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bly:Mobile Frequently Asked Questions


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Check out the questions our customers are asking about bly:Mobile, the original mobile solution for Sage 100 ERP.

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bly:Mobile Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. FAQs
  2. 2. WHY FAQs? As we continue to grow the bly:Mobile community and build customer interest in bly:Mobile, we find that our customers have many of the same questions about how bly:Mobile will work in their business. We hope you find your answers here – if not, please don’t hesitate to contact us at
  3. 3. Licensing and Configuration
  4. 4. Is the pricing by user? What is the pricing? The pricing is by user count. You can find the pricing here. bly:Mobile leverages concurrent users that are part of the standard Sage 100 system. If a customer will be extending bly:Mobile to users who typically do NOT use Sage 100, additional Sage 100 users may be required. Customers can purchase fewer users of bly:Mobile than they have of Sage 100, but the minimum number of blyMobile users is 5 users for full bly:Mobile. There is no user minimum for bly:Mobile Lite - they can order 1 user and up.
  5. 5. What type of licensing do we need to purchase to use bly:Mobile if our representatives would only be accessing Sales Order? You can purchase either the full version or the bly:Mobile Lite version. The base full version comes with 5 concurrent licenses and can be expanded as necessary. The Lite version is for inquiry only.
  6. 6. Is it an app? bly:Mobile isn’t really an “app” as it’s not loaded onto the smartphone, it’s installed on the server at their office and it will view Sage 100 over a web browser. We describe it as a product Blytheco developed to access Sage 100 ERP over a web browser.
  7. 7. Does it support Android/Galaxy? Yes
  8. 8. Does it support custom UDFs? Yes
  9. 9. Does it support Mac? Yes
  10. 10. Does bly:Mobile support Sage 100 ERP Advanced SQL (formerly MAS 200 SQL)? It does NOT support MAS 200 SQL at this time. bly:Mobile DOES support the more commonly- used, standard Sage 100 Advanced ERP non- SQL platform.
  11. 11. What browsers are supported? bly:Mobile supports most browsers as long as you use one of the two most recent versions of the browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari).
  12. 12. What devices are supported? bly:Mobile will work on PC’s, most smartphones and tablets including iPhone, iPad and Androids as long as they are using the appropriate browsers. Here’s a link to our Wiki site for more technical information: hp/Bly_MOBILE
  13. 13. Installation/Setup
  14. 14. If bly:Mobile users are connecting directly in to our server, would we need to have the necessary firewalls setup? There is a separate web server piece which can be installed either on the same server as Sage 100 or on a different server. The firewall needs to be configured to allow outside access to the web server and internal access between the web server and the Sage 100 server.
  15. 15. Our current server can use either an IIS platform or Apache. Does it matter? Apache is a simpler installation and, as a result, offers a less expensive installation option. IIS is supported, however, for an additional $1000 due to some additional complexities.
  16. 16. What kind of time frame for setup, install and training are we looking at once we commit to this purchase? As soon as you purchase, we will help you coordinate the installation with our Development Team. The time frame of the actual installation and training should be 2-4 hours assuming we don’t run into anything unexpected.
  17. 17. Can a separate server be used for the bly:Mobile application? Your bly:Mobile should be running on the same server as your Sage 100.
  18. 18. What are the recommended hardware specifications for bly:Mobile? You can find complete hardware/technical requirements on the Wiki.
  19. 19. What are the steps for installing bly:Mobile? You can find the steps for installation on the Wiki.
  20. 20. Using bly:Mobile
  21. 21. When using bly:Mobile, where does all of the information connect / sync? Is it in the cloud, on our current server? bly:Mobile makes all changes in real time directly on the MAS/Sage server.
  22. 22. When printing with bly:Mobile, can invoices be printed to a small Bluetooth printer (like a credit card receipt printer)? bly:Mobile cannot print directly to devices. A PDF is generated on the bly:Mobile/MAS server which is then sent to the device. The user could then print that PDF to any connected printer.
  23. 23. Do the invoices printed when mobile convert to PDF? Yes. The actual conversion to PDF happens on the server which then sends the resulting PDF to the remote device.
  24. 24. Can the current modules capture signatures on an order? bly:Mobile cannot capture signatures.
  25. 25. Is there a solution that would allow the customers to directly enter their orders into Sage 100? This not permitted with bly:Mobile per Sage's license agreement. Only employees of a company can be given a Sage 100 user - Sage's e-Business Manager will allow orders to be entered over the website.
  26. 26. Can I use bly:Mobile Foundation on my phone? bly:Mobile will technically work on a smartphone or tablet device without buying the smartphone component, but we never recommend it as we have modified the screens to fit the device. If you didn’t have the Smartphone component you’d be doing way too much scrolling to see anything. Not a fun experience. The menus are also nicely laid out for easy viewing when you have the Smartphone component.
  27. 27. More questions about bly:Mobile?  See product videos on our website.  Try it yourself with the demo.  Contact us – we’d love to chat!  800.425.9843 