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America's Most Promising Companies - Forbes List 2014


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See the websites of the top ten most promising companies listed in Forbes magazine, 2014. What your business can learn from their success.

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America's Most Promising Companies - Forbes List 2014

  1. 1. What You Can Learn From America’s Top 10 Most Promising Companies *As Listed In Forbes Magazine, February 10, 2014 Issue
  2. 2. Questions To Think About • What problems do the following companies solve? • What industries are represented? • What are their yearly revenues? • Who is their target audience? • What problems does your company solve? • How is web design changing in 2014?
  3. 3. General Observations • All Use The Internet To Acquire Customers • All are in: Advertising, Education, Employment, Finance, Food, Health Care or Technology • 80% use technology as part of their product • 50 % target all consumers • 20% target Business to Business consumers
  4. 4. How Can This Help Business Owners? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Use technology in your next product offering. Build products that appeal to “most” people. Build products that make life easier. B2B audiences can use more help. Test, test and test your product for widespread usage. 6. Move from the idea stage to the production stage.
  5. 5. Brought To You By Helping Businesses To Grow, One Step At A Time February 2014