A to Z of Content Marketing


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With 2014 being dubbed the year of content, we at blur Group have come up with an A to Z of content marketing to give you everything you will need to know.

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A to Z of Content Marketing

  1. Α   Z TO   By  
  2. 2014  is  the  year  of   Content  Marke6ng   Are You ready?
  3. Α Audience   Authenticity
  4. B   Blog   Content  marke-ng  without  a  blog  is  like  a  car  without  an  engine:   it  doesn’t  func-on  effec-vely.   Brand Buying Cycle
  5. Conversions   Customer   Curation   C  
  6. Data Capture Design   Distribution   D  
  7. E   Email eBooks Engagement  
  8. F   Funnel   Whether  B2B  or  consumer,  the  right  content  to  the  right  person  is  key.  
  9. Google   Authorship   G  
  10. High  Tech   How To’s High Quality Accept  no  subs-tutes  –  if  you  produce  poor  quality  work   then  it  will  reflect  badly  on  you.   H  
  11. Interac-ve   Infographic I  
  12. J   Jargon Jargon  prevents  you  from  geLng  your  point  across,  every  content   marke-ng  plan  should  aim  for  simple,  understandable  communica-on.  
  13. Keywords   K  
  14. Learning Process Long  Copy   Long  copy  is  a  great  asset  if  it's  used  correctly,  use  it  lower  down  the  funnel  to  drive   conversions.   L  
  15. M Monetizing Metrics  
  16. N   Na-ve  Content   Newsletter Your  newsleSer  is  an  important  part  of  maintaining  consist  engagement  with  your   readers.  
  17. O   Organic Search
  18. P   Pay Per Click If  you  don’t  have  a  good  enough  PPC  structure  in  place,  you  could  be  losing   unknown  numbers  of  customers.  
  19. Q   Qualified Search Traffic
  20. Reach The  reach  of  your  business  determines  how  far  you  can  influence  poten-al   customers,  increase  it  with  a  Blogger  Outreach  campaign.   R   ROI   Repurposing
  21. Social  Footprint   S   Social Media SEO  
  22. Thought Leadership By  aSacking  new  subjects,  or  old  subjects  in  a  new  way,  you’ll  be  able  to   demonstrate  your  authority  and  gain  your  readers  trust.   T   Traffic   TwiSer  
  23. U   USP  
  24. V   Video   Value Proposition If  you  don’t  get  over  the  ul-mate  value  to  a  buyer,  your  content  may  miss  its  point   or  miss  out  on  someone  else  doing  it  for  them.  
  25. W Webinars Whitepapers  
  26. X   X-Rated Xenophilia     Having  an  interna-onal  outreach  and  focus  is  always   important,  especially  if  you’re  eyeing  interna-onal  expansion   in  the  future.  
  27. Y   You
  28. Answering  your  audience's  need  as  they  have  them  gets  them  on  the  first  step   towards  conversion.   Zeitgeist   Z  
  29. To  read  the  full  list  take  a  look  at  the   expanded  Content  Marke6ng  A  to  Z.   h9p://bit.ly/1ewb8YT   Come Say Hi! By