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Parts of the presentation on social media usage in the sciences at the International Marine Science Communication Conference #IMSCC14 in Porto, September 2014.

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Imscc slideshare version

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  17. 17. © NaWik Science on Twitter • create lists • follow recent hashtags #ismcc2014 • tweet links to research articles and news • tweet about new tools for science networking, open science, Citizen Science.... • participate in discussions
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  22. 22. © NaWik Workshop Please take five minutes to write a key message of your or your institute‘s current outcomes Which kind of social media can/should you use to spread this key message? Formulate your key message either for twitter (140 letters!) and/or for Facebook.
  23. 23. © NaWik Stay Connected #imscc2014 Thank you for your attention! Beatrice Lugger @BLugger Sept. 9th, 2014 Porto National Institute for Science Communication