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Night Shift - No longer problem with Blue Light Blocking Glasses


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If you are working on computers for a long time then that can affect your health because the electronic devices emit harmful blue light and over-exposure to the blue light can cause headache, blurred vision and many other problems. So, if you want to protect yourself from the harmful light then you should wear a pair of blue light blocking glasses by BluTech to protect your eyes. So, order your blue blockers by contacting the blue light glasses dealers or by visiting BluTech website i.e

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Night Shift - No longer problem with Blue Light Blocking Glasses

  1. 1. Night Shift - No longer problem with Blue Light Blocking Glasses
  2. 2. Before understanding, how night shift can create a problem from your eyes, it's important to understand about blue light first. Blue light is all around us in a natural way as well as in an artificial way. Blue Light is a part of the visible light spectrum, between 400 nm and 500 nm; making it one of the shortest, highest-energy wavelengths. Natural way means through the sun and artificial ways such as smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices. Natural blue light is good as it regulates our circadian rhythm. Moreover, blue light keeps us awake during the day time. Artificial blue light affects human health not when you expose in small doses but too much light from hours of screen time can potentially cause a number of health issues. About Blue Light
  3. 3. Health Issues After understanding about blue light, it's important to understand how your health will be affected. Here are a few health issues which are occurred because of the blue light are: Headaches. Blurred Vision. Sleeplessness. Lack of focus. Digital Eyestrain. Also, increase the risk of macular degeneration.
  4. 4. After understanding blue light and its side effects, now a question arises how to get protection from harmful blue light. The answer to this is the Blue Blockers from BluTech because BluTech uses special blue-blocking technology to minimize the number of blue light rays entering your eyes. Also, you can get blue blockers for indoor as well as for outdoor use. The glasses are protective for kids as well as adults eyes. Also, you can get the glasses in different styles as nowadays, wearing glasses is classy so; it should look good on you. We make sure to protect your eyes by taking care of your style. How to Protect your Eyes?
  5. 5. Blue Light Glasses Dealers
  6. 6. Benefits of Glasses Here are a few benefits of Blue Light Blocking Glasses:
  7. 7. Call: 800.258.5902 (8am to 5pm M-F Eastern Time) Email: Address: BluTech LLC 5910 Gateway Dr Alpharetta GA 30004 Website: Contact Information
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