Social Media Made Easy!


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You will learn: Definition of social media, Social media landscape, Importance of content, Starter social media list (what to do first), and also how to: Build brand awareness, Connect with customers, Promote events, Build your sales pipeline, Promote thought leadership, and Get consumer feedback

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Social Media Made Easy!

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA MADEEASY By Alicia Anderson
  2. 2. ABOUT Alicia Anderson @aliciakanderson
  3. 3. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN TODAY Definition of social media Social media landscape Importance of content Starter social media list (what to do first)
  4. 4. DEFINITION OF SOCIAL MEDIA  Low cost customer interaction  Based on sharing information  Create positive experiences
  5. 5. HOW TO USE SOCIAL MEDIA Build brand awareness Connect with customers Promote events Build your sales pipeline Promote thought leadership Get consumer feedback
  6. 6. SOCIAL MEDIA LANDSCAPE More than just the tools to promote Much more about content Make it personal Don’t sound like an info- mercial
  7. 7. SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Instagram Youtube Slideshare Google+ Pinterest
  8. 8. FACEBOOK Focused on B to C Use business pages Interaction necessary Example!/farmfreshtoyou
  9. 9. LINKEDIN Focused on B to B Individual profiles matter Company page Groups Questions Polls
  10. 10. TWITTER  It’s a handshake  Based on sharing content  Use # the hashtag  Perfect the tweet  Less than 140 characters  Link to content  Use the hashtag
  11. 11. INSTAGRAM Visual content to share Integrates with Twitter and Facebook Can also use hashtags
  12. 12. YOUTUBE Sharing videos Demos work best Index content in description Drive action to more data What about viral ads? new-science-of-viral-ads/ar/1?referral=00060
  13. 13. SLIDESHARE Great for getting found Make sure slides are complete Branded Call to action Promote speaker
  14. 14. GOOGLE +  Use it to promote pages on your site  3.5% more likely to generate traffic  Use in conjunction with content  Cross-promote content that is on FB, Twitter and LinkedIn
  15. 15. PINTEREST Great for visual content Can set-up categories Can pin pictures from the web Use info graphics Focused around B to C Great example of B to B
  16. 16. IMPORTANCE OF CONTENT Who is your target audience? What key words are they looking for? What content do they want?
  17. 17. SOCIAL MEDIA STARTER LIST Define your target market Create content (2 weeks to one month backlog of blog content) Set-up social media sites Listen to conversations Start to engage in conversations and build rapport and followers Start promotion of content with CTA
  18. 18. QUESTIONS?   800.425.9843, x 2204   @aliciakanderson  aliciakanderson
  19. 19. WANT MORE? State of Inbound Marketing 2012: The Top Takeaways –June 7, 2pm ET. Going Social to Building Customer Engagement and Loyalty – Tuesday, June 12, 2pm ET Facebook for Business – Tuesday, June 19. Twitter for Business – Tuesday, June 26. LinkedIn 102 – Tuesday, July 10. Pinterest for Business – Tuesday, July 17. Finding the ‘Hot Spots’ on your Website with Real-Time Traffic Monitoring – Tuesday, July 31. NEW: If you like it then you shoulda put a click on it: A look at content creation and the magic of CTAs - Tuesday, August 7. Sign up at