Connecting Finance and Sales with Integrated CRM


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With sales data from CRM connected to finance in ERP, you get information that moves seamlessly through your business with your choice of brand or platform.

See how you can leverage the Sage 100 system you already have to get greater visibility into business performance, better customer relationships, and improved productivity across your business with the CRM of your choice.

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  • ALICIA talking;WelcomeHousekeeping Session is being recorded Q&A at the end – type your questions in
  • ALICIA talkingIntroducing speakers
  • ALICIA talking
  • WHY CRM?BRAD talking:Quick screen shots/demo of CRMSales Dashboard capabilities – My home screenConfigurable based on roleActivities for the day, opps, overdue stuff, forecasts, industry news feedAll the info at my fingertips – check my calendar, calls to make, things to do, planning your daySimple way to see information without having to click around a lot, get into multiple systems
  • BRAD TALKINGComplete account view, total picture of the customer
  • BRAD talking from sales perspectiveAccounting tells you where you are now, CRM tells you what’s coming, where you will be, tools to get there efficiently. personal story…benefits to me…Sales benefits from seeing customer sales history, orders and inventory from ONE place – CRMALICIA talking from finance perspectiveFinance, accounting and operations have more visibility into what’s coming down the pike re: revenuesSales information and financial data in the same system means more information to make decisionsFinance benefits from not having to reconcile real business numbers to sales forecasts to get an idea of Projections and REVENUES – the most important thing in the business.Also, Support and service benefits from seeing ALL customer activity in one place, quickly and easily
  • ALICIA talking:When you are working in an integrated end to end system, Sage 100 info flows into CRMCustomer infoInventory tablesSales/invoicing
  • ALICIA talking:CRM info flows back to accounting
  • ALICIA talkingSwitch to Scotty for DEMO
  • ALICIA talkingSo you’ve seen a couple of the best options for CRM for Sage 100 – how are you going to know which one fits your business best?
  • ALICIA talkingFree trials do not include integration
  • Alicia,Brad & Scotty
  • Connecting Finance and Sales with Integrated CRM

    1. 1. Connecting Finance and Sales with Integrated CRM Welcome!
    2. 2. Your Hosts  Alicia Anderson, Facilitator  Brad Burnes, CRM Expert  Scotty Chapman, CRM Integration Expert
    3. 3. Plan for today  Why CRM?  Why integrate CRM with ERP?  What are the options?  A closer look - demo  Next Steps  Q&A
    4. 4. Why CRM?
    5. 5. At a glance view of the day: •Calendar •Calls •Activities •Leads •Reports
    6. 6. Dashboards and graphs for quick review: •Performance •Forecasts •Projections
    7. 7. Why integrate CRM with ERP?
    8. 8. Today we are focusing on…  SugarCRM and SageCRM  Easily-configured integrations with Sage 100 ERP  Choice of deployment ◦ Public cloud ◦ Private cloud ◦ On premise  QuickStart implementation gets you up and running quickly
    9. 9. What’s the best option for you?
    10. 10. What’s next?  Work with an expert to find the best fit. ◦ ew.asp  Test drive it yourself: ◦ Free 7-day trial of SugarCRM  ◦ Free 30-day trial of SageCRM 
    11. 11. Q&A