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Generating walk-ins to specific retail outlets.


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“Sangeetha mobiles” is a leading mobile phone retailer based out of Bangalore, India. They partnered with TELiBrahma to increase walk-ins to their outlets in Bangalore during their annual sale.

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Generating walk-ins to specific retail outlets.

  1. 1. Case study Generating walk-ins to specific retail outlets
  2. 2. About the client: • A leading mobile phone retailer based out of Bangalore and have network in major cities of south India Brief • To create an awareness on anniversary sales offer and increase walk-ins to 6 of their outlets. Idea • Deliver information on the available promotions to consumers mobile phone in an animated format. Challenges • To communicate multiple offers in the promotion to the right customers and to overcome the disbelief in promotions in a competitive market
  3. 3. Campaign strategy 1 • Customized the promotional offers to the right customers by profiling the mobile handsets that users carry • Deliver relevant promotions that’s fits their mobile profile
  4. 4. How we did it? • We segmented customers based on their phones which are Lower Low end handsets end, mid segment and High end ( (<5000 rs) handsets • We delivered relevant communication to them by delivering offers that matched Mid segment h handsets (<12000 rs) their profile • E.g. For mid segment handsets we delivered offers on Memory cards to upgrade their mobile Highend handsets memory! ( (>12000 rs)
  5. 5. Campaign strategy 2 • Make promotions location dependant by running campaign in 20+ locations around the selective outlets of the client • Incorporating address of closest retail outlets in creative
  6. 6. How we did it? • During the campaign our existing BluFi network was used for the promotions RT Nagar Jayanagar • The retailer has multiple outlets in Bangalore • In the BluFi locations near the outlet we delivered the promotional message to customers and prompted them to walk- Forum BSK III in to the outlet by providing the address stage of the nearest outlet! • E.g. Users In Bangalore Forum mall received a relevant offer along with a message to check out more offers at 2nd South CMH Road floor where they can find an ‘Sangeetha’ outlet !
  7. 7. Activations to get users turn on Bluetooth Posters Standees Stickers Tent cards LCD screens ..etc were used to educate customers to switch on their mobile bluetooth.
  8. 8. Campaign strategy 3 • We Deployed additional units @ Sangeetha outlets to determine walk-ins to the store • Detailed analytics to understand the walk-ins and their profile
  9. 9. The results • The campaign was a huge success and generated great response from the users • The numbers revealed that users found it exciting to receive relevant offers directly on their mobile
  10. 10. 50000+ users were engaged to the promotions through 20+ hangout locations around Bangalore!
  11. 11. Before campaign During campaign RT Nagar 244 196 Maratha Halli 589 856 Jayanagar 1126 498 CMH Road 1197 811 Banashankari 493 248 Forum 3260 2451 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 Footfalls of users with Bluetooth turned on in different retail locations increased from 20% to 150% during the campaign
  12. 12. Low Medium High RT Nagar Maratha Halli Jayanagar CMH Road Banashankari Forum 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% • Campaign also presented information on mobile device profile for users visiting the location • As it is evident that Forum and Marathhalli represent much better concentration towards high and medium end customers
  13. 13. Over 4000 users visited the store after they received offer details via BluFi!
  14. 14. Users visiting the outlet after Before downloading the offers campaign Users downloading the offers inside store During Users who were discovered Campaign in store but never downloaded offers 0 2000 4000 6000 8000 Its significant that more users were visiting the outlets after downloading the promotions and content
  15. 15. Staggering 45% increase in footfall with Bluetooth turned on across the locations!
  16. 16. Activity Summary Duration Of the Campaign 19th June to 30th June 2009 Location of the campaign Bangalore, India. Unique users who were engaged with 50,423. % increase in footfall with Bluetooth 45% turned on across the locations
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