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As part of the DCH Socialising the Brand programme, this deck and the associated spreadsheet (download at provide a guide of how to create and plan your social content.

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  • Contemplation – what should I be doing? Where should I be going? What are my competitors doing?
    Pilot – get some momentum into the company
    Transition – starting to see value – brand awareness, monetary – results from objectives et
    Strategic - Seen as a fundamental business driver
  • Social Content Plan

    1. 1. DCH Downloads Socialising the Brand: Social Content October 2010 @DCH_Agency
    2. 2. Why are we doing this? • Recently a number of our clients have expressed an eagerness to enter the social space • Rather than just “give them a Twitter”, we’ve developed a strategic framework for developing social content as part of DCH’s Socialising the Brand programme. • In this open era, we wanted to share the work and for it to be collaborated on • This is version 1.0, released October 2010 • Please share it and let us know your thoughts @nicholasrgill
    3. 3. We believe social media is just stuff Socialised brands can be contagious • Socialised brands deliver cohesive experiences around the brand • Delivered through content that’s sticky, slippy and contagious – Information, entertainment, utility, monetary • It is about attraction, not interruption • It amplifies the combined power of all brand activities Source: Infographic Mike Philips,, @imjustmike
    4. 4. Where do I start? Your social media content is born from your business and brand DNA & understanding your consumers. Brand Consumer Business
    5. 5. It’s about meaningful engagement Community Brand Consumer Be relevant Add value Facilitate Shareable Sociable Topical Authentic Open Transparent
    6. 6. This doesn’t happen at the click of a button (or just setting up social profiles)
    7. 7. And you’ll probably find you need to move through the gears Contemplation Pilot/Trial Transition Strategic
    8. 8. And it takes a combination of your “Everyday engagement” being amplified by impact campaigns Engagement/relationships Time Impact campaign Everyday engagement Source: Raak @wewillraakyou
    9. 9. And this is how you do it Creation, deployment & active management Objectives & impact Tactics & themes Ongoing active analytics (dial up what works, stop what doesn’t)
    10. 10. Plan your content using the social content spreadsheet • Brand guidance • Objectives • High level content planned by social currency type & expected results • Detailed monthly plans Document available as a Google Document Download DbznmdHZlUGVqbXBLenp4MnZ0aEMxSTZob1E&hl=en&authkey=CL_Vue4E Or as a spreadsheet like it’s meant to look, download form the sharing stuff sidebar at Nick’s blog Or just email for a copy
    11. 11. @DCH_Agency