The top ten things you should be doing in marketing


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So it was going to be the Top 10 things, but as I went along, I couldn’t narrow it down…so it’s like extra innings.

Sure, we know that things like brand strategy and competitive positioning are so important. And from my previous presentation we can see that enabling sales with information can help you achieve best-in-class.

But we want to provide some very tactical tips that you can take back to your office today and use.

So we’re going to offer you a new way to approach your marketing that will save you money and get more leads.

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  • So it was going to be the Top 10 things, but as I went along, I couldn’t narrow it down…so it’s like extra innings.Sure, we know that things like brand strategy and competitive positioning are so important. And from my previous presentation we can see that enabling sales with information can help you achieve best-in-class. But we want to provide some very tactical tips that you can take back to your office today and use.So we’re going to offer you a new way to approach your marketing that will save you money and get more leads.
  • Praise and admiration? Higher salaries? Corner offices? Yes, but…no…Leads
  • Remember when we could get leads like this? If this still works for you, then you don’t need me. If this isn't’ working anymore…maybe we can help.
  • With mail, advertising, telemarketing, making those cold calls - boo…costly stuff
  • As we saw in our previous presentation,That old “interruption” marketing no longer works. People know they can find anything they want on the web at anytime, so they don’t need you calling them to tell them.
  • Your website is the hub of all marketing activity for your company in Inbound. Everything you do is to drive people to your website and get them to CONVERT = take some kind of action – buy something, fill out a contact form, give up their personal info so you can keep in touch with them.Cheaper – I’ve heard outbound marketing referred to as “rental”…you’re paying for a spot or a piece of someone’s time. Inbound is more about “building assets”…investing in content that you own and that people seek out – indirectly, they pay you for it!In Hubspots’ 2012 State of Inbound Marketing Report, they found almost half of companies – 47% - are putting more $ in inbound – your competitors are doing it.Hubspot is a company I’ll refer to a few times here…they provide an inbound marketing system that we use and we sell – full disclosure. But even if we didn’t, I urge you to use their resources.
  • Use your content to lead buyers down the funnel.Think about the process of your buyer and define the steps they take to make the decision to reach out to you. We like to talk about our “buyer persona”…who is that guy? What are his challenges and what does he want from you?
  • Lets talk about the stubbed toe theory. I’m searching for things like “bruised toe,” “broken toe”, “my toe hurts” “is my toe broken” “pain in my toe”I’m searching for MY PROBLEM. I’m not searching for “splint”, “bandage”, “vicodin” (or maybe I am) – I don’t really KNOW what the solution is…all I know is…I’ve got a problem.Time for audience participation. Let’s take 10 minutes.
  • Just a personal vendetta – a little off topic, but humor me.
  • This is from David Meerman Scott’s WebInkNow website…he’s very influential marketer. Overused meaningless words compiled from press releasesRecognize any of these words?
  • Blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Slideshare, YouTube, Pinterest, Google +, You all have a Twitter 101 sheet in your packet.Social is so key for driving people to your website…helps with search optimization, enables connecting with others in your community = more exposure, better engagement.Slideshare is where I got this presentation – see how useful! HahaHow do you choose channels? B2C or B2B – there’s an assumption that FB works better for B2C, but be careful with that…43% of B2B surveyed in the Hubspot report got customers from Facebook. Bottom line: See where your customers are, and see where your competitors are. Be there.
  • Measure – establish the metrics that are of value to you – retweets, page views, conversions. For instance in a typical old school marketing campaign if you sent a post card to 500 people you would expect about a 1% response rate that would turn into leads. Meaning, about 5 people might respond. Social media isn’t any different – yet our expectations are that if loads of people don’t respond to us that it isn’t working. If you want to get 25 leads from social media this year – how many people do you have to build into your social network if you on average will get about a 1% response rate? Um…2500Automate – schedule posts, use tools like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Hubspot to help you organize your efforts.
