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Everything you need to know about the latest LinkedIn updates. This presentation will review LinkedIn Recruiter, company pages, status updates, and LinkedIn advertising.

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  • Why 102? Because 101 was for job-seeking.
  • Salespeople can also benefit from sharing their own information socially…you have to GIVE to GET in this environment.
  • As you most likely already know, every social media tool has its own personality. Facebook is a lot like the local pub. A pub is a place where you can go in, chat with friends, tell a few jokes and relax a bit. LinkedIn is more like a trade show—a place where you’d keep things pretty buttoned-up and formal. No need to mention your vacation in Las Vegas on LinkedIn. But that white paper you wrote? Perfect for LinkedIn.
  • The first online profile you should focus on is LinkedIn. Not just for when you are looking for a job. Make sure your profile is updated, professional and an excellent example of YOU. I could talk for an hour on ways to enhance your LinkedIn profile but the most important points you should focus on are headline – Photo - websites - work history and summary.Get the VANITY URL. You can choose to make your URL So much nicer…I would also say that personal interests are good to put on LinkedIn. It humanizes you, makes it easier for people to connect with you as a person.
  • This is a setting you have to set.You might find customers you didn’t even think of looking for you!
  • The trick here isn’t just joining the obvious groups in your industry—it’s joining groups that are outside your industry that might help you grow your business. By stretching out a little bit, you’re expanding your reach, which is always good for business. So, for example, if you’re an accountant, you don’t want to just join accounting groups—you’ll want to join groups for entrepreneurs, small business owners, restaurateurs and other groups outside of your immediate circle.
  • LinkedIn For Business

    1. 1. LinkedIn 102 for Business 800.425.9843 | twitter@blythecollc
    2. 2. Alicia Anderson and Cortez NaPue, BlythecoBlytheco Advanced –
    3. 3. Tweet your big ideas with #blydea
    4. 4. What will you learn?1. 4 Take-a-ways Who should use LinkedIn?2. How do you optimize your own profile?3. How can companies use LinkedIn?4. How do you use LinkedIn Advertising?
    5. 5. LinkedIn Is for B2B
    6. 6. LinkedIn Generates Real Customers
    7. 7. Add Value and Build a Brand Using Social Media SLIDE :7
    8. 8. #4
    9. 9. The LinkedIn Professional At A Glance Average Age 41 Household Income $109,703 Male 64% Comp Index Rank HHI $100K+ 53.5% 210 1 Own Smartphone/PDA 34% 430 1 College Grad/Post Grad 80.1% 156 2 Business Decision Maker 49% 185 13 EVP/SVP/VP 6.5% 317 4 Source: @plan Summer 2008
    10. 10. The 6 Most Important Items to UpdateCustomizeheadlineAdd PhotoAdd Twitter feedAdd WebsitesAdd Twitter handleCustomize link | SLIDE :10
    11. 11. Who is looking at you? Knowing who viewed your profile is an opportunity to find new customers. SLIDE :11
    12. 12. Using Groups● Listen First● Use “Skills” field to find relevant Groups● Build influential relationships● Share info that has VALUE● Connect to individuals in the Group
    13. 13. LinkedIn Company Pages What is a LinkedIn Company Page?It’s a centralized location where millionsof LinkedIn members can go to stay inthe loop on company news, products andservices, business opportunities and jobopenings. You can:• Tell your company’s story• Highlight your products and services• Engage with followers• Share career opportunities• Explore companies of interest• Get the latest company updates and industry news
    14. 14. How to Set Up Your Company Page• Go to the Add Company page• Enter your company name and company email address• Confirm your request through an automatic email that we will send to you• Start filling in your company’s information• Set up your Company Page now.
    15. 15. Company Status Updates• Company Status Updates are posts made by the company to share anything from company news to product releases to promotions to relevant industry articles.• Encourage followers and page visitors to like, share, and comment on your posts- this helps spread the word to each follower’s entire network.• Download a Status Updates Tips Guide.• Coming soon – targeted status updates!
    16. 16. Businesses can target status updates● nkedin-adds-new-targeting-options-141202
    17. 17. “No more post-and-pray. We findbetter depth and breadth ofcandidates, plus were saving over $1million this year with LinkedInrecruiting services” - Director, Talent Acquisition, U.S. Cellular
    18. 18. LinkedIn Recruiter Social Recruiting Stats• Get unlimited access to names and full profiles• Find the best, much faster• Contact candidates directly• Boost your recruiting productivity
    19. 19. LinkedIn Recruiter• Manage your pipeline• Keep your team on the same page• Maintain your sourcing activity• Get help from the experts
    20. 20. LinkedIn AdsHow to Get Started● Create an ad – write your ad in minutes using a LinkedIn account● Select a target audience – determine which LinkedIn members should see your ad● Set your budget and bid
    21. 21. Where Will My Ads Be Shown?• Profile Page• Home Page• Inbox• Search Results• Groups
    22. 22. Who Will See My Ads?You can target by:● Job Title● Job Function● Industry● Geography● Company Size● Company Name● Seniority● Age● Gender● LinkedIn Group
    23. 23. LinkedIn Ad ExamplesWhat works well: What could be improved:• This headline clearly describes the products or • The logo and the text within the image are too small and hard to read. services offered. Try an ad variation with a question • This headline displays the company name rather than a word or in the headline to engage people. phrase describing the service or key benefits of the service.• This description lists clear benefits and suggests a • This description does not use complete sentences and proper strong call-to-action. punctuation. What works well: What could be improved: • This headline draws attention using language familiar • This headline uses a generic phrase that doesnt distinguish to the target audience. the product or service or catch the attention of the target • This description clearly states who the product appeals audience. to and offers a free trial. • This image does not relate to the products or services being advertised.
    24. 24. What Have You Learned? 1. Who should use LinkedIn? 2. How do you optimize your own profile? 3. How should companies use LinkedIn? 4. How do you use LinkedIn Advertising?
    25. 25. Want More?● Pinterest for Business – Tuesday, July 17.● Finding the ‘Hot Spots’ on your Website with Real-Time Traffic Monitoring – Tuesday, July 31.● If you like it then you shoulda put a click on it: A look at content creation and the magic of CTAs - Tuesday, August 7.Sign up at
    26. 26. ● Don’t know where to start? ● We can help
    27. 27. ● Check this and all other presentations out on Slideshare immediately following the webinar.●
    28. 28. Thank you for joining us! @aliciakanderson 800.425.9843, x 2204 @blythecollc 800.425.9843, x 2237