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Monson measures by Delhi Jal Board Official BM Dhaul | Bm Dhaul Monsoon Precatuion


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Bm Dhaul a well reputed official member of delhi jal board telling you what are the safety procedure for this monsoon season.

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Monson measures by Delhi Jal Board Official BM Dhaul | Bm Dhaul Monsoon Precatuion

  2. 2. Measures during monsoon (Quality Surveillance) 1. Increase chlorination at source. 2. Joint sampling with health department of Delhi Municipal Corporations. 3. Increase frequency of water sampling with focus on vulnerable areas during rainy season. 4. Engaging additional staff for checking of water samples at consumers’ end. 2
  3. 3. Measures during monsoon (Quality Surveillance) Contd..... 5. Distribution of chlorine tablets from zonal offices/ water emergencies. 6. Watch on vulnerable areas prone to water born diseases. 7. General awareness program through media. 8. During floods, arrangement of supply of potable water through water tankers for the temporary shifted people due to flooding. 9. Water sampling is being monitored on daily basis by Director treatment & quality control, DJB. 3
  4. 4. Measures during monsoon • Desilting of sewer lines- De-silting of sewers is a regular exercise which is done through out the year. This year also 1665 kms length of sewers in pre- identified vulnerable areas have been de-silted in various zones before onset of monsoon. • Preparedness of Sewage Pumping Stations- There are 105 major and local sewage pumping stations all over Delhi. All the maintenance works at these pumping stations have been carried out and they are functioning efficiently. 4
  5. 5. Deployment of sewer cleaning machines 5 • Suction cum jetting machines - 92 Nos • Recyclers/Super suckers - 8 Nos
  6. 6. 6 • Removal of surplus material from constn. sites From the construction sites surplus material and malba have been removed to avoid hindrance in rain water flows. • Nodal officers appointed Chief Engineers have been appointed as Nodal Officers during peak monsoon to coordinate with their counterparts in other agencies. Measures during monsoon
  7. 7. Grievance Redressal 7 • 1916 - Toll free help line is working 24 X 7 • Grievance registration through web site-
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