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Inside Facebook Applications July2007


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Inside Facebook Applications July2007

  1. Inside Facebook Applications Presented by Greg Narain July 2007
  2. The Opportunity Why is the Internet increasingly obsessed with Facebook? July 2007
  3. What is Facebook? “a social utility that connects you with the people around you.” July 2007
  4. Facebook Growth • More than 30M active users* • More than 100K new registrations daily • Avg. 3% weekly growth • 35% growth since launching applications July 2007
  5. Facebook Growth July 2007
  6. Facebook Users • Over 47K regional, work, collegiate & high school networks • More than 50% of Facebook users are outside of college • The fastest growing demographic is those 25 years old and older • Maintains 85% market share of 4-year U.S. universities July 2007
  7. Enter Applications • Facebook launched Facebook Applications in May 2007 • Created a massive virtual pegboard for 3rd party widgets and applications • Application growth is tremendous July 2007
  8. Viral Growth “The viral loop of people inviting each other to most social networks revolves around a user posting a widget to their page and having friends see their page. The viral loops for Facebook (there are multiple) revolve around the news feed, the mini-feed and the invite request. Not around people coming to your page and interacting with it” - Lance Tokuda, CEO, RockYou July 2007
  9. Explosive Growth July 2007
  10. Explosive Growth July 2007
  11. Explosive Growth 65M Apps Installed 2.5 Apps / User (June 2007) July 2007
  12. Open Opportunity • Facebook applications can embed advertising and sponsorship - no revenue sharing • Facebook applications can run from your servers giving you accountability and metrics • Facebook applications can drive memberships and traffic for your properties July 2007
  13. Competitive Space • 1000+ applications in the Application Directory • 100s new applications pending • 100s applications in the Underground Directory • 40K registered developers July 2007
  14. The Framework How are Facebook Applications built? July 2007
  15. Anatomy of an Application Facebook applications can take on many different forms Left Navigation Bar July 2007
  16. Anatomy of an Application Facebook applications can take on many different forms Main Canvas July 2007
  17. Anatomy of an Application Facebook applications can take on many different forms Profile Box July 2007
  18. Wealth of Data • Relationship Status • Education & Employment Data • Geographic Data • Interests & Affinities • Not their contact information though! July 2007
  19. Mass Communication • News Feed - seen by all friends • Mini Feed - seen by profile visitors • Messages - direct messages between users • Forums - focused around applications July 2007
  20. The Strategy How do we build our own apps? July 2007
  21. Leverage The System • Network - each user brings with them a network of friends that can become involved • Media - Facebook stores media for users that can be re-combined • Applications - emerging crops of applications provide opportunities for cross- pollination July 2007
  22. Source the Crowd • Build something interesting - since nestled in a social networking context, apps must be social • Consider the edges - new ideas can often emerge by considering the edge cases of your core business • Be an iceberg - while most apps are purely entertaining now, more complex ones are expected; offer great value and power below the surface July 2007
  23. Follow the Leaders • Q & A - provide users with a way to poll their networks and yours for answers to questions • Gaming/Rating - provide users with a way to interact with data in new and interesting ways • Application Lite - provide a lightweight version of your site or service via the Facebook platform • Entertainment - provide the user with a method to entertain themselves and their friends July 2007
  24. Contact • Blue Whale Labs – – July 2007