  • From a Zoomerang survey from November 2011 of over 1,000 SMB decision makers. They are TORN - 40% said NO they won’t use social, 20% said they don’t know.
  • Source: survey of hundreds of businesses:
  • Who are your web visitors? We like to put them in 3 categories:The top of your sales funnel is where you will probably find your most unqualified leads.  These leads are probably doing research and aren’t yet ready to buy. Use whitepapers, how-to guides, checklists, blog posts, “light” videos.The middle of your funnel is where you’ll find people that are getting more serious about doing business with you. They have probably come back to your site a few times and now want to download more content. Use video demos, free trials – emphasize WHY they should choose Blytheco.The bottom of the funnel is where people are probably ready to start talking to you about actually doing business. “Contact us” offers fall into this category.
  • The core of inbound marketing is the great content on your site that visitors like. Is it white papers, eBooks, calculators, videos, podcasts, webinars, case studies, testimonials…it goes on and on, but content is key. Content becomes the carrot and the stick for your leads…they will give up their contact info to get your good content. The content becomes your call to action for your marketing activities…
  • How-tos are the CORE of a good blog.Thought leadership – be your industry expert.Reports – Analyst reports, surveys. If you’ve done them or others…use that for a blog series or create videos or slideshows. Any types of big projects where you have lots of data…exploit it.Video – powerful! Cisco did one of the top 5 product launches in history ONLY thru viral video. Drew 9,000 people to the product launch event – that was 90 times more than usual – through social alone. Tabasco - Be controversial – start an important conversationMost importantly – be authentic and humanize. Use your staff photos.
  • And content is an area where small businesses can definitely compete with big companies. Let’s talk about the – They are getting tons of press because they have a very quirky, straightforward approach – their Motto is: “Our blades are f-ing great”…but they don’t bleep out the words.
  • The tiny company has just five full-time employees—and is surely tilting at windmills. Gillette, owned by consumer products giant Procter & Gamble Co., controls 66% of the $12.8 billion global market for men's razors and blades
  • Don’t make extra work – creating content is hard. Maximize your investment in content by a) thinking about the content being “evergreen” when you create it – create timeless stuff for the most part and b) recycling it!Fun tools like can help you repackage your content.
  • In our last presentation we talked about sales triggers – get with the sales team and find out what they are – talk about the “triggers” that indicate a lead is ready to buy.That will help you understand what to offer as you move down the funnel.Personalize – a person who views your funny video is a very different type of visitor from the person who downloads the technical white paper. Respond appropriately. Maybe the video lover gets a podcast next – obviously they are into media. And Mr. Tech gets an ROI calculator as his next offer. Tailor your response and TEST TESTTEST.
  • Evaluate the leads that come in – are they good prospects for your company in terms of size, industry, whatever? (Maybe in this section show a few different e-mail campaigns and let the audience chose which one they like the best)Leads that come to you are much better qualified than leads you “interrupt”Sending email as part of lead nurturing…Subject lines – free is no longer a spam trigger for the most part
  • And landing page is where your lead lands when he responds to your call to action. Drive them to a clean, simple page with only ONE option, and make it an offer they can’t refuse. Don’t drive leads to your home page…they get lost there – too many options. Unless you have a very clear home page like Dollar shave club.
  • Much better. What do you think they want you to do here? Um…Try It For Free? And speaking of calls to action – you should have one on every piece of communication you put out. On your blog posts, on your tweets, on your website, on your emails, on your letters. Have something for your audience to DO, to LEARN, to USE that helps them get closer to you.
  • Our webmaster recommends this book.
  • Also, look at marketing leaders. What can you learn from some of the best operating websites out there like – – – – Sephora BTW has the highest ranked website for awards and customer experience. Even though these companies are in different industries from you there is something to be learned from them. Also we might want to mention that book that Gary read that he loves about web design called “Don’t make me think” – maybe we should get a copy or two to give-a-way.
  • The top ten things you should be doing in marketing

