Infographics miraculous way to get links for seo


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Infographics - Miraculous way to get links for SEO

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  • Nice Presentation shared by you,Infographics are great information sharing mediums and can help you connect with target audience & communicate ideas.I have a blog post about
    Link Building with Infographics – Points for Better SEO Benefits this post here :
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Infographics miraculous way to get links for seo

  1. 1. Infographics – A miraculous way to get links for SEO Lets talk about infographic and see how it works in SEO Twitter Hash tag for Today’s webinar : #blwebinar
  2. 2. Hosted By Monish Vora Search Marketing Expert Hiren vaghela Sr. SEO Adviser
  3. 3. Key Points  Overview of Infographics  How to create Infographics?  How Infographics are integrated with SEO?  Distribution channels for Infographics  Advantages of Infographics  Q & A
  4. 4. 4 SO LET'S START All About Infographics
  5. 5. What is Infographics???  In simple terms, it is information graphics which visually represents data, images, and information.  It is a way to represent complex information in an easy way and make it more interesting.  There are many things for which you can make an Infographic, namely defining a process, steps for a complex task or how-to-guides and many more.
  6. 6. Upwards in Google Trends
  7. 7. 550,000 Global Search Per Month
  8. 8. Which Image manages to make a mark??
  9. 9. Process to create Infographics
  10. 10. Prepare Initialize ContentInitialize Content 1st Step Start collecting your data!
  11. 11. Initialize Content
  12. 12. Identify your Audience Identify your Audience Make it 2nd Step Identify your niche Audience
  13. 13. Identify your Audience
  14. 14. 3rd Step Shape your dataShape your dataProduce Content + Design = Your Infographic is ready
  15. 15. Let’s see how you shape the Data into Infographics
  16. 16. Phase 1
  17. 17. Phase 2
  18. 18. Phase 3
  19. 19. How you integrate Infographics with SEO
  20. 20. Number of ways to Promote
  21. 21. Guest Post  Write a content related to your Infographics and you could have both supplementing each other.  Normally people love to share this kind of stuff.  You will get the bunch of natural traffic. This is one of the best ways to earn content based links!
  22. 22. Infographics Submission Sites      The following websites accept Infographics *Note: Paid & non Paid site included
  23. 23. Create Embed Code Get Unique incoming links which are Natural Embed Code: <a href=""><img src=" content/upload/seo.jpg" alt="State of SEO in 2013"/></a>
  24. 24. Images are better then words. People easily understand anything with when explained with images.
  25. 25. Why an Infographic? Explain Current State of Affairs Compare A to B Evolution of a trend or idea Simplify complex data
  26. 26. Distribution Channels
  27. 27. Advantage of Infographics Traffic Links Shares Leads ROI +1s BenefitsBenefits
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