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Ensembles: How the Gig-Economy Will Change the Way We Create


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Many are saying we’re in a creative talent crisis, but perhaps talent has simply moved from a singular workplace to multiple locations. New models of creativity are being inspired by other art forms. We see these creative evolutions as the rise of the Ensemble.

An ensemble is a temporary team of talented creators, strategists and subject matter experts. They form as a group around a particular task or challenge and iteratively work through the development in similar ways that bands enter the studio to record a song or performance.

This session will focus on the role of the creator in today’s changing agency environment and the rise of the gig economy. Ensembles: How the Gig-Economy Will Change the Way We Create

We explore how new types of creative partnerships are born during times of transition. We’ll also talk about the responsibility of agencies and clients to understand and expect better content.

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Ensembles: How the Gig-Economy Will Change the Way We Create

  1. 1. ENSEMBLES HOW THE GIG ECONOMY WILL CHANGE THE WAY WE CREATE Baron Manett | Michael Girgis | Sandy Marshall @bstat @marshallsandy @mike_girgis #ensembleco
  3. 3. “Life is what happens when you’re making other plans.” - John Lennon
  4. 4. YOUR COLLABORATORS DEFINE YOUR SOUND ◻ Individual, meet Ensemble ◻ New models of creative partnerships ◻ The gig economy is the Ensemble economy ◻ Inspired by other artforms
  5. 5. “Well, my musicians are my friends.” - Prince
  6. 6. THIS IS ABOUT TRUST ◻ What happens when you work with your friends? ○ Strategy becomes lunch ○ Discovery becomes hanging out ◻ Who’s at your label? ◻ Trust wins the day with better ideas ◻ Antithesis of procurement
  7. 7. “We want to bring good music to the people. That’s what it’s all about.” - Gord Downie
  8. 8. TO THE HIP, WITH LOVE ◻ Audience first thinking - what do they want? ◻ What happens when you lead with values and audience first? ◻ Brands and agencies start to align on passion
  9. 9. “A record deal doesn’t make you an artist, you make yourself an artist.” - Lady Gaga
  10. 10. WHAT’S WITH THIS WAR ON TALENT? ◻ There isn’t one. Companies are Focusing in the wrong direction. ◻ It’s not about retention ○ It’s about positioning ○ Clients get the content they deserve ◻ The best talent isn’t at your shop ○ They’re on the couch… or they’re leaving your shop.
  11. 11. “Record companies, I found out, can put out compilations without your permission.” - P!nk
  12. 12. SO WHAT’S THE NEW MODEL? ◻ There isn’t one, there are lots ◻ There’s a new creative moral code
  13. 13. STAYING RELEVANT IN TODAY’S MARKET ◻ Show up on time ◻ Flexibility ◻ Focus. Only sell what you’ll deliver ◻ Don’t rush to form a company ◻ Rush to create collaborations and content
  14. 14. “I guess we were just dedicated to trying to get better.” - Geddy Lee
  15. 15. WHY ENSEMBLES WORK ◻ 100% support ◻ Make the other person look better ◻ Take turns leading ◻ No hierarchy
  16. 16. “The industry is a menace to artists.” - Nikki Sixx
  17. 17. WHERE THINGS GO WRONG ◻ Not being authentic ◻ Lack of focus ◻ Saying yes to everything ◻ The more you say no, the more opportunities will come ◻ Forgetting the objective ◻ Not having each other’s backs
  18. 18. “I love all music.” - Aretha Franklin
  19. 19. SOME TAKEAWAYS ◻ Find your ensemble (and a great producer) ◻ Be a great producer ◻ Be a great partner ◻ Pick a “Jam” ◻ Know what you don’t know and be okay with it ◻ Stay on the couch - wherever you want to be
  20. 20. QUESTIONS?
  21. 21. THANK YOU! CONNECT WITH US Baron Manett - @bstat Sandy Marshall - @marshallsandy Michael Girgis - @mike_girgis EnsembleCO - @ensembletoronto Spotify playlist: 4/playlist/6TvVBRGj9UdcrmF29CG3C O