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"Unnatural links" Its time to justify the new form of link building.

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Unnatural Links

  1. 1. "Unnatural links"Its time to justify the new form of link building.
  2. 2. Host ByEric Khotunn Chintan ShuklaSr. Sales Manager Sales Manager Ashish Chauhan Vivek Parikh Sr. SEO Adviser Sr. SEO Adviser
  3. 3. Agenda• What is unnatural links?• Would these unnatural links penalize my website?• Types of unnatural links• Effects of unnatural links• Why unnatural links should be removed ?• How to remove unnatural links• Blurbpoints new link building strategy against unnatural links• Revised plans with added features.• Question and answers
  4. 4. What is unnatural links?• The links pointing to your website that are irrelevant and which do not match Google parameters can be called as unnatural links.• Links which are completely unrelated to your niche links• Excessive of reciprocal links and link exchange• Over optimization with the same anchor text
  5. 5. GWT Email notification
  6. 6. Would these unnaturallinks penalize my website? • Unnatural links can’t penalize your website. • It only disturbs your current ranking and traffic.
  7. 7. Types of unnatural links• Blogroll link• Featured directory links• Reciprocal link• Link exchange• Footer links• Bad neighborhood links• Links to manipulate the PRs• High PR paid links• Profile links• Over optimization
  8. 8. Featured directory & Blog roll links
  9. 9. Reciprocal link & Link exchange Web Site A Web Site B
  10. 10. Footer links
  11. 11. Bad neighborhood links
  12. 12. Links to manipulate the PRs Website A Website D (PR4) (PR5) Example.com Website B Website C (PR3) (PR6)
  13. 13. High PR paid links
  14. 14. Profile links Fake user profile
  15. 15. Over optimization
  16. 16. Effects of unnatural links• Drop down in ranking Your keyword position will drop down after you receive a Google notification on unnatural links or it could also drop before you are notified.• Drop down in traffic It is obvious that as the keywords drop, so will the traffic.
  17. 17. Why unnatural links should beremoved ?• Google mail clearly shows that you need to remove unnatural links to get back your ranking and traffic.• It also makes your website profile authentic in Google’s eyes.
  18. 18. How to remove unnatural links• Download back links data from Google webmaster tool.• Identify the unnatural links from Google webmaster data.• Contact the respective site owner to remove those links.• Check updated link count in Google webmaster.• Email Google for reconsideration of your site.
  19. 19. How to remove unnatural links Email Google for Reconsideration of your site Check Updated Link Need to login In Count in Google webmaster Webmaster Identify unnatural links Contact respective site owner to remove those links
  20. 20. Blurbpoint’s new link buildingstrategy against unnatural link• On page SEO suggestion• Social profile maintenance• Social video submission• Documents sharing• Photo sharing• Premium press release distribution• Theme based strategic link building
  21. 21. Revised plans with addedfeatures• SEO booster plan• Hire dedicated SEO• Monthly recurring plan• Complete SEO Package
  22. 22. Any questions ??? Raise your hands….
  23. 23. • We have tried to cover most of the unnatural link aspects but if you still have any doubts or queries, you are most welcome to contact us on support@blurbpoint.com or you can directly contact your respective Relationship Manager.• To help us understand your website better, kindly share the webmaster access on webmasters@blurbpoint.com• Due to the time limitation, if we were unable to answer your question, please send us your queries to support@blurbpoint.com
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