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Friskies bp presentation


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Friskies bp presentation

  1. 1. Friskies Natural SensationsbRAND POSITIONING Brian Mahlstedt Fall 2011
  2. 2. AGENDAabout the brandbackgroundopportunitychallengeinsightstarget profilebrand positioningrecommendationsbriefwhat’s next?
  3. 3. - owned by parent company, Nestle Purina PetCare Company- brand tagline: “feed the senses”- offers 74 different flavors of cat wet food, dry food, and treats- owns 62% of total cat food market share- favored over other brands for it’s large varietyNATURAL SENSATIONS- inspired by the sun, earth, & sea.- added vitamins & minerals- real meats used (salmon, tuna & chicken)- ingredient “accents”- no artificial preservatives
  4. 4. Background- 2007 nation-wide pet food recalls- public knowledge, new buying behaviors forced upon market- 27% increase in natural/organic pet food sales directly after recall- building need for buying natural & organic in the past 4 years- keeps rising as the human organic food movement in consumerschanges shopping behavior- pet natural/organic food sales growing 12-15% each year- national brands begin to offer more healthy, natural foods to appeal toconsumer- 72% of pet owners say pet food & products are too expensive
  5. 5. OPPORTUNITY- Consumers are wanting more natural cat products across the board- Friskies is already a brand consumers are aware of- The brand is easy to access and obtain- Friskies Natural Sensations offers the benefits of natural pet food without the super premium price tag.
  6. 6. CHALLENGEIn a market now full of natural options for consumers to choose from, how will weget Friskies to stand out on the shelf? - Get target audience to believe in Friskies Natural Sensations insights + the target
  7. 7. 1 Variety is fun & personalWhile other cat treat brands offer multiple varieties of treats and flavors, Friskies is set apartfrom the rest by taking their varieties to a different level: -treats come in shapes found in nature -flavor names are fun and playfulShopping becomes more individualized and personal.It’s just like shopping for a member of the family. The experience is thoughtful and special.However, the charm of these flavor names, although present in other lines,seems to be absent in the name “Friskies Natural Sensations.”
  8. 8. 2 it pays to be playfulOver half of the pet population, including cats, are overweight and unhealthy.When it comes to animal health, one of the most beneficial things one can do for their pet isto play with it. The more owners get involved in playtime, the more that both parties can en-joy its health benefits. - not only contributing to that cats overal health but encouraging the “want” to play and contributing to a healthy future.Creating playtime & contributing to playfulness in cats, when mixed with a gooddiet, are important elements in the relationship between owner & pet. This issomething the whole Friskies brand understands and embraces.
  9. 9. 3 ANIMAL INDULGENCEBuying organic is the best way to give your cat top-notch quality productsAlthough roughly 75% of consumers are looking for lower-priced pet products, usually onsale, 76% of pet owners say they are willing to spend the money to indulge their animal intreats.Treats tend to be on the more accessible end of general pet food pricing.Owners like to indulge in healthy treats, but are always looking to save money.Friskies Natural Sensations is a product that encompasses both of these ideas.
  10. 10. cARing BUT CAREFULtarget Age: 40 HHI: $45k-$50k/yr (dual income) Caucasian Married Employed Owns her home in the Suburbs Has at least one kid under age 18 Owns at least one cat College graduate Owns a smart phone uses shopping camera is her apps favorite function Top 5 Online Activities primary use: emails & calls scheduling 1) Checking/sending email most persuasive navigation 2) Paying bills/online banking form of media & tasking 3) Reading news 4) Checking weather more likey to use phone when shopping 5) Researching products
  11. 11. cARing BUT CAREFULtarget HOW SHE SHOPS - Shopping less than she did a few years ago - Primary purchase decision maker in her family - More likely to chose value over nutrition when it comes to groceries. - Somewhat frugal mindset, searching for deals & coupons to better budget. - shops online, especially for family FEELINGS & BEHAVIORS TOWARDS CAT Saving $$$ is very important. - likes cat more than her husband - cat “understands” her - more likely then her husband to buy cat treats/toys More likely to buy based on - more focused on weight, so healthy & lo cal treats are PERSONAL RECOMMENDATIONS appealing to her - loves to take pictures of her cat - skips out on vacation in fear of leaving animal alone. Considers cat to be - although she likes to spoil the cat, while still budgeting her part of the family overall spending on pet products - buying treats = her form of spoiling
  12. 12. insights target what Friskies Natural Sensations offers what target audience wants/does- variety is fun & playful, and shopping based on - Primary purchaser in the household, likes moreflavors adds special & personal experience to personalized shopping, even with shopping appsshopping. on her mobile phone.- taking part in play and playfullness with your - feels the cat “understands” her, and more likelypet is beneficial for pets health, as well as the to buy cat treat/toys. Loves taking pictures of cat,bond between owner & animal. and interacts with cat enough to say it’s part of the family.- Owners are looking to buy organic, but high - More likely to chose value over nutrition, frugalprices steer then away. Looking similar health minset, shopping within budget. Will researchbenefits that works within budget. products online to find best deals. Wants to to spoil her cat, but still needs to aware of spending habits.
