sometimes we take for granted that language is part of our cultures. Example- Independence – most children growing up in the United States are familiar with this word because they celebrate The Fourth of July. Not all cultures see the word independence the way we do. Created on 6/27/2011 1:57:00 PM
  4. 4. New and Improved UbD Curriculum Unit Template Step IV Teacher ResourcesSuggested Activities If you have any ideas or suggestions on activities teachers may want to use, then put those here. You are not required to complete this box. We will be adding to the box throughout the year. Examples of suggested activities- Design a Spanish colony including a mission, presidio and town. Label your design with the purpose of each of the areas. (7.2F) Complete a compare contrast chart of reasons for European colonization of Texas. (7.2A)Resources Created on 6/27/2011 1:57:00 PM
  5. 5. New and Improved UbD Curriculum Unit TemplateUnit TEKSTEKS Common to ALL UNITS Created on 6/27/2011 1:57:00 PM