Kick off the old & get started with the new authenticate seo strategy for 2013


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Learn New Authenticate SEO Strategy for 2013

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Kick off the old & get started with the new authenticate seo strategy for 2013

  1. 1. "Kick Off the Old & Get started with the new : Authenticated SEO Strategy for 2013" Its time to explain the new form of SEO Strategy which works for your Business
  2. 2. Today’s HostEric Khotunn Hiren VaghelaSr. Sales Manager Sr. SEO Advisor
  3. 3. Agenda• Overview Of SEO in 2012• Which SEO techniques were used in 2012?• Why is it disliked by search engine?• What’s in store for 2013?• Web promotion methods we recommend for 2013• Why these SEO methods rock?• Blurbpoints new SEO strategy against all odds laid by search engine updates• Revised plans with added features.• Question and answers
  4. 4. Overview Of SEO in 2012SEO Methods used for web promotion• Press Releases Without News• Reciprocal Linking & Link Exchange• Creating Thin Content• Promotion with Automated tools• Ignoring the Designing Part• Article marketing• Over Optimization (Anchor Text)
  5. 5. Reciprocal Linking
  6. 6. Reciprocal LinkingSaw how it works..!
  7. 7. Thin Content “What Google Says”
  8. 8. Why is it excluded by the search engine?Panda #23 — December 21, 2012Panda #22 — November 21, 2012DMCA Penalty — August 10, 2012Penguin #24 – January 17,2013And many more Conti…..Google updates are rolling out everywhere trying to givemore quality results.Always good to keep an eye on Google all the time.. 
  9. 9. What’s in store for 2013??
  11. 11. WEBSITE STRUCTURE UX• A good site structure is a requirement for Search Engine Optimization. It allows both your users and search engines to find content within your site more easily. A good structure is well categorized, and pages within it only link to other pages on the same topic.• Using the right URLs for the pages within that site structure increases the chance that people will remember and link to your URL, and heavily increases your ability to rank in the search engines as well.• For the content we recommend you to optimize your site as per
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  13. 13. CITATIONS The classic ranking signals: links, authority, keywords, and anchor text - have long remained dominant in Googles search rankings. But in the past few years, weve seen the rise of citations for local rankings, and now, we may be seeing more co-occurence of terms and links in search queries, in text content, and in links becoming more of a factor. Image Credit
  14. 14. Social Media Optimization Many folks are still against social media and don’t really feel that it impacts their bottom line. The fact is this: Google is paying attention to social media and social media indicators. It is one of the 500 ranking signals, according to Google. The more ‘pull’ that your social media venues have (popularity contest) the more Google will pay attention to it. The more Google pays attention to it, the more opportunities you have to enhance your popularity. When you are running a social campaign, your content must be shared like a viral in the sites like twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, pinterest etc.
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  16. 16. Content Marketing How is the existing content on your web site now? Was it written for your targeted audience? Is it relevant? Is it compelling? 2013 is the year of the digital world. Be certain to visit the content on your web site now and seek opportunities to enhance,rework or re-write. One needs to create different content types, like e-book, white paper, blogs, infographics, PowerPoint presentation, case studies etc. This way you can generate more popularity. As mentioned above, Google wants the best quality, unique content in the form of blogs, social media posts, etc.. Don’t Give Up. EVER. Keep feeding your web site and Google will reward you. Content marketing plays vital role to find your preferred business prospects. This is also one of the important signals in terms of ranking.
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  18. 18. AUTHORSHIP MARKUP Authorship will allow Google to follow a single writer across all the properties that they have contributed to. By tracking the results of each piece of content, the search engine will be able to issue a score to each writer. This will be factored into Google’s quality score for each page, which will in turn have an impact on rankings. Authorship will also play an important part in which social shares matter the most, since influencers will tend to have a higher author rank.
  19. 19. GUEST POST If you are a part of the search engine industry or are an organization researching about SEO for your company, you would have definitely come across the term ‘Guest Blogging’. Some strategies that worked well in the past are declining in their effectiveness and new ones are coming up. The one strategy that has instantly caught the fancy of the industry is Guest Blogging. Through guest post you can built a strong relationship with users and capture a wide audience with related to your niche. It helps to generate quality traffic, increase your influencers and create your authority in the internet marketing world. Before posting any post, you need to follow proper link metrics, Domain Authority, page rank, Geographic region, domain age, etc. In terms of SEO, you get referral traffic and branding of your site. We advice to keep posting your guest post on your relevant niche and with a good domain authority. You also get Social Media buzz from sites where we submit your guest posts.
  20. 20. Infographics Infographics are the graphic visual representations of the collection of data without the use of words or description. For all business, it helps to convey the information very clearly and present the ideas that is easy to understand and enjoyable. They are created so that the complex information can be communicated in a simple way. The combination of image, text and graphics make infographics an efficient marketing tool to promote the business. One of the benefits of Infographics is its Easy to share: The information that is presented through visuals is likely to be more understood by the people. If you shared them on your social media profiles, it will help you grab the attention of the people online and to get engaged with them.
  21. 21. Blurbpoint’s new link building strategy for 2013  Guest Blogging  Infographic creation & submission  Co-citations Anchor text optimization  Local SEO optimization  Content Marketing & Authorship Markup  Premium press release distribution  Theme based strategic link building
  22. 22. Revised plans with added features • Hire dedicated SEO • Blogger Outreach • Infographic Creation
  23. 23. Any questions ??? Raise your hands….
  24. 24. • We have tried to cover most of the link building aspects but if you still have any doubts or queries, you are most welcome to contact us on or you can directly contact your respective Relationship Manager.• To help us understand your website better, kindly share the webmaster access on• Due to the time limitation, if we were unable to answer your question, please send us your queries to
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