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J. Crew target research


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J. Crew target research

  1. 1. target research brian mahlstedt
  2. 2. agenda about the brand the proposed target character board consumer journey the target profile insights recommendations next up sources
  3. 3. about the brand - began as in-home demo/catalogue called Popular Merchandise Inc. - catalogue sales mid-80’s grew 25-30% a year - casual wear for the upper class, cheaper than Ralph Lauren - became J. Crew in 1989, first retail location opened - 333 stores world wide - In 2003, Mickey Drexler made CEO - Timex, Levis, Jack Purcell - recently opened small boutiques & further brand expansion - “high quality, great fits”
  4. 4. feel of the brand
  5. 5. defining the target non-Caucasian 30-35 years old
  6. 6. defining the target “non-Caucasian” (majority) Latino Americans African Americans Asian Americans gender Male Female age group 30-35 (given)
  7. 7. narrowing target Latino Americans - shop more at discount & fast-fashion stores - don’t experience discounts because clothes are discounted in first place - prefer looks that can go from office to night outting - prefer visible logos - ”brick + motar” as opposed to online shopping - majority HHI is below $50k - overall traffic to is low
  8. 8. narrowing target African Americans - more likely to travel an hour for outlet store - prefer discount stores -least likely to purchase at all - higher rates of obesity, size not usually available - popular figures (Michelle Obama & Kanye West) still can’t boost sales - lower income, “retail desert” - overall traffic to is low
  9. 9. narrowing target Asian Americans - more likely to enjoy ads & look at catalouges - overall traffic on is 13%, index of 316 - higher emphasis on dressing for formal/social events - highest, under Caucasian, to shop online - prefer “classic clothes” that are not easily dated - 45% of all Asian American households make more than $75k a year - a greater percentage of Asians fall under the 35-44 age bracket than the rest of the total American population
  10. 10. narrowing target - Less likely to shop for fashion/clothes in general. - Prefer shopping more then men - More likely to shop online - Higher rate of cellphone ownership - More likely to shop for whole family
  11. 11. the final target Asian Americans Female 30-35 years old
  12. 12. character board MEDIA Success $$$ Family check online account! 00 CLASS OF 20 10 year Go to new market downtown! Love, Mom E LAST ISSU NO TICE!
  13. 13. target profile Jennifer Lee Age: 32 Ethnicity: Chinese American HHI: $90k (dual income) PHD from UC Berkeley married, no children yet lives in metropolitan suburb “self-empowerment Favorite pastimes: + financial success” - hanging out - cooking Most persuasive form of media: with her family - reading FAMILY & COMMUNITY Dedicates time to: - friends - tech based media MONEY SAVVY Enjoys: “name brands at - traveling - shopping discounted prices.”
  14. 14. narrowing target owns a uses coupons thinks smartphone when shopping “green” HOW JENNIFER SHOPS - primarily on the Internet - catalouge shopper to Internet purchaser - plans ahead of shopping trip, looking for bargins & deals - prefers quality brand names - brand loyal, but willing to try new stores if discounts are offered - shopping suggestions based on word of mouth - shops in groups “maintain my “The Internet is the best way to socialize / research products” Asian culture at home while accul- JENNIFER’S TECHNOLOGY turating to the - uses the Internet for online banking, shopping, & socializing American lifestyle - watches both American & Asian TV channels in school, work, - belives technology is a great way to be more expressive - uses Internet to make informed decisions before buying in-store and other external - “early-adopter” settings”
  15. 15. insights
  16. 16. insights
  17. 17. insights
  18. 18. insights
  19. 19. insights
  20. 20. insight #1 REPRESENTATION NEEDED The representation of the Asian ethnicity is vital for J. Crew to attract this audience. Asian American women strive to acculturate to the classic American lifestyle everywhere be- sides their home and cultural enclaves, but this catalouge, as many do, fail to even include any Asian women at all embracing this concept. Although it is great that J. Crew has included some other ethnicities in their famous catalouge, as well as their print advertisements & web In addition, underepresent their second largest customer group. As you could see, there was not one identifiably they are in the ads, they seem to with so many Asian women taking on important high-salary jobs, Asian model pages shown from their Holiday 2011 catalouge. This trend continues throughout the entirety of the book. The only time you can spot looking foron the “crewcuts” pages, where both an Asian female and male child are shown. Asian models is suits that reflect this same kind of “all-American working” lifestyle. However, as shown previously, Asian models are absent in all the suiting pictures but one, which is the most casual looking jacket the page offers. The target audience is already accounted for, but underrepresentation of the Asian ethnicity and lack of understanding for their daily lifestyle is obvious in the brand’s marketing.
  21. 21. insight #2 CLASSIC STYLES ASSIST PROFESSIONALISM J. Crew has recognized the need to reach outside of the “caucasian” stereotype that they are incidentally associated with. One previous solution was geared towards African Americans, when their clothes appeared on important African American icons like Mi- chelle Obama & Kanye West. This social integration, although harnessed by the brand & recognized by this market, it did little to draw that audience in. This is because the brand doesn’t fit into mainstream black culture in America. Classic styles are only embraced when they are logo-embossed (i.e. Ralph Laruen polos) to show as a status symbol. Asian Americans are the perfect target audience when it comes to the styling and mer- chandise that J. Crew offers. 80% prefer classic styles that are not easily dated. Asian women strive for things like professional success & self-empowerment in their lives, so they are looking for the clothes that compliment this goal. They are also likely to be searching for more formal attire, probably due to their higher paying jobs. Classic, quality styles are appealing to Asian Americans because it acts as tool towards personal success in the work place and their social atmospheres.
  22. 22. insight #3 FEELINGS TOWARDS DEALS + TECHNOLOGY Although the overall general Asian American population is more affluent than the average American, they are still looking to save money when they go shopping. Asian American women are always searching for deal, but it’s actually the most affluent ones that look for them the most. They tend to be the most money savvy, and understand the importance of saving money and the concept, “more for less.” Since these women are avid users of the latest and greatest technologies, they use things like mobile coupons and promo codes in order to get discounts at their favorite stores. Many of these deals already exist at J. Crew, but the incentive in online shopping from home is that it’s more accessible and appealing to the Asian American female audience because of it’s efficiency & convenience via technology. In addition, they get to experi- ence the brand through the latest in Internet technology from the comfort of their own electronic devices. This kind of shopping experience is more preferred in this audience. The target is drawn to deals, but especially when they are offered to their electronic devices. J. Crew stores seems to lack technologies that could appeal to their audi- ence’s heavy interest in technology.
  23. 23. opportunities • identifiable Asian models used in “crewcuts” section set up Asian American mom, like Jenni- fer, who are thinking of having children, to think of J. Crew as a great place to get good quality clothes for their children. • deals & promo codes already being used online & in-store • Asian Americans are most likely of all ethnicities to get married & stay married, and J. Crew is already offering wedding styling services.
  24. 24. recommendations • Include more identifiable Asian women & men in the mix of models for J. Crew’s overal general marketing. Seeing Asian people in buisness clothes & classic stlyes, mixed in with the “all-American” Caucasian models will allow for brand to be more relatable to this audience. • Place identifiable Asian women & men in suiting catalouge pictures. Their high salary jobs require these types of wardrobes, and they are looking for that classic look to ac- company their ambition to succeed. • Incorporate new technologies into J. Crew retail stores. Asian Americans will gravitate more towards these services in store because they not only are on par with their own personally owned devices, but also allowing it to be easier to sign up for deals or email lists that give this audience discounts on the spot.
  25. 25. Thank You!