  13. 13. WHAT IS WORKING?Friskies Natural Sensations is already in a great position to do very well in the currentand future cat food industry because it offers what it’s target audience is currentlylooking for: - Natural Sensations offers natural ingredients that are priced within budget - The treats are appealing to our target audiences mind-set of choosing value, but now nutrition does not have to be sacrificed - Supports guiltless shopping: The ability give your cat something extra treats that is both healthful for your pet and your wallet.
  14. 14. BRAND POSITIONINGBy offering a cat treat that provides not only natural ingredients, but a promise to bemore fitting in today’s economy’s wallet, we want to encourage cat owners to not beafraid of getting their pet a little something extra. It allows a chance for more spe-cial moments, whether it’s at the grocery store picking out your cat’s favorite flavor,watching it run up as bag comes out in the kitchen, or the fun and games that happenafter meal time, all time spent with on cat should be a treat.With Friskies Natural Sensations, you can feel good knowing your pet is beingtreated to something extra that will inspire health and support more moments ofplay and joy with your animal in the future .
  15. 15. BRAND POSITIONING Bring fun to treat time by encouraging healthy indulgence.
  16. 16. RECOMMENDATIONSThere are many elements of other Friskies treat lines that are absent in the NaturalSensations line. Based on what consumers already like about the brand: - Integrate fun flavor names to make line more playful. - Add more varieties. Consider more organic, gluten-free options. - Friskies “Today We Play” mobile games integration - Appeal in ads
  17. 17. THE BRIEF
  18. 18. BackgroundThe rise in organic and natural pet products is now a large share in both the market place and the buying behaviors of petowners. However, these options are considered by many consumers to be too expensive. Pet owners are looking for a balancebetween healthy alternatives for their cat, without the high price tag.ObjectiveCreate a campaign that shows how Friskies Natural Sensations offers the type of alternative pet owners are looking for in themarket place.Target AudienceWorking suburban women that are married with a least one child and own at least one cat. Although they are aware of thenew movement in pet food, they as less affluent and are forced to budget their time and spending habits. The value the re-lationship they have with their family, and believe in treating their cat with the best they can offer. They are the primary pur-chasers of their household and frequent users of social media, television, and their smart phone.What do we want them to think?Friskies is not only a brand that offers the best variations of foods for your cat, but they also provide natural, fun treats thatinspire playtime by offering something healthily that supports more of these moments in the future.InsightTarget pet owners think treating their cat is the best way to show their affection towards it, and they are willing to buy productsthat help them out with this, while still keeping them in budget.Brand StatementFriskies Natural Sensations bring fun to treat time by encouraging healthy indulgence.Unique Selling PointThe playfully healthy treat.Reason to BelieveFriskies currently hold 62% of total cat food sales in the US market, so it’s a brand that can be trusted in all of your cats foodneeds.Deliverables- television campaign, geared towards target audience - web campaign, social media- Smart phone app, coupons, & shopping assistants - kiosks at local grocery stores/pet stores where target buys pet products
  19. 19. WHAT’S NEXT?Place Friskies Natural Sensations at the forefront of the brand’s marketing andadvertising effortsThis is the perfect time in the market to show what this line has to offer.
  20. 20. SOURCESBACKGROUNDMintel DataOrganic Food and Drink Retailing - US - November 2009 DataAmerica’s Pet Owners - US - September 2011Marketing to Moms - US - February 2011
  21. 21. SOURCES CONTINUEDTARGETMintel DataMarketing to Moms - US - February 2011
  22. 22. THANK YOU