    1. 1. The Top 12 Things You Should Be Doing in Marketing (but probably aren’t!)
    2. 2. What do we really want in sales and marketing?
    3. 3. What is Inbound Marketing?
    4. 4. For decades, marketing focusedon pushing messages out.
    5. 5. 86% skip TV ads 44% of direct mail is never opened 91% unsubscribe200mSay DO NOT CALL 7
    6. 6. What is Inbound Marketing? Use content to attract leads to your company Driven by web, social, search Get found and CONVERT leads to customers Cheaper than outbound
    7. 7. 1. Think of marketing as a funnel
    8. 8. 2. Optimize Your Website
    9. 9. Website text Keep pages simple Keep it clear – no gobbledygook! Keep it above the fold Keep it focused on your customer’s stubbed toe
    10. 10. 3. Eliminate gobbledygook
    11. 11. 4. Get social
    12. 12. …but with a strategy Blog using keywords Set up a blog calendar Connect with influencers Give to get Measure everything Set expectations Automate
    13. 13. Audience Participation Moment How many of you are using social media to market your business?
    14. 14. Audience Participation Moment How many of you are happy with the return you are seeing from your social media efforts?
    15. 15. Survey Results 2011: Social media adoption was slow, with only 33% of the SMB respondents planning to use social media. 2012: Of those surveyed, 40% of the SMBs plan to use social media in 2012, despite a quarter of respondents stating they do not feel comfortable using social tools.
    16. 16. % Companies Acquiring Customersvia Social Channels 57% 48% 57% 42%
    17. 17. 5. Define your Tofu, Mofu, and Bofu TOFU - unqualified leads. These leads are probably doing research and aren’t yet ready to buy. MOFU - more serious buyers. BOFU - ready to start talking to you about actually doing business.
    18. 18. 6. Create great content Start with a bang Try a lot of different things – media types, content types Let the market decide what is working. Use data. Crank out volume. Do more of what works. Have a big idea like “inbound marketing”
    19. 19. What is great content? How-tos Thought leadership FAQs Cartoons Reports Video/images/fun stuff Tabasco posts Measure which posts draw conversions.
    20. 20. David vs. Goliath/Gillette
    21. 21. “Companies with no marketing budget can command attention with free video and quickly build a following on services like Facebook and Twitter.” – WSJ, April 12, 2012“Dollar Shave Club has a long way to go to prove it’s a real business. But lots of established competitors in profitable, sleepy market segments should take note: you’re just one YouTube video away from being on the hot seat with your investors.” – Forbes, April 12, 2012
    22. 22. 7. Re-use everything! A blog post becomes a whitepaper And vice versa Tweet your blog post or post it on Facebook Interview someone at turn it into a blog post, video AND a podcast. Survey a group and turn it into a blog post or white paper. Share everything socially! Do a blog post on every event you attend. Put presentations on Slideshare with keywords and a call to action Make a monthly email newsletter out of your blog posts
    23. 23.
    24. 24. 8. Nurture Your Leads Research the buying cycle with the sales team Understand what you can offer during each step – tofu, mofu, bofu Use targeted, personalized email to move them down the funnel Use the “thank you” and confirmation page to lead them to the next step Automate!
    25. 25. 9. Give good email Think about permission List quality beats quantity Strike while the iron is hot – new subscribers are your best prospects Be thoughtful about subject lines Measure performance and adapt
    26. 26. 10. Create Effective Landing Pages What is a landing page? Calls to action on every page Sell on value, not features
    27. 27.  Too much text Confusing screen shots No forms to capture info Selling on features, not value What am I signing up for?
    28. 28.  Clear Call to action Big and bold Good colors Offers value
    29. 29. 11. Learn from the best Hubspot 30 days free  Marketingprofs  
    30. 30. 12. Work with a pro Blytheco Advanced Marketing The tools that are right for you Free 1-hour marketing assessment
    31. 31. Thank you! Alicia Anderson @aliciakanderson