Essential Guide of Advance Guest Blogging for Marketers


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Lets dive deeply in the context of advance guest blogging tactics

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Essential Guide of Advance Guest Blogging for Marketers

  1. 1. Essential Guide of AdvanceGuest Blogging for MarketersLets dive deeply in the contextof advance guest bloggingtacticsTwitter Hash tag for Today’s webinar :#blwebinar
  2. 2. Host ByMonish VoraSr. Sales ManagerHiren VaghelaSr. SEO AdviserAn Interactive Marketing Agency
  3. 3.  We are Recently Featured on SEOMoz ,Marketing Pilgrim and many moreWe Featured On
  4. 4. Key Points• Do the Complete Segregation of the various aspects ofthe guest blogging sites.• Brainstorming to get perfect ideas to build good links• Why guest posting matters for brand-building?• Make it Viral – Get More Visibility• Build a rapport with frequent interaction• A quick briefing on a few useful tools• Q & A
  5. 5. Do the Complete Segregation of the variousaspects of the guest blogging sites.• Gather Raw data• Filter the gathered raw data• Define various metrics based on your requirements• Choose wisely• Measure the performance• Repeat the process
  6. 6. Gather, Filter, Define theRaw Data
  7. 7. Make the right choice
  8. 8. Performance Matters!!!Image Credit: prologicwebsolutions
  9. 9. Repeat the same processfor all website campaigns!!!!
  10. 10. Brainstorming to get perfectideas to build good linksUse Appropriate SearchQueries to make things easierfor you!!!
  11. 11. Let’s take an example of a searchquery.Search term + “query” & Go forit!
  12. 12. How you choose the best sites fromthe derived data!!!
  13. 13. Sorting your Data.There are many ways for sorting out your data:Use Custom OperatorsUse Various Attributes from Microsoft ExcelUse Search OperatorsFor Data Formatting:MS ExcelGoogle Docs
  14. 14. Some other points to be checked!! Check the overall design of the site Scan the overall content of that site in terms ofrelevance. Verify your selected sites based on yourcustomized metrics. See your link gets potential value into theircontent. See the engagement of the readers of those sites(Comments, Shares, Feedbacks) See the authors credit (in terms of your brand) Also check whether they are using rel=author ornot.
  15. 15. You are Done with theBrainstorming Process!!
  16. 16. Why guest posting matters forbrand-building?It reflects your background.It gives some information about you andalso the persons associated.It helps your audience in identifying theexpertise.It helps you to become influential in themarketplace.
  17. 17. Its all about building yourBrand !!!!!
  18. 18. Enhance your brand by using social mediaaccounts:Use your social accounts in your biography, namelyGoogle+LinkedInTwitterFacebookThis is a great way to show your presence and bringyour brand to the next level.Start Networking!!!!!
  19. 19. Don’t Hesitate to promote your ContentPromote yourself too!!!
  20. 20. Represent yourself as an AuthenticPerson & Give a boost to your Brand!!
  21. 21. Write Quality stuff for your readers &build a rapport with them!!
  22. 22. Readers are very vital part of your branding portion. Alwayslook out for their satisfaction…
  23. 23. Make it Viral – Get MoreVisibilityAfter publishing your guest post,the most crucial part is to make itviral!!!
  24. 24. Why is it required???Let’s catch some useful factors of it:Making viral actually means sharing your posts through many social mediaplatforms where readers exist.There are two ways to make your post viral:1) Select sites that have a good sharing platform themselves2) You make your posts viral by circulating through various platformsIf your readers find the post relevant, it will be automatically shared by them,thus making the viral process naturalIf your post gets a number of shares, its good for your brand reputation andmakes you stand out in front of the real users.
  25. 25. The viral processgoes on and on..
  26. 26. Build a rapport with frequentinteractionConnect with yourreaders and build astrong relation withthem.
  27. 27. What you need to do? Treat your readers as your valuable assets. If anyone shares your guest post, than acknowledgethem for the same. Promptly carry on conversations if your readers haveany queries regarding your post. Valuing your readers, in turn, will help you in buildingyour brand
  28. 28. How do you handle yourcustomer..!!
  29. 29. A quick briefing on a fewuseful tools1. Evernote2. Compete3. Bufferapp
  30. 30. EvernoteTired of MS Word andOpenOffice??You will definitely love thisfree note-taking app. 
  31. 31. Snap of Evernote!!!!
  32. 32. CompeteCompete is a great free tool forcomparing up to three domains blog’straffic with other. You could alsoregister for a free account to compareup to five domains at a time.
  33. 33. Snap!!!
  34. 34. BufferappA convenient analytics tool whichprovides feedback on every bufferapppost.
  35. 35. Snap!!!
  36. 36. • We have covered the tactics which we have found significant forguest blogging. For any questions on these tactics, please contactus on• Due to the time limitation, if we were unable to cover your desiredfeatures, please send us your queries
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