60 Killer Link Building Tactics Part 2


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60 Killer Link Building Tactics Part 2

  1. 1. 60 Full-proof Killer LinkBuilding tactics: Part 2Lets talk about another 20Link Building Tactics for yourInternet Marketing CampaignTwitter Hash tag for Today’s webinar :#blwebinar
  2. 2. Host ByMonish VoraSearch Marketing ExpertAjay ChandnaniSr. SEO Adviser
  3. 3. Key Points• Overview of Previous Link Building Tactics WebinarAnother 20 Methods of Link Earning in 2013• The new set of 20 link building tactics• Questions & Answers
  4. 4. Previously Discussed 20Link Building Tactics•User Generated Reviews•Free E-Books•Generate Free Social Coupon•Create Newsletters•RSS Directories•Get Link From Twitter Followers•Generate Links from Classified Sites•E-mail Signature•Scoop.it•Press Release Submission•Generate Edu Links•Generate Link from Wikipedia•Setup free Blogs•New Online Community•Q & A Sites•Run Affiliate Programs•Linker Outreach•Scholarships•Fan Pages•Forum Posting
  5. 5. 5SO LETS STARTAnother 20 Ways to Earn the Link
  6. 6. #1: Writing TestimonialsList any services or products youvebought recently, theres a goodchance to get a link in exchange fora testimonial.
  7. 7. Let’s take an example of how you can get link fromtestimonial page.
  8. 8. #2: Profile LinksIf you sign up to become amember for a site, youll get a linkin your profile.
  9. 9. For Example, when you do sign up in CrunchBase youget a option to add your Website’s homepage URL.
  10. 10. #3: Guest postingPitch bloggers to ask for guest blog andget a few links from the post, and if theblog is popular, you can drive traffic too.
  11. 11. #4: ImagesBloggers struggle to find relevant imagsto their content, So when people useyour images ask an attribution link inreturn.
  12. 12. #5: Community NewspapersBy contributing and adding yourinsight, you can get links fromonline newspaper websites.
  13. 13. #6: Create a BlogA blog is essential to many strategies,such as linking out.
  14. 14. #7: Leverage Copy & PastingGet a link every time yourcontent is copied & pasted.
  15. 15. #8: Niche Specific DirectoriesNiche specific directories onlyaccept sites that meet a certaintopic criteria.
  16. 16. #9: Local ListingsSubmit your site to local listings.
  17. 17. #10: CrowdsourcingGetting answers from a group ofindustry experts is another fantasticway to attract links.
  18. 18. #11: Second Tier Link BuildingBuilding links to pages that link toyou can be awesome if you do itright.
  19. 19. #12: Paid Reviews
  20. 20. #13: Create an RSS FeedIf your blog is run on any of the popularContent Management Systems, youll alreadyhave an RSS feed.
  21. 21. #14: Infographic SubmissionsSubmit your Infographics to directoriesor blogs. They will definitely give a linkback to your website.
  22. 22. Example from Coolinfographics.com
  23. 23. #15: Broken LinksFind broken links on the page that couldpotentially link to you, let the webmasterknow and ask if the broken link could bereplaced with a link to you.
  24. 24. #16: Update Old ContentIf information is out date, dowebmasters a favor and help update itfor them.
  25. 25. #17: Case StudiesEveryone loves a good case study. Realresults with real numbers can instantly catchpeoples attention. If you offer a product orservice, this is a no-brainer. If you give outadvice, find someone whos used itsuccessfully.
  26. 26. #18: InterlinkInternal links are Huge for link buildingbecause you can control everythingabout them, from the location on thepage to the anchor text.
  27. 27. #19: Video SubmissionsIf you have video content, somesites provide links to your websitefrom profile or from description.
  28. 28. #20: Social SharingUse best social sharing sites like Delicious,Digg, and StumbleUpon which still offer abit of link equity through social bookmarks.
  29. 29. ImplementationSo, I have presented the latest 20tactics and hope that the samewould be tried by you.
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  31. 31. • Out of the 60 tactics that we have to share with you, 20 areexplained in this webinar and 20 are explained before. For anyquestions on these 20 tactics, please email us tosupport@blurbpoint.com
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