Cloud Computing on ISO/IEC JTC 1


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- Introduction to Cloud Computing
- Issue analysis on Cloud Computing
- Related stanardization activities
- Standardization issue from ISO/IEC JTC 1 Perspectives
- Recommendation to JTC 1 for standardization

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Cloud Computing on ISO/IEC JTC 1

  1. 1. ISO/IEC JTC 1 Plenary Oct. 18 ~ 23, Israel Tel Aviv ! Cloud Computing Report of JTC 1/SWG-P on possible future work on Cloud Computing in JTC 1 (N9687) Seungyun Lee <> Standards Research Center (SRC) ETRI, Korea Republic of.
  2. 2. N9687 This document intends to provide an overall review on the specified topics of Cloud computing in terms of exploring standardization opportunities. The SWG-Planning will make the report based on this review result. 2009 JTC 1 Plenary
  3. 3. Our Work, • reviewing current concept, characteristics, definitions, type and components of the Cloud computing; • comparison between Could computing and related technologies; • reviewing business perspectives of Could computing, and the threats of Cloud computing; • analyzing standardization activities of Cloud computing in standardization organizations; and, • proposing prospective standardization areas and topics toward ISO/IEC JTC 1, and recommendations to JTC1 2009 JTC 1 Plenary
  4. 4. Introduction to Cloud Computing
  5. 5. Cloud Computing 2009 JTC 1 Plenary
  6. 6. New Paradigm Shift • Value of On-Line Computing Everything is connected !!! • World Wide Web = World Wide Computing Make it possible everything as-a-service !!! • Ubiquitous Environments device, whichever you used !!! 2009 JTC 1 Plenary
  7. 7. Cost Device Independency Effective High Location Independency Agility Cloud Computing Multi Sustainability Tenancy Reliability Security Scalability 2009 JTC 1 Plenary
  8. 8. ived new heir arch end to ages of t r a week c anned im data) ove loaded s t 1TB of dit card Times up s sonal cre finite w York 20 (almo es using his per but for in Ne rs from 1850 -19 n NY Tim possible pape omeone i ave been Amazo n’s S3 (s s would never h ain thi cloud capacity for $ 300), ag 2009 JTC 1 Plenary
  9. 9. Definition
  10. 10. More than 20 definitions in the world ! 2009 JTC 1 Plenary
  11. 11. Definition • Remarkable • A pool of abstracted, highly scalable, and managed compute infrastructure capable of hosting end-customer applications and billed by consumption • A style of computing in which dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources are provided as a service over the Internet. • Cloud computing is an emerging approach to shared infrastructure in which large pools of systems are linked together to provide IT services • For business perspective, • Cloud computing is providing IT infrastructure and environment to develop/host/run services and applications, on demand, with pay- as-you-go pricing, as a service. 2009 JTC 1 Plenary
  12. 12. Types of Cloud Computing
  13. 13. • Public Cloud: the services are delivered to the client via the Internet from a third party service provider. • Private Cloud: these services are managed and provided within the organization. There are less restriction on network bandwidth, fewer security exposures and other legal requirements compared to the public Cloud. • Hybrid Cloud: there is a combination of services provided from public and private Clouds. 2009 JTC 1 Plenary
  14. 14. Components of Cloud Computing ! Software as a Service (SaaS) Everything as a Service ! Platform as a Service (PaaS) Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Network as a Service (NaaS) 2009 JTC 1 Plenary
  15. 15. Cloud Computing, Today 2009 JTC 1 Plenary
  16. 16. Related Technologies • Grid Computing : Resource abstraction ! • Utility Computing : Pay-as-you-go ! • Web Services : Make it being Interoperable ! • SOA : ‘X’ as a Service ! • + Ubiquitous (in near future) 2009 JTC 1 Plenary
  17. 17. Challenging to Cloud Computing 2009 JTC 1 Plenary
  18. 18. Business Perspectives: Market billion. h $150.1 R) is 26.5%. will reac ate (CAG The market l growth r ompound annua ner 2009) The c (Gart 2009 JTC 1 Plenary !
  19. 19. Business Perspectives: Benefits 2009 JTC 1 Plenary
  20. 20. Business Perspectives: Issues 2009 JTC 1 Plenary
  21. 21. Business Perspectives • Top 12 Obstacles & Opportunities 2009 JTC 1 Plenary
  22. 22. Relevant Standardization Activity • Open Grid Forum (OGF) • Cloud Computing Interoperability Forum (CCIF) • Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) • Open Cloud Consortium (OCC) • Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) • ETSI • OASIS • Object Management Group (OMG) • Others... 2009 JTC 1 Plenary
  23. 23. Relevant Standardization Activity Standardization Org. Participants Open Grid Forum (OGF) Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Fujitsu, Hitachi, IBM, Intel, HP, AT&T, eBay, etc Cloud Computing Interoperability Cisco, Intel, Thomson Reuters, Orange, Sun, IBM, RSA, etc Forum (CCIF) Distributed Management Task Force (Board Member) IBM, Microsoft, Novell, Oracle, Sun (DMTF) Microsystems,VMware, EMC, etc Open Cloud Consortium (OCC) Cisco, MIT Lincoln Labs,Yahoo, various colleges including the University of Illinois at Chicago Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) eBay, ING, Qualys, PGP, zScaler, etc ETSI inning Stage” till, ve r y Beg OASIS “S Object Management Group (OMG) ISO/IEC JTC 1 2009 JTC 1 Plenary
  24. 24. Future of Cloud Computing GAME Network DISK e-Book e-Learning Mobile UCC Clouds Cloud SNS Cloud Office : © ETRI 2009 Heath-care IPTV 2009 JTC 1 Plenary
  25. 25. JTC 1 Perspective
  26. 26. JTC 1 Perspectives • it is required to identify new work items and to develop the standards for Cloud computing with more global viewpoint under the NB-level. • In particular, it is required to consider the standards for adoption of Cloud computing in various public sectors such as e-Government. • It is also needed to consider the collaboration and liaisons with other relevant SDOs. 2009 JTC 1 Plenary
  27. 27. JTC 1 Perspectives • In order to identify new work items for Cloud computing in JTC 1, the following issues should be investigated as the first priority: General & Fundamentals (General Requirements) Data/Service Lock-in : Common APIs Quality of Service (QoS) (*SLA) Security Data Confidentiality and Auditability Data ownership (Authentication) Data privacy Software Licensing Legal issues Inter-Cloud Interoperability Device Independence 2009 JTC 1 Plenary
  28. 28. SWG-Planning Recommendation
  29. 29. Recommendation to JTC 1 • According to investigation work on Cloud Computing, it is needed to initiate a dialogue with relevant consortia with a view to establishing the state of the work on Cloud Computing in the various consortia. • In conclusion, SWG-Planning recommends that JTC 1 establish a Study Group on Cloud Computing to understand the current state of standardization and to explore a possible role for JTC 1. 2009 JTC 1 Plenary
  30. 30. Proposed ToR • The Study Group will have the following terms of reference: 1. Provide a taxonomy, terminology and value proposition for Cloud Computing 2. Assess the current state of standardization in Cloud Computing within JTC 1 and in other SDOs and consortia beginning with document JTC 1 N 9687 3. Document standardization market/business/user requirements and the challenges to be addressed 4. Liaise and collaborate with relevant SDOs and consortia related to Cloud Computing 5. Hold workshops to gather requirements as needed 6. Provide a report of activities and recommendations to JTC 1. 2009 JTC 1 Plenary
  31. 31. Thank You Seungyun Lee, ETRI <> <>