Case Study – FMCG, Print          Annapurna – Integrating Health Benefits through AR                           • ANNAPURNA...
Case Study – FMCG, Print                          50,000+ AR engagements                          Over 3 lakh downloads ...
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Annapurna – Integrating Health Benefits through AR


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Annapurna – Integrating Health Benefits through AR

  1. 1. Case Study – FMCG, Print Annapurna – Integrating Health Benefits through AR • ANNAPURNA, an FMCG brand from UNILEVER launched its Low Sodium Salt and focused on spreading awareness among consumers about its importance rather than immediate return on investment • The Target Group was 24 to 35 year old working women/busy housewives looking for healthy food for her family while not compromising on taste/price • The brand wanted to reach out to its TG in a more meaningful way & the reach be personal to the consumers, which was a challenge for the brand to achieve with traditional media • To create awareness on the health benefits of Low Sodium Salt, its and the need to bring in change in their lifestyle • To spread awareness in Brand Priority Markets like Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai  Annapurna partnered with TELiBrahma & launched the Annapurna “Zinda Dil” (Lively heart) mobile app with features like the Heart Age Calculator tool, Tips, Contests, Refer a Friend and many more  This Augmented Reality solution was integrated with their print ads and users were prompted to capture the code from the ad to receive the exclusive m-App on their mobiles  Consumers could also refer the Annapurna Low Sodium Salt App to their friends & also share their feedback on social media Follow us on
  2. 2. Case Study – FMCG, Print  50,000+ AR engagements  Over 3 lakh downloads via BluFi across a period of two months  A never-before Heart Age Calculator was developed and delivered on the users’ mobiles  Evaluated the health and lifestyle of people  Popularized the benefits of Low sodium salt that keeps hypertension and heart diseases at bay  The app created personal connect with the brand as it not only constituted of just tips & importance, but also contests like “Who adds salt to your life?” that involved consumer participation  Integration with social media & the option to share with friends created viral for the campaign  Since the TG is extremely concerned about their family’s well-being, Heart Age Calculator and Tips were developed as a utility and also to bring out the importance of using low sodium salt  A deeper brand engagement was created through print ads to generate higher ROI  Mobile thus became an essential tool as in did not broadcast the message from the brand but established an interaction with users  This app promoted the adoption of a healthier lifestyle and answers the million dollar question, ‘Is your heart as young as you?’ Follow us on