Social Media 102 for NBWA 2012 Conference


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  • Challenge - See yourself as a marketing organization.
  • Your website is the hub of all marketing activity for your company in Inbound. Cheaper – I’ve heard outbound marketing referred to as “rental”…you’re paying for a spot or a piece of someone’s time. Inbound is more about “building assets”…investing in content that you own and that people seek out – indirectly, they pay you for it!In Hubspots’ 2012 State of Inbound Marketing Report, they found almost half of companies – 47% - are putting more $ in inbound – your competitors are doing it.Hubspot is a company I’ll refer to a few times here…they provide an inbound marketing system that we use and we sell – full disclosure. But even if we didn’t, I urge you to use their resources.
  • Curation – a targeted, editorial approach. Delivers value. Authentic and human.Engagement, quality, and value matter more than numbers of likes, followers, etc.
  • has partnered with Buddy Media to create an age verification tool for Twitter as of June 2012For example, if a user leaves a comment that makes you think he’s underage or drinking and driving – what is your responsibility?Facebook settings/permissions allows setting age restrictions
  • Beer Institute – industry lobbying group. Voluntary ad code = guidelines for good practices
  • From a Zoomerang survey from November 2011 of over 1,000 SMB decision makers. They are TORN - 40% said NO they won’t use social, 20% said they don’t know.
  • Age restrictions – is it different than a TV commercial?West Side Beer – our client (and Altec’s)…love their home brew contest and photos – contests, fan photos, local happenings far too long marketers focused on maximizing fan count instead of maximizing fan engagement, and now we’re paying the price. This has nothing to do with Facebook’s algorithms and has everything to do with content marketers put in front of their many cases content our fans don’t want to see.Rather than commenting or hiding posts, fans will just unsubscribe.Focus on quality fans, real buyers, not the body count. Watch frequency, experiment with new types of content
  • Still in beta – rolling out in 2013.Shows up on desktop and mobile.Comes from @TwitterSurveysFill out survey right on the Tweet!Easy, fast = more response = more engagementFREE
  • What to blog about?
  • Women make 85% of all purchases of consumer goods25% of beer consumption is women – huge opportunityWomen are 82% of Pinterest users
  • Websites are no longer online brochures. Not about search position – It’s about relevance and engagementTools to measure – SproutSocial
  • blog posts that are shared on Twitter have 113% more inbound links than those that aren't shared on social media per HubSpotMake it easy – HootSuite, HubSpot, Tweetdeck
  • Untappd is a mobile app that allows you to socially share the brew you're currently enjoying, as well as where you're enjoying it, with your friends!GamificationLocation based, share beer info with friends. Beer management interface, curate your offerings, engage in conversations with consumers, and analyze consumer trends
  • Are they using your product everyday or just special occasions? Drinking away from home or at home? Are they younger/older, men/women? Are they food people? Health-focused.Think locally – like West Side Beer’s homebrew contest. Build loyalty with local groups.Align with sales (what do they know that you don’t?): upcoming special events, recent competitive pricing and promotional activity, retailer closings and openings, and other external conditions, even align with finance to accurately predict demand
  • Community support – Green/environmental initiatives, anti-underage drinking efforts, anti-drunk driving, the economic contribution of distributorsNewsjacking – inject angles/ideas into breaking news in real-time.
  • Powers was the NBWA’s 2011 Craft Beer Distributor of the Year – they do it well.
  • Suppliers make huge investments in marketing, creating an image – take advantage of it at the distributor levelShare what they create – press releases, new commercials – it’s ready-made content to share socially, easy, cheapHelp producers understand trends so they can adapt more quickly – like smaller sizes of cans, 4-packs, cans, growlers (quality control issues – brewers don’t like them but consumers do)
  • In some areas, convenience stores are a big outlet type. They want a different approach to a partnership than a restaurant or grocery store. The right mix of products for them will be different – customize the messaging – maybe they need more focus on budget beers in areas hit hard by unemployment. Learn who are their customers? Growing Hispanic populations, aging populations, college students – what do they want?Restaurants and bars were early adopters of social – they recognize the power of it (word of mouth, recommendations) and are often on FourSquare, doing offers (Groupon, Living Social)Brown Distributing – 2012 Craft Beer Distributor of the Year – announced last week at the Great American Beer Festival in Colorado, presented jointly by the NBWA and the Brewers Association.
  • Also, look at marketing leaders. What can you learn from some of the best operating websites out there like – – – – Sephora BTW has the highest ranked website for awards and customer experience. Even though these companies are in different industries from you there is something to be learned from them. Also we might want to mention that book that Gary read that he loves about web design called “Don’t make me think” – maybe we should get a copy or two to give-a-way.
  • Social Media 102 for NBWA 2012 Conference

    2. 2. About Alicia Anderson @aliciakanderson Apryl Hanson @aprylhanson Booth 417 Always on Target
    3. 3. What Will You Learn Today What is Social Now? Tour through the tools Social + Mobile Unique Opportunities in Beer
    4. 4. What Is Social Now? A communication method Part of your overall sales/marketing plan Based on sharing information Create value Tie to business performance Key to Inbound Marketing
    5. 5. What is Inbound Marketing? Use content to attract leads to your company Driven by web, social, search Get found and attract customers Cheaper than outbound
    6. 6. Social Media Today More than just the tools Much more about content curation No longer just a body count Mobile and local The Social Enterprise  Using social for internal communication  Integrating social data to sales/service
    7. 7. How to use Social Media Build brand awareness Connect with customers Promote events Educate consumers and retailers Get consumer feedback Influence SEO Integrate platforms
    8. 8. Special Concerns Compliance – Age-gating User-generated content – does it comply with laws and codes?
    9. 9. Guidelines communications-code
    10. 10. Audience Participation Moment How many of you are using social media to market your business?
    11. 11. Audience Participation Moment How many of you are happy with the return you are seeing from your social media efforts?
    12. 12. Survey Results 2011: Social media adoption was slow, with only 33% of the SMB respondents planning to use social media. 2012: Of those surveyed, 40% of the SMBs plan to use social media in 2012, despite a quarter of respondents stating they do not feel comfortable using social tools.
    13. 13. Tour Through The Tools
    14. 14. Importance of Content Who is your target audience? What are they looking for? What content do they want? Your content is what sets you apart from your competition & allows you to share value with prospects
    15. 15. Facebook Focused on consumers Use business pages Interact! Photos Events/holidays Age restrictions? Promote community service
    16. 16. Twitter It’s a handshake Perfect the tweet  140 characters  Link to content  Use the hashtag
    17. 17. Coming Soon…
    18. 18. Instagram An app for taking and editing photos Visual content to share Integrates with Twitter and Facebook Highly mobile-friendly Use good descriptions Can also use hashtags
    19. 19. YouTube Sharing videos Over 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month What works best?  Demos, How-tos  Food pairings? Index content in description Drive action
    20. 20. Blogs Great for getting found Subscribe and social info Call to action
    21. 21. Google + Use it to promote pages on your site Cross-promote content that is on FB, Twitter Good opportunity to get ahead of your competition – many brands are lagging here!
    22. 22. Pinterest Great for visual content, set up categories Get the chicks!
    23. 23. Website is still Core Websites are evolving Strong landing pages Good calls-to-action Simple pages Tools to measure web and social together Include social media buttons  Share AND Subscribe AND +1
    24. 24. Integrate Share blog posts on Twitter and Facebook Share Instagram photos on Twitter Put social sharing buttons on your website and blog posts Put the Google+ “+1” on your website and blog posts Link from Pinterest to your website/blog Use tools to make it easy: HootSuite, Tweetdeck, HubSpot Share videos on Twitter
    25. 25. Share and share alike
    26. 26. Social and mobile Much customer content in social media comes from mobile devices Capturing and understanding that data allows businesses to become more responsive It’s a two-way medium 27
    27. 27. Social and Mobile encouragecustomer engagement  Mobile Offers and promotions  More data for sentiment analysis  Local emphasis 28
    28. 28. Social and Mobile amplify eachother’s impact Time Place Relationships in Real Time Gamification
    29. 29. Untappd
    30. 30. Opportunities with Consumers  Brand awareness  Educational info  Gather consumer data!  Keep an eye on the competition  Align with sales and forecasting Pay attention to compliance!  No “giveaways”  Partner with non-alcohol brands/events
    31. 31. Consumers… Introduction of new products Event marketing Product Evaluation Seasonal and holiday opportunity Community Support Newsjacking 32
    32. 32. Newsjacking
    33. 33. Opportunities with Suppliers• Share what they create• Build a strong, positive image• Optimize concert or sports sponsorships• Customize national messaging to local• Understand the competition• Help them understand consumer trends
    34. 34. PBR and PBR
    35. 35. Opportunities with Retailers Strengthen partnerships  Who are they?  Are they social?  Where are their customers?  Incentive programs  Educate them!  Differentiate  Share special offers  QR codes on POS display  Help audience find beers
    36. 36. Social Media To-do List  Start with baseline measurements  Listen to conversations  Start to engage in conversations and build rapport and followers  Create calendars/timelines  Create content  Start promotion of content with CTA  Measure – adapt - repeat
    37. 37. What to Measure? Website visits Transactions Mentions Blog subscribers Net new customers or partners $ per transaction/revenues Cost savings vs. traditional marketing
    38. 38. Learn from the best Hubspot 30 days free Marketingprofs
    39. 39. Need Help?  Freemarketing grader report – email us at Other beer resources  Brand Protection for the Craft Beer Industry  Turning Social Media into Profits in the Beer Industry  White papers, case